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Singlehood is gross… We meant great. Getting hitched? Mind-blowing and satisfying (except you’re with a person who doesn’t match your crazy).

But when the kids start coming, your life does a 180. There are many riveting things about making mini-you’s. But it gets really interesting when you begin to enjoyparenting humor and rack up funny parenting shirts.

Here at Famous in Real Life, we’re all for commemorating the good, beautiful and “God, save me!” moments you have. Cue parenting jokes for those rough days.

Whether you’re a daddy's girl or mommy's boy, there are stories you can trade with other parents … and funny shirts too. Parenting humor is a blessing because do kids drive you crazy? Yes!

What’s up, stay-at-home dads? Y’all are the#1 dad to your kids and atrophy husbandto your wives. Sorry… Never mind the rubbish on these parenting shirts. You rock, for real.

So, is anyone up for shots? Let’s hang out in our lame dad shirts and oversized mom shirts. Game time!

Skip the speech on parenting and take a shot if you’ve ever yelled,“Go ask your mom!” Double if you’re the mom.

And you might need to get each other one of those mom shirts that say “Don’t Touch The Thermostat.” ‘Cos these kids forget all the darn time.

Take two shots if you’ve ever had to remind your sluggish less than 10- year olds during holiday trips, thatthis is not a drill.

Quick question too. Do you say things like, “I’mawesome like my daughter?” Just to make her smile? You might as well grab one of these compassionate parenting shirts.

Hey dads, heard some dad jokes about parenting? Here’s some parenting wisdom to share with other fathers who have grown into their dad bod. If those newlyweds look at you funny, wear a shirt that says, “Not A Dad Bod, A Father Figure.” Own your rolls with pride, man!

Let’s unpack the food stories, shall we? How’s this for funny parenting? Wear a shirt that tells everyoneI Turn Grills On ‘cos honestly, if you have three less than 10-year-olds, that’s all you’ll have time to turn on.

And how many of us have wives who like to host the entire neighborhood to dinner? Lol. Let’s get them one of these mom shirts that announceWe Have Food At Home.

What’s up, 40-year-olds! How about rocking these funny parenting shirts if you’re proud of your tight bod? Here’s one I really dig. It’ll tell them young bloods, “I’m not like most teens. I’m in my 40s.”

It’s a girl! Just became a dad? Grab one of these dad shirts. Your little angel will make you laugh, cry, and be proud.

Heya, mom, grab a#1 Farter, I mean Father, shirt for that gassy man you made babies with. Lol.

Is your home a den of teenagers? Remind them with one of these parenting shirts thatThe Lawn Is Not Gonna Mow Itself.

So, mom, dad, we applaud you. Being a parent is sacrificial. (How about we draw some parenting metaphors and humor out of this with one or five funny parenting shirts? Lame?)

But for real, daddy’s girl or mommy’s boy (why is this even a thing?), you’re the reason a home is a home. We celebrate and respect y’all.

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