10 Unique Ways to Celebrate National Houseplant Day

January 01, 2022

10 Unique Ways to Celebrate National Houseplant Day

If you’re a die-hard fan of all things green and leafy, we’ve got great news – houseplants have a national holiday. National Houseplant Appreciation Day falls on January 10th, and it’s one of the most often-overlooked holidays ever. There are so many reasons to love plants, and if you’ve got some in your house, January 10th is the perfect time to show them some love. 

In this post, we’ll fill you in on the 10 best ways to celebrate National Houseplant Day, as well as some of the benefits of getting houseplants that you might not know about. 

Why Get Houseplants? 

Whether you choose an aloe plant, a succulent, a snake plant, a schefflera, a pothos, or anything in between, plants make fantastic additions to your home. They take some care and attention, plus the proper amount of sunlight, but watching them grow is one of the most rewarding ways to spend your time.

After a while, collecting plants can start to get addicting, but there are definitely worse addictions than houseplants. If someone complains about your obsession with houseplants, just tell them that they should be glad that all of that obsessive energy is directed towards something constructive. At least it’s not meth!

We’ve got lots of love for houseplants. Here are our top three reasons why we’ve hopped on the bandwagon and started decorating our houses and apartments with as many of them as possible.

House Plants Freshen the Air 

Did you know that plants can improve the air quality in your home? It’s true. Plants refresh the air by releasing oxygen into the air, leading to better breathing for you and anyone you live with.

Since the average American spends a whopping 90 percent of their time indoors, improving indoor air quality can make a big difference for your overall health and wellbeing. 

Plants Are Aesthetically Pleasing 

Look at all those pretty leaves.

Call us shallow, but one of the reasons we love house plants so much is simple—they look damn good. It’s surprisingly easy to level up the decor in your house or apartment with a few plants, even small ones. Using plants as decor can add a sense of peacefulness and serenity to any room, and adding them to shelves and windowsills is oddly satisfying.

Did We Mention They’re Cheap?

You could easily spend hundreds of dollars on little knick-knacks to use as decor. Or, you could drop a measly 10 bucks on a beautiful houseplant. Filling your home with plants can save you money in the long run by eliminating the need for expensive decorative items. Plus, we can all agree that a majestic pothos looks better on a shelf than anything else ever could. 

Now, without further ado, let’s count down the best ways to celebrate National Houseplant Day.

1. Give Plants as Gifts

If you have friends who haven’t seen the light and started filling their homes with plants, it’s time to convert them once and for all. If you want to make this year’s National Houseplant Day really special, spread the leafy love to everyone you know by giving the gift of plants. 

Plants make phenomenal gifts; they’re cheap, useful, aesthetically pleasing, and so much more. We highly recommend grabbing budget-friendly plants as gifts, though, as the cost of too many can add up fast. Little succulents, cacti, or indoor flowers are all perfect options. 

2. Do Some Outdoor Gardening 

Indoor plants are a blast. It’s incredibly satisfying to care for them and watch them grow, and they’ve got plenty of benefits for their owners. However, there’s something truly special about planting and growing your own garden outside, and National Houseplant Day is the perfect time to start.

Gardening might sound like a daunting task, but it’s easier than you might think. Anyone can start a garden with the right tools, enough space, and some fertile soil. While it might seem challenging at first, you’re bound to feel like an absolute boss when your garden starts growing and thriving on its own.

Just remember to water.

3. Add Some Decorations to Your Plants

Christmas parties and Halloween aren’t the only holidays that give you an excuse to decorate. National Houseplant Day is a perfect time to spruce up your home by pimping out your plants.

There are plenty of ways to make your plants look a little more lively to celebrate National Houseplant Day. We recommend using decorations that won’t weigh the leaves down (beads, rhinestones, ribbons, and the like are excellent options).

4. Throw a Party 

If you’re always looking for an excuse to get lit, National Houseplant Day is for you. It’s one of the most important days of the year (obviously), so there’s no better time to crack a bottle and celebrate the things that really matter in life—your plants. 

National Houseplant Day parties aren’t exactly the norm around the US, but you can be the one who starts the trend.

We’ve got some party ideas that are sure to inspire you:

  • Make leaf-shaped cookies.
  • Craft some botanical cocktails.
  • Have a “BYOP” (bring your own plants) party where guests need to bring plants to get in.
  • Celebrate National Houseplant day by watching a certain musical about a giant killer plant that needs to be fed.
  • Make your National Houseplant Day celebration a bit more mellow with help from the world’s favorite plant – weed.

5. Do a Photoshoot With Your Plants 

If your plants are your best friends, you should definitely have some high-quality photos to celebrate the unbreakable bond that you have with them.

Doing a National Houseplant Day photoshoot is one of the best ways to immortalize your plants and remember them long after they wilt… and you’ll definitely get some good Tinder profile photos from it.

6. Wear Some Plant-Themed Swag 

There’s no better way to celebrate your plants than wearing clothes that show the world how much you love them.

Our “It’s Not Hoarding If It’s Plants” tee is exactly what you need to put on every year on National Houseplant Day. It’s incredibly comfortable, available in multiple sizes and colors, and printed with an eye-catching design. It’s also a perfect gift for plant-lovers.

7. Use the Holiday as An Excuse To Get More Plants 

National Houseplant Day gives plant-lovers everywhere the excuse they’ve been waiting for to go out and splurge on plants. If you’ve been hoping for an opportunity to get a giant jasmine bush or fiddle leaf fig, make it a part of your National Houseplant Day celebration.

Big, expensive plants may be a bit more of an investment, but you’ll never regret dropping those few extra bucks. After all, what’s a little bit of money compared to the satisfaction that you get from owning a majestic houseplant?

8. Draw Your Plants 

Botanical illustration (just a fancy way of saying “drawing plants”) is an indispensable skill that everyone should have. It might seem random, but you never know when you’ll need to be able to create a scientifically-accurate rendering of some type of flora.

National Houseplant Day is the perfect time to hone your skills as a botanical illustrator by drawing beautiful portraits of your plants. In the process, you’ll gain a new skill and some eye-catching artwork to display on your wall.

In addition to being a rewarding hobby, drawing plants is incredibly relaxing, too. If you’re ever feeling a bit overwhelmed, there’s nothing quite as calming as sitting down and sipping on some coffee or tea while drawing a plant.

9. Visit a Garden or Greenhouse 

National Houseplant Day is all about plants, so it’s a better time than ever to go out and visit somewhere where plants grow in abundance. That way, you’ll be able to soak in all of the majesty of countless types of plants growing together.

Some of the best places to appreciate plants are public gardens, nurseries, and greenhouses, as well as wildlife preserves and national parks.

10. Give Your Plants Names 

Your houseplants are essentially pets, which means they definitely need names. If you’re not someone who’s prone to name inanimate objects, it’s definitely time to start. National Houseplant Appreciation Day gives you the opportunity to spend time thinking about the most fitting names for each of your plants.

These are ideally names that include puns. Our personal favorites are Vincent Van Grow, Fernie Sanders, Leaf Erickson, and Pepper Potts.

Seeds To Plant 

Here’s an idea: let’s work together to make National Houseplant Appreciation Day one of the biggest holidays of the year! By taking some extra time to celebrate, you’ll be giving your plants the love and affection that they deserve and have a great time in the process.

So, whether you throw a party, visit a garden, or do something else, we wish you the happiest NHAD ever.



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