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T-Shirts for People Who Love the 80s

The 1980s were an awesome time. A time when you could wear head-to-toe neon, listen to hair metal on cassette tape, work out to Jane Fonda, and drink a New Coke. Just maybe not all at once...

We've got a huge collection of 80s tees, and we figure it's a good idea to explain why. There are plenty of reasons, but here are a few.

They say the 60s were the decade of rebellion, but millions of 80s kids who had their teachers saying "Bueller?" as they skipped school to imitate their hero would say otherwise. If you didn't go looking forChester Copperpot's hidden treasure as a kid, you didn't truly live the 80s. 

If you grew up in that decade, you knew it wasn't all laughs, either. There was some scary stuff—and we're not talking about the threat of nuclear war. We're talking about thosecreepy twins from theOverlook Hotel. And not to mentionman-eating plants.

Ok, so maybe our view of the 80s is mainly informed by movies. But with so many classics from that era, can you really blame us? There's a reason why everyone knows wherenobody puts baby (answer: the corner), or which expletive always follows the phrase "yippee ki-yay."

Can't forget about the great tunes, either. Everybody knows the big hits like those from Michael Jackson and Madonna, but how about the deep cuts?Randy Watson performing live with Sexual Chocolate was one for the ages. Real 80s-heads will remember it. 

The 80s were a time when we grew to love sports, too. We learned tobe the ball in golf, and washed cars withMr. Miyagi to improve our karate. We even discovered thatwerewolves can hoop.

At the end of the day, though, family was important to those of us alive in the 80s. We weren't afraid to say to our loved ones, "It's a beaut, Clark." We wereexcellent to each other, and wouldn't dream of sticking anyone in theShady Pines Retirement Home. Ok, maybe we would've considered puttingCousin Eddie in there... 

The 1980s were a great time. But just because you might have missed out on them by the tragedy of being born too late, doesn't mean you can't enjoy some nostalgia-by-proxy. After all, some things are timeless—like goofy mash-ups ofmetal bands and cats, orrobots in disguise. There's even this little-known series of movies that took over that decade calledStar Wars. Maybe you've heard of it?

Here at Famous In Real Life, we don't care when you were born. We just want you to show off your appreciation for the best decade in recent memory with a good retro t-shirt. 

We've got unisex t-shirts, long sleeve and short sleeve graphic tees, hoodies, and more. These incredibly soft, high-quality print 80s tees are so good they'll have you saying, "talk to me, Goose.

Ok, that one didn't make a lot of sense... we just needed to squeeze in one last reference.

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