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Have you ever wished you could go back to the 70s – a time when disco was the hottest dance style, Blow Pops were just introduced as the latest candy craze, and bellbottoms were the funkiest thing since sliced bread?
Well, we can’t turn back the clock, but we sure can reminisce about the good times and put on clothes that remind us of that groovy era. It turns out, there’s a lot you can do to take your mind on a trip down memory lane – and no, we’re not talking aboutthat kind of trip that was so popular in the disco-laden decade.
Around these parts, we love fictional places from our favorite TV shows and movies. And let’s be real here, we all know that 70s television was a remarkable decade to remember in film. Back in 1975, who wouldn’t want to get on board withQuint’s Shark Fishing business? Err, wait, that would probably be a bad idea. How about something a little less menacing for all of you dog and cat lovers? Forget Jaws – we gotPaws, and it’s way cuter.
And while we’re on the topic of some of the best movies ever made, have you ever wished you could visit theKorova Milk Bar from the hit-classic film, A Clockwork Orange? With a T-shirt souvenir to seal the deal, you can tell your friends about your recent trip to get a taste of the famous Korova Plus. And while you’re at it, why not grab some good old-fashioned cooking at theAmityville Bed & Breakfast? Figuratively, of course (unless you’d like to be caught in the middle of an altercation with a not-so-friendly ghost – but hey, to each their own).
Prefer something a little more related to Sci-Fi? Yep, we’ve got that covered, too – and we know exactly what you’re thinking. Let everyone know of your love forTatooine and theMos Eisley Space Port by rocking a Star Wars inspired 70s tee. And just to make it clear, we’llnever tell you the odds of grabbing a bad T-shirt from us (hint: it’s seriously low!)
Luckily for you and all the other wannabeJive Turkeys out there, we have shirts, merch, and all kinds of apparel inspired by your favorite 70s movies that’ll knock your sequin-studded socks off! From Jaws and Star Wars toSlapshot and theHalloween series, we have apparel that can only be worn by the true 70s fan. Soon, you’ll be saying you can no longer live without your classic Willy Wonka mug. Who doesn’t want to be told “You Get Nothing” at 7 AM?
So, are you jivin’ yet? Don’t forget there’s way more where that came from. Whether you’re looking for a flowy tank top that will provide you with that oh-so-nostalgic feeling, or you simply want to represent your favorite movie with a cozy hoodie, we’re here to help bring you back to the era of peace, love, and amazing television.
Whenever you’re ready to boogie down like The Man you are, we’ll catch you on the flip side with your new 70s-themed T-shirt and mug. Do us a solid and take a look at our collection of high-quality merchandise and apparel, will ya?
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