10 White Elephant Gift Ideas for TV Lovers

December 02, 2021

10 White Elephant Gift Ideas for TV Lovers

If you need some help finding a White Elephant gift for a TV fanatic, we’ve got you covered. We are here to bring you the most hilarious apparel inspired by the most beloved shows of all time. There’s something for everybody, from fans of classic cartoons to anyone obsessed with a certain Manhattan-based sitcom.

Below are our picks for the best White Elephant presents for fans of a specific show or series:

First Off: What Even Is White Elephant? 

White Elephant is often confused with Secret Santa or Dirty Santa. These are both gift exchange games enjoyed around the world at Christmastime, but they have key differences.

This is the low-down on the high-stakes (or not) White Elephant:

  • At the beginning of the game, a price limit is set on gifts. The limit is usually somewhere between $5 and $25. It all depends on how much everyone is willing to spend on their friends.
  • White Elephant is a wild card. You have to throw a gift into the center that everyone will either love or… hate. White Elephants are full of chaotic energy (unlike Secret Santa).

Not a Secret Anymore: This Is Secret Santa

Once the price limit is established, each participant draws the name of another participant out of a hat. The name you draw will be the recipient of your gift. It’s amajorparty foul to tell anyone who you’re giving a gift to, so keep your lips sealed.

At the party, the Secret Santa gifts are exchanged. If everything went according to plan, no one figures out who their gifts came from until after they’ve been unwrapped.

Wait, What Is Dirty Santa? 

Again, “White Elephant” and “Secret Santa” are not interchangeable, especially when taking into consideration the people you might be playing with.

Dirty Santa is an entirely different ball game. The rules are essentially the same as Secret Santa, but playing Dirty Santa gives you the chance to completely screw someone over with an embarrassing, gross, or just downright terrible gift. 

In games of Dirty Santa, it’s common to see presents like sex toys, live fishing bait, and cans of beans exchanged, as well as books purchased from Goodwill or VHS copies of cringe-worthy movies from our childhoods.

The goal with Dirty Santa is to make the recipient of your gift regret that they ever agreed to play. However, the opposite is the case with Secret Santa! In a game of Secret Santa, you want to get the recipient of your gift something they’d really love.

So, what do you get if you draw the name of someone who’s a die-hard fan of a certain TV show? We’ve got 10 ideas you’ll definitely want to look at.

Check out the best White Elephant gifts for your friend who loves TV almost as much as they love Christmas:

1. “Suck It Trebek” T-Shirt 

Thisvery quotable phrase from a certain live TV series has been thrown around for decades now, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a millennial (or boomer) who hasn’t heard it. If you need a gift for someone who’s a devoted fan of late-night TV or a specific Scottish actor (rest in peace), this comfy shirt is exactly what you’re looking for. 

Available in multiple colors and sizes, this soft and comfy“Suck It Trebek” shirt, a far cry from the low-quality gag apparel that often gets passed around at White Elephant exchanges. It’s the perfect present for someone that youreallycare about. 

1. “Dick in a Box” Ugly Sweater 

The viral success of this dirty but catchy music video can’t be understated. The music video was one of the most-shared YouTube clips ever, and it’s still quoted all the time today. If you know someone who knows all of the words to the song and sings it all the time, this ugly Christmas sweater is an ideal present for them. You’ll be seeing them wearing this sweater to every holiday party for years to come.

Our “Dick in a Box” ugly Christmas sweater is available in multiple sizes, and it looks great on both men and women. It’s probably not the best gift for a kid, though, or your grandma. 

2. Strickland Propane T-Shirt 

Taste the meat, not the heat!

We might not sell propane and propane accessories, but we do have the perfect t-shirt for anyone who’s obsessed with this iconic animated sitcom. This t-shirt features the official logo for Strickland Propane, the workplace of everyone’s favorite blue-collar, down-to-earth assistant manager. 

If you want another gift inspired by the quintessential Texas cartoon, check out ourAlamo Beer shirt. This comfortable t-shirt features the logo of the beer that the guys are constantly drinking throughout the series. Fun fact: anyone who wears it can’t stop saying “Yep” and “Mm-hmm.” We’re serious.

