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Bachelorette Party Style

It's that time again: bachelorette party season. They're a solemn occasion, like a funeral for the fun party girl you once knew before she gets her ball and chain.

Ok, that's a bit dramatic. I'm sure Tina will be just as cool as she was in college, even though she's got a husband, a baby, and two high-maintenance designer micro-dogs now... But for the time being, it's about sending her off on her new nuptials in style.

From matching shirts for theboozy brunch to matching shirts for theSunday debauchery—we've got you covered. As you may have guessed, a big part of a successful bachelorette party is having the best matching bachelorette shirts for your crew. After all, the only thing separating it from a boring old tea party is thetequila-themed outfits, isn't it?

Let Loose the Bridal Party

You might be surprised that the bachelorette party we know today is a different tradition than a time-honored one. While it's based on the stag party dating back centuries, the modern "head to Nashville or Las Vegas and get wasted for three days" event for the bride's wedding party is a relatively recent idea.

For instance, the first book on how to plan a bachelorette party was only published in 1998! Before then, ladies were left to their own devices when deciding what sort of mildly-socially-inappropriate tasks to put on the Friday night scavenger hunt.

Besides a small blip during the pandemic when some brides were forced to host "virtual" bachelorette parties over Zoom (can you think of anything worse?), we believe we've perfected the bachelorette festivities in recent years.

While bachelorette parties used to be more inhibited affairs, often just involving a dinner party (or even—yawn—a luncheon), we're thankful now for the opportunity to get together with our best girlfriends to share our deepest secrets, take fun photos, and count down to the wedding day over a weekend of endlessdranks.

So whether you're having a few bottles of wine at the cabin, bar hopping in the city, or getting rowdy at a comedy show, it's a good idea to make sure your crew of the lucky lady's closest friends are decked out in style. Luckily, we've got a few unique thoughts on how to make your girl gang stand out.

Unforgettable Bachelorette Party Shirts

Before you get on the party bus, make sure your bride squad has their outfits coordinated—because for this bachelorette party, we're putting the Spice Girls to shame. You'll need to bring your own cowboy boots, but for super fun tank tops, hilarious t-shirts, and evenhoodies that just serve as a warning to bystanders—we've got you covered.

When the party's winding down, it's important to keep morale up, too. So why not rock a sweater that lets everyone knowlast night's craziness was all part of the plan? Maybe you didn't expect to wake up with a matching tattoo, but that's life!

So whether you're the group's wildcard or themost likely to go home early, we have the gear for you. Because even though she's getting married, it doesn't mean she can't still be thewife of the party.

You can even plan some awesome drinking games with a bit of creativity. Team Champagne versus teammoscato, anyone? Plus, remember to let yourmaid of honor know it's cool to let out her wild side.

Great Bachelorette Parties Mean Great Bachelorette Shirts

So, before you head out to celebrate the bride-to-be, let us help send you off in style. AtFamous in Real Life, we've got the best collection of bachelorette party shirts around. From tank tops, hoodies, t-shirts, and even mugs—you'll be decked out in the best at the pool party, karaoke night, music festival, amusement park, or pole dance competition... hell, whatever it is you've got planned.

Our apparel is made of ultra-soft cotton, designed for a flattering and comfy fit, so you'll want to wear them long after the party is over. We're not saying you'll be hoping she gets married a second time... but you'll be tempted to bust these shirts out again, is all.

Not only is our apparel comfy and stylish, they're printed to order right here in the USA, too. So what are you waiting for? Grab one for your bachelorette party crew, and kick off the best weekend of her life in style!

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