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Pssssssst! Can you pass me a slice? Slice of what, you say?

Pizza pizza, baby! Every bit isa slice of heaven!

I bet the first person who made fast food pizza didn’t know they woulddo grate things.

Pizza is infallible, so much so that Kevin McCallister’sLittle Nero’s Pizza had to be brought to life.

Anyhoo, heyo, pizza lovers! We share your love and have created many funny pizza t-shirts for y’all as a shout-out to the world’s favorite comfort food. It’s a pizza party!

Whether small, medium or oversized, we haven’t met one person who doesn’t love pizza. It’s a quick fix for hunger and man! When those pangs come at you, your innercarbivore is unleashed. Yup, we see you and have a special funny pizza lover shirt for you.

Pizza jokes, anyone? No? Ohhh… Sorry…you’re justhere for the pizza. Here,have a slice. Kidding. We don’t sell here. Get some from Little Nero’s.

Catch this, catch this… Why do people listen toPancci’s Pizza on February 14th? BecausePizza is their Valentine.

Hi there,pizza queen. You deserve the best, even during rest. We love to see you sleep becausesweet dreams are made of cheese. There’s a graphic tee that proves it. (Sorry for the cheesy lyrics. Blame it on thisslice slice baby).

You know, maybe we should have a state for any food lover who can eat cheesy pizza day and night. We’ll call it Pizza Planet. And nobody will wear any clothes if it ain’t a graphic tee with the pizza planet logo on it. Although, any vintage pizza tees can go as well. Trust that Famous In Real Life will hand out slices and funny pizza shirts.

We’ll all be happy together, you, us,Deeds Pizza, name it. The only criteria for entry would be to agree togive pizza a chance and to give up trying to learnhow to cut carbs (of course, this means something else to us. Hihihi! Get it?)

We have all kinds of shirts; for couples, singles, young and old. Best pizza t-shirts, logo t-shirts, pizza slice t-shirts, cute pizza shirts, pun t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve shirts, pizza women’s t-shirt, pizza t-shirt father and son… It’s a pretty funny pizza lovers gift (or fun day gift) you can get your loved one.

Funny pizza shirts that say “More Spaghetti, Less Upsetti are totally awesome. When you’re sad or upset with anyone, they instantly know how to cheer you up!

Know what would cheer you up more, apart from extra pizza slices? More funny pizza t-shirts! Yup. Have at it. There’s plenty to get yourself and any other pizza slut, you know.

You can wear them anywhere at all; no special occasion is required. But if your significant other leaves you because you’re obsessed, whew! We can’t take the blame for that.

Okay! That was too much talk about pizza and funny food t-shirts. Just get your asses down here and grab these shirts. We know you love them and want them like every true pizza lover. Just don’t make us say pizza one more time.

Keep believing in yourself. We know you’re gonna do grate things… Ohhh. GREAT things. Got it—chomp chomp. Get shopping now. (Couldn’t help the pizza food jokes … sorry).

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