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Dad Hats

Gone are the days of snapbacks, flat brims, and fitted caps. Today, weโ€™re all about the dad hat. And no, these trendy hats are not explicitly meant for โ€œdads.โ€ Although initially made for dads -- well, err, โ€œadult menโ€ -- anyone can rock a dad hat!

From teens to celebs and everyone in between, dad hats are popping up just about everywhere -- and weโ€™re totally here for it.

These popular hats are basically just another reference to the famous baseball cap style but come with a slightly curved brim (usually pre-curved to perfection by the manufacturer). Commonly made of a soft, wash cotton blend, dad hats are usually a little oversized on the person wearing them -- unless, of course, youโ€™re an actual dad, then it probably fitsjuuuust right.

Dad hats are traditionally six-panel hats with simple logos, and the crown may be structured or unstructured. A lot of them, however, are unstructured, taking the shape of your noggin when worn.

No, dad hats were not invented in some cool dadsโ€™ basements. Truth be told, theevolution behind these beloved gems is a little murky at best. Some will tell you that the term โ€œdad hatโ€ is just some fancy-schmancy marketing tactic. But if it were, donโ€™t you think that the advertising geniuses behind the ruse would have come up with something a little flashier than say,โ€œdad hatโ€? Yeah, probably.

Others believe that the birth of the dad hat -- sometimein the 90s -- originated with a classic baseball cap made for adult men. Maybe dads were the only ones truly rockinโ€™ the popular hat at the time.

So where, in all of that, does the truth behind these floppy hats actually reside? Well, apparently, the coveted โ€œdad hatโ€ is a knock on our dear olโ€™ pops. Looking back on the glorious years of โ€œdad fashion,โ€ do you remember the super short-lived season of the โ€œdad sneakerโ€?

These eyesores were white and chonky, and right before they enjoyed any limelight, were dubbed tragically uncool and quickly became ancient history -- granted, dadsloved them (hence the name).

The dad hat got a similar start. But unlike the โ€œdad sneaker,โ€ what was supposed to be just a comfy, familiar, worn-and-torn appearance of the hat our dear old dad wore has skyrocketed. This has truly taking on a life of its very own, loved by hat fanatics everywhere -- not just dads.

Wondering where you can find some of the coolest dad hats around? Head on over toFamous In Real Life, where youโ€™ll find a totally unique dad hat to match your every mood.

Cravingtacosor want to let the world know youโ€™re theGOAT? Weโ€™ve got a hat for you. Feelingpatriotic or want to show yourpride? Youโ€™re covered.

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