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Hanukkah T-Shirts And Apparel

Move over Santa Claus—Dr. Dreidel is taking over.

Whether you’re Jewish or just enjoy lighting candles and eating latkes (sour cream or applesauce?),Hanukkah is an important eight-day celebration.

Hold up—eight days?

Yup, you read that right! The beloved holiday is celebrated for eight days, usually right around Christmas. That’s eight days of dancing, eating fried food, and gettingmanischwasted. What’s not to love?

The beloved holiday of Hanukkah—also known as the Festival of Lights—celebrates the victory of a small (but mighty!) group of Jewish rebels over an enormous evil Greek army to defend their heritage. In the meantime, a miraculously long-lasting flame served and continues to serve as a symbol of hope and perseverance to this very day. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

Yeah, we think so too. That’s why we made a whole line of rad shirts to commemorate the holiday! Besides, why letChristmas have all the fun? Hanukkah is just as important and, if you ask us, deserves just as many ugly sweaters, sarcastic tees, and borderline offensive tanks. (You’re welcome, Jews!)

This year, let’sget lit for theChallahdays andmake it rain all eight crazy nights of Hanukkah with an endless supply of awesome apparel from yours truly,Famous In Real Life. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll get one shirt for each night.

Whether you want to deck the halls withmatzo balls, chow down onchallah bread, drop it like atop, or simply just want to getwasted(not judging), you’ll find some of the coolest Hanukkah-inspired tees on the planet right in our inventory.

However, we should probably warn you that there’s a very good chance your Bubbe will say“Oy vey” when she sees what you’re rockin’. But we all know that Bubbe can never stay mad for long; so, we’re all good, fam.

Especially if you show up to the lighting in thissweatshirt. Or thist-shirt. And probably thistank, too. But that’s okay—you’ll just have to let her know that this is how youroll.

Happy Hanukkah, you filthy schmucks! From our family to yours, we hope your holiday is filled with a wholelatke love, a downpour ofgold coins, and lots of good booze. So pour up some kosher wine,buy a shirt, and let’s get this party started!


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