Our Strickland Propane tee and Alamo Beer shirt are available in multiple colors and sizes.

3. The Duke Silver Trio T-Shirt 

Live from Indiana: it’s everyone’s favorite secret saxophonist and his band!

Inspired by the iconic sitcom about Indiana city workers,our Duke Silver Trio t-shirt pays homage to the legendary jazz band featured throughout the show’s run. It’s available in both dark gray heather and navy blue, and it runs in sizes from small to 3XL.

4. “I Believe in The Great Pumpkin” T-Shirt

Halloween may be over, but it’s always the right time for a gift inspired by one of the best animated TV specials of all time. This is the perfect t-shirt for fans of a certain round-headed, yellow shirt-wearing little fellow and his blanket-toting best friend. It’s a nostalgia trip for anyone who remembers their night spent waiting for that freaking giant pumpkin to show up.

Our “I Believe in The Great Pumpkin” tee has a retro look and feel, and it comes in a wide array of colors and sizes. We’re personally big fans of the design on a purple t-shirt.

5. Fett Bounty Hunting T-Shirt 

Remember, no disintegrations. 

There are plenty of bounty hunters prowling around in a galaxy far, far, away, but there’s no question about who everyone’s favorite is. It’s hands-down the jetpack-wearing, blaster-firing badass who got eaten by the sand monster (RIP).

This ultra-comfy Fett Bounty Hunting t-shirt features that iconic bounty hunter’s likeness, plus a retro design based on his role in the movies and his upcoming TV series.

6. “Quarantine and Chill” T-Shirt 

Netflix binges have definitely been a thing for a while, but they got alotmore popular when the global pandemic hit. For many folks around the globe, being stuck at home for months meant watching as many shows as possible.

That was the inspiration forour “Quarantine and Chill” t-shirt. If you need a White Elephant gift for a friend who’s always talking about their latest Netflix binge, this is it.

7. “Happy Festivus (For the Rest of Us)” Tank Top 

Our favorite New Yorkers brought us a slew of quotable catchphrases and memorable moments, and the Festivus bit is definitely one of the highlights of the whole series. If you’ve got to get a White Elephant gift for someone who doesn’t really celebrate Christmas at all,this stylish Festivus tank top is exactly what you need.

8. “Tegridy Farms” T-Shirt 

Do you have any ‘tegridy?

Inspired by Season 22, Episode 4 of everyone’s favoritevery irreverent cartoon,this Tegridy Farms shirt calls back to the episode’s hilarious riff on the legalization of weed in the show’s Colorado town, as well as its jabs at the vaping craze. 

9. Sunnyvale Shithawks T-Shirt 

This shirt is the perfect gift for anyone whose favorite show centers around a bumbling group of trailer park inhabitants and the ridiculous lives they lead. Featuring the logo of the show’s very own Sunnyvale Shithawks, this hilarious tee probably isn’t one anyone would want to wear to the office on casual Friday. Still, it’ll definitely be a favorite for fans of the series.

Our Shithawks tee is available in multiple colors and sizes, and so is its counterpart,the Sunnyvale Samsquanches t-shirt!

Whichever side of the rivalry you stand on, you can’t deny—the boys have a good squad this year.

10. Hawkins Middle School A.V. Club Tank Top 

There’s a certain show that single-handedly revitalized80s nostalgia and earned itself a legion of millions of devoted fans. That show, based around a handful of students in middle school, gives an important role to the school’s A.V. club, led by a lovable teacher.

This cool club is commemorated bythis rockin’ Hawkins tank top, which features a logo that fans of the show will recognize instantly. The design is also available on a unisex t-shirt, a hoodie, and more. 

Be the Star of Your Next White Elephant Party 

With gifts like these, you’re bound to be a hit at every White Elephant or Secret Santa party you go to this year! It’s basically no secret that you’ll find plenty more ideas for White Elephant gifts atFamous IRL.

Whether you have a white Christmas or agreen one, this White Elephant will live on in infamy. 



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