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Dog T-Shirts & Apparel

Here atFamous In Real Life, we’re lovers ofall animals.


Birds?Sure do.

Horses?Neigh...jk. Absolutely!

However, of all the animals in the world,pardon our french but dogs are the f****** best! From their ridiculously smiley faces and tails wagging a million miles a minute to their unpredictable and silly antics, there’s really no denying that dogs are the superior pet. But if you’re a true pup lover, our cuddly doggos aren’t just pets—they’re family.

You see, there’s a reason why Fido is man’s best friend. Dogs fill our lives with love, loyalty, fur, and plenty of reasons to smile. They’ll greet you like you’ve been gone an entire century, even when you only went for a five-minute trip to the local grocery store (wow, how rude of you). They keep your bed warm when it gets cold at night. And unlike your annoying ex, dogs will watch TV by your side without hogging the remote.

We could literally never stop talking about dogs. So we’ll make this short and sweet (like a pug):

Unlikepeople (and most kitty-cats), dogs will love you unconditionally. They don’t care if you mess up or make mistakes. Your pup will always be your number one fan, no matter what. They are your ray of sunshine on a gloomy day, your daily dose of happiness, and positively the most loyal best friend you can find.

Dogs are theGOAT. And there’s nothing you can say to convince us otherwise! In fact, we love our furry four-legged friends so much, we’ve made an entire line ofdog-inspired t-shirts.

Yup, now you can rep your favorite animal on the planet erry day in one of our comfy-cozy high-quality tees. Whether you wish you werehome with your dog, looking forwiener rides, or justhere for the treats, you can count on us to have something forfur baby mama’s everywhere!

We’ve also got some pretty cool mugs, snuggly hoodies, can coolers, and breezy tanks—all featuring Fido!

Fromchonkypuppers toretrievers andfrenchies towieners, there’s arguably nothing on the planet that’s better than a dog. And to anyone who feels differently, you should probably make an appointment with adogtor to get a cat scan. Just sayin’.

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