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Funny Shirts

What’s that saying, again? It’s a man’s world?

Heck yes! At least in our heads and on every short-sleeve-style funny shirt and funny tee shirts for adults we own.

We believe men and women are equal. That’s precisely the point.

Men are simple creatures who just want a beer, the TV remote, and a great woman who can show them some love.Call us old fashioned, but men are simple idiots without too many encumbrances (which doesn’t make them less special or cute).

The ladies love us for many reasons that even we find weird. Our fellow men also love us for valid reasons. We love our women, and we love our bro’s too. Though we like to scream, “Brothers before flowers? Bro’s before…” (We didn’t say it), deep down, we’d be like, “why the heck would I pick a bro over a freaking gorgeous woman?” Hey, we don't make these rules! These funny shirts do.

When it comes to wardrobe options, men are mostly creatures of convenience. Slap on a T-shirt, a nice pair of jeans, a leather jacket, and sunglasses, and we’re set. Except we want to add a bit of style, men rarely play dress up.

That’s why, here atFamous In Real Life, we’ve provided a whole collection of funny t-shirts for men, and graphic tees comprising everything for the remarkable men and women who love to borrow our shirts (our funny t-shirts womens do exist). From hip hop to jokes about food, pranks, and countries, pick.

Check out the catalog. Whether you’re heading out to grab apizza from Little Nero’s or you’re going to find your dad, pick one and look rad!

Is it gym time? Maybe It’sleg day… You know what the ladies say, men’s gray shirts and joggers. But no funny t-shirts sayings, please... Kidding!

Are you into weird sh** like zombie movies? Well, allow us to gift you ahandbook for the recently deceased graphic tee.

Oh, and men are huge gossipers. Yup! We’ve beenspilling the tea since 1773

Who else has noticed how guys take the most random things and make them their sacred touch-nots? Why on God’s green earth would your drum set be so holy that your kid sis or girlfriend isn’t allowed to touch it? Please don’t ask us. The funny shirt says it all. Seriously,did you touch my drumset?

Let’s talk about cars! 

You can never meet a man who doesn’t like cars unless he’s a wuss, no disrespect. Everyone likes cars, right? We can kill for our babies, and you know it. One scratch andmaybe today Satan; perhaps today is a good day to fight. Or not… So, you can give the men in your life a visit to the auto shop to get spare parts for their baby. Throw in one cool graphic sleeve t-shirt for the win.

Men are crazy and cute. Still in doubt?

Who’s most likely to perpetuate some mischief and enjoy every bit of it? Your homeboy! How do we know? Well, my friend, Tim, will always be like, “Let’s prank Maddie’s brother,” And I’d be like, “Yo,that’s a terrible idea! What time?” (Maddie’s my girlfriend.)

This brings us to another stupid fact. We relish annoying the heck outta the ones we love. Every homeboy does it. Whether it’s dipping a finger into the pudding bowl or telling your kid sis that she’s ugly. We have a plethora of soft funny t-shirts that confirm it. Left unsupervised, every day would be prankful.

Do you need a high-quality men's t-shirt for your dad, brother, boyfriend, or best friend? Grab one of our funny tees. There are so many to choose from. If you’d prefer something extra, go for a graphic t-shirt with funny sayings like “Treason is The Reason For The Season,” a Christmas classic. It could be a long or short sleeve. 

As a man, you’re either attending thanksgiving with your girlfriend or helping out your wife during the prep. Make it fun with a cool long sleeve shirt for all the boys in the house. Hello,Hanukkah.

You cannot say now that men aren’t just adorable. There are so many graphic and funny shirts that prove this fact. Some of the sayings on these shirts are so random the wearer looks like a complete moron. Case in point, this funny t shirt saying, “Thanks I Hate It,” but if you want to know where a guy’s heart is, look at his shirts. We bet it’ll be plain or a collection of graphic tees showing something hilarious or cringe-worthy.

Remind your dad of the good old days if you're a man. Go camping or something. Grab him a funny dad t-shirt to match his cargo pants, and clink mugs, and look where you’ll probably end up – wearing a funny t shirt in the middle of nowhere!

As the best funny t-shirt company around... We’re here for all of it.

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