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Thanksgiving T-Shirts & Apparel

Look, we know it’s Thanksgiving and all, but would you stopstaring at our breasts?

No? Okay, we guess we can’t blame you—especially if you’re abreast and thigh kinda guy. But if you could at least talkturkey to us, we’d bethankful AF. That said, if we’re going to make this thing work, we should prob tell you that we’re not okay withside chicks (okay, well,maaaybee).

What weare okay with, though? Pumpkin spiceeverything.Let’s get cozy, y’all.

We also like turkey,football, and naps (napping during football), as well as getting absolutelybasted on Thanksgiving. Even certainfamily members can’t harsh our buzz (yeah, looking at you, weird uncles of the world).

Ahh, Thanksgiving. Arguably the best holiday of the year, nothing is better thanrolling one up and enteringfeast mode (just us?). We’ve got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, lamb, rams, hogs, dogs, chicken, turkeys, rabbits—youname it!

...Hold on, snack break...

...Ok, we’re back. Where were we?

A day designated to gettinglost in the sauce, we’re alwaysDTF (down to feast, duh), but feasting on Turkey Day is without a doubt the best. From the delicious pies to the mountains of meat, when Thanksgiving is near, it’s time to get your elastic pants ready. Why? Because nobody ever skipsleg day on Thanksgiving, and leftovers are forquitters.

In addition to good company and good food (but mostly the food), we love the soul-warming holiday for all the awesomeThanksgiving-inspired shirts we get to pull out of hibernation. Don’t have any? Check out our huge line oftees today and stock up, buttercup!

Whether you want to let your fam know that youbelong at the kid’s table (video games > politics), you’rethick AF, or that you’llnever settle, you can count on us to have the perfect t-shirt for you!

And if you’re up for a good roasting, you can even show up to dinner in this awesomeRoast Me tee. But don’t get mad at us if you can’t take the heat —by wearing this shirt, you’re agreeing to a downpour of brutally honest yet undeniably funny insults. But don’t worry,it’s all gravy, 'cuz we only roast the ones we love!

Okay, now who’s ready forleftovers and a nap?!

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