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Cannabis T-Shirts & Apparel

Calling all stoners!

If you live the high life, then you just hit the jackpot. Here at Famous In Real Life, we bring you a huge selection of awesome cannabis-inspired t-shirts and apparel!

Soroll yourself another, andlet’s get baked cuz we’re about to blow your mind with what we have to offer.

From comfy cozy hoodies to breezy tanks and trippy socks to cool tees, we have something for everyone. And if your mom gets a little mad because you’re repping weed, just tell her not to panic —it’s *organic*.

Whether you’re a daily toker, partake only during theholidaze, or volunteer forpsychedelics research, you can count on us to have the coolest cannabis swag on the planet.

Want to rock the stickiest of ickynugget socks? Or aTegrity Farms hoodie? Perhaps you want to be a little more subtle about your love for the covetedplant. No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t want a tee? Never fear! Sip your cannabis-infused coffee from one of our dope mugs. Or keep your booze perfectly chilled in ourBlarney Stoned can cooler (Warm beer really harshes our vibes).

Got that sticky icky blue bionic chronic for your shizzle nizzle? We do! Take a peep at these awesomedoobie socks. Or pull in all the ladies with thisshirt which we hear is quite the pussy magnet…

Feelin’ a bit chilly? Nothing a little ganja can’t fix! Light up and warm up in this awesomeplant-based hoodie—which technically means your drug dealer is also a florist.

While the battle for cannabis legalization is still ongoing, we’ve definitely come a long way from the dark ages when weed was considered an A-class drug—which for those of you who don’t know, that category of drugs happens to include some of the most harmful drugs on the planet.

We know, crazy, right?

Thankfully, after years of research and protesting all the incredible health benefits that come from ganja, cannabis has moved out of that intense category. Now, we are seeing states all over the US legalizing the organic compound, making it accessible to people everywhere —finally!

Show yoursupport for the sticky icky, put your hand over your heart and repeat after us: onenation, under ganja, indivisible, with liberty and weed for all.

Now go buy ashirt!

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