Taco Gear

Can we taco ‘bout something for a hot sec? Of all the foods on the planet, tacos are undoubtedly the best, reigning supreme over pizza, cookies, and anything else that’s not, well,a taco.Since their humble beginnings in the one and only Me-hee-co, tacos have become an international sensation.

And it’s easy to see why -- a heaping pile of shredded meat, anointed with some fresh onion and cilantro tucked into a toasty tortilla? Yeah, sign us up.

Tacos are a meal that people of all ages look forward to. In fact, we love tacos so much that they’re even celebrated weekly on what’s arguably the best day of the week, #TacoTuesday.

Hold Up -- Taco Tuesday?

Yup, we didn’t stutter. For those of you who might have been living in a non-taco world (why anyone would do that is beyond us) and are totally clueless about what this glorious day is, let us explain:

Taco Tuesday is a day where we all come together for the love oftacos and rejoice in cheap-meaty-taco-goodness. And, just in case cheap tacos weren’t enough to tickle your fancy -- we also get to enjoy bottomless margaritas andimported beer.

Basically, Taco Tuesday is the tits for three reasons. Let’s break it down:

Reason #1: Tacos. Need We Say More?

If you ask us, tacos should be at the tippy top of the food pyramid. Your choice of select succulent seasoned meats, in a corn or tortilla blanket, topped with an array of fresh, tasty toppings of your choosing -- salsa, cilantro, onion, cheese, and of course, guac!

You can have one taco, or you can have ten tacos (we recommend the latter) -- it doesn’t matter. The only thing that does matter is that you’re getting all ten tacos for a fraction of the price that you would get on any other day of the week.

Reason #2: Margaritas, Margaritas, and More Margaritas

Taco Tuesday isn’t just an excuse to nosh on an ungodly amount of tacos, but it’s also an excuse toget smashed on a weekday. Yup, that’s right. And if you show up to work the next day a little hungover from one too many margaritas and your boss is alittle salty, just let them know thetequila made you do it and extend an invite for next week. Problem solved!

Reason #3: Friends and Good Times

What else could make Taco Tuesday the best day of the week? Catching up with friends on a Tuesday night.

Other than Brunch Sunday (also our fav), Taco Tuesday grants you the opportunity to drink with your pals and chow down on tacos. What’s not to love?

A Toast to Tacos

Here atFamous In Real Life, we live every day like it’s Taco Tuesday. Why? Because you really can’t be sad with a taco in your hand. And while some people say a day without tacos won’t kill you, we say,why risk it?

Show your love for tacos, and check out ourinventory of awesome taco gear today. Represent!

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