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Food & Drink T-Shirts & Apparel

Good morning! Time to wake up and smell the coffee. After all, most pot heads would agree that more espresso = less depresso. So donut worry, be happy because now that you’ve landed on this site, your clothes will be matching your favorite food and drinks in no time.

You have to eat the most important meal of the day to start it off correctly. And a breakfast of champions always consists of 2 things: bacon and a glory hole. Taking donuts to the office with you? Wear these socks to show your coworkers that you mean business. Don’t like the sweets because you’re more of a bacon and eggs person? Let everyone know about your hearty breakfast with these awesome socks.

What could possibly be better than a breakfast full of bacon and donuts, though? How about boozing while you eat breakfast. That’s right, we’re talking about brunch aka the socially acceptable excuse for day drinking. So break out the champagne and orange juice, because it’s mimosa time.

Now that it’s noon and you’re drunk, you can buy this shirt and begin letting people know how healthy you’re going to start eating. Tell them you’re adding Kale to every meal and probably won’t carrot all what they think because you’ll be turning grills on with how good you look. That is, until your friends want you to lay off the strict diet. Then, you completely give into beer pressure because you drink so well with others, and before you know it you go both ways.

Just like every taco Tuesday, you’re ready to rock out with your guac out. You’ve found all of the best Mexican food recipes, bought all the avocados you can stand, and now it’s time to make pour choices, most of which involve tequila (because liquor is quicker). Oh, don’t forget to wear the official shirt of taco Tuesday.

After telling your friends you’ll alcohol them later, you realize you have mixed drinks about feelings. This is a sign that it is time to sober up. You pass a sushi joint and decide that you’re not one that likes it raw. Call me old fashioned, but you need something heavier to soak up all the dranks. Italian food is the way to go, because more spaghetti means less upsetti. Might I suggest a slice of delicious pizza as a night cap before bed, because the sweetest dreams are made of cheese.

PS- If you make it through all of the eating a drinking, treat yo self to one last trip to flavor town with some dessert. We have cookies and milk and even the classic rocket pop.

Bon Appetit!

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