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Quick, what's the difference between whiskey and bourbon? What year was Johnnie Walker born? Just kidding—you don't need to prove you're a true whiskey lover. Sometimes, all you know is you need a shot of the good stuff... and maybe a couple of whiskey shirts as well.

While we at Famous In Real Life unfortunately aren't licensed to pour you up awhiskey cola, we can help you in the latter department. We've got a range of whiskey t-shirts withcharacter—just like thatOld Fashioned you're sipping on. All kinds of drinking shirts, from whiskey shirts to bourbon shirts, we've got it. So yeah, you could say we're pretty eclectic.

Grab one of our comfy, high-quality short sleeve t-shirts or tanks and share the message that whiskey is happiness, andhappiness is whiskey. Our whiskey shirts are proudly printed in the USA, so you can show those redheads fromLoch whatever that just because we can't call our whiskey Scotch, doesn't mean we don't love it.

While we can wax poetic about the beauty of a good single-malt (servedneat, of course), we also know that after a few drinks, you might not be feeling too loquacious. In that case, keep it simple: a straightforward declaration of "whiskey" or "bourbon" will do. At the very least, it might just score you a free drink from a fellow enthusiast. 

We've even got something for the movie fanatic. Perhaps you're familiar withRon Burgundy's favorite drink? Or, for those a little older, something fromTom Cruise's early canon. Those are the only two movie-reference whiskey shirts we have for now... Look, it's not our fault they're not rolling out movies about whiskey by the barrel-full! Let's just say, if we were in charge of Hollywood, things would be a little more whiskey-centric.

After all, whiskey isn't just a drink. It's a lifestyle, and we're here to spread the gospel. That room you have full of cherished bottles? It's not a bar—it's a shrine. Tell anyone who's skeptical of your home decor thatit's not hoarding if it's whiskey. They say money can't buy happiness, but it can buy whiskey, and that's pretty close. It may not be the answer to all your problems, butit's worth a shot.

Some of you might say,"Hey, it's hot out! I don't want to wear a shirt!" That's alright—we've still got you covered. Not only do we have whiskey shirts and bourbon shirts, but we've also gotwhiskey socks andwhiskey mugs. Drinking shirts are great, but keeping a well-rounded wardrobe is important too, so don't forget to accessorize.

No matter which shirt you decide is the best whiskey lover gift for the whiskey drinker in your life, know that we back all our products with a satisfaction guarantee. If anything you purchase doesn't meet your standard, let us know so we can resolve the issue. 

So get out there andchase your dreams (with whiskey). Just remember the golden rule:drink whiskey and be nice.
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