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Christmas Holiday T-Shirts and Apparel

Deck the halls with lots of t-shirts! Fa la la la… Oh, is that not how the song goes? Oops, ourbad –we’ve clearly got cool holiday tees on the brain. But you would, too, if you checked out our incredible line of undeniably funny and borderline offensive apparel. We’re making a list of our best holiday shirts, but we aren’t checking it twice. Wild card.

Fromkinky Santa and his *huge* package to theb-day boy himself, we don’t mean to toot our own horn or anything, but we’ve got some sick shirts that are sure to turn heads and drop jaws (toot, toot!).

Why do we have so many awesome holiday t-shirts, you ask? Because we LOVEChristmas! But then again, who doesn’t? No friend of ours, that’s for sure! From the mountains of mouth-watering food to having an excuse to get extra close to our crush (you know, for warmth?), themagical day is one that we cherish. Like,a lot.

Besides, have youseen Santa Clause? Maybe we’ve had one too manybrewskis, but the jolly old man kinda gets us allhot and bothered! Now, we’re not saying we’dput out for Santa or anything (well, maybe), but we are for sure saying we’re hisnumber one fan.

Oh, you don’t believe in Santa? Don’t worry; he doesn’tbelieve in you either. But we’re sure if youask your mom, she could tell you all about him. We hear he goes bySaint Thicc with the ladies (wink, wink). Mrs. Claus is a lucky lady, ya feel?

Other than ourSanta fetish (don’t judge), we love Christmas for all the warm and fuzzies bestowed upon us from binging holiday movies. Fuzzy socks, matching PJs (totally not cringe), and eggnog that wedefinitelydid not put any “grown-up” beverages in.

From everyone’s favorite candy-lovin’ elf on a journey to find his dad to the “little jerk” who wishes hisfamily would just disappear, holiday flicks are the best, and anyone who feels differently is clearly ascrooge (sorry, not sorry). Like, seriously: get lit or get out.

All that being said, Christmas isn’t the only holiday we love. You canget lit for theChallahdays, too.Deck the halls with matzo balls andmake it rain all eight crazy nights of Hanukkah,ya filthy animal.

L’chaim, bitches. Now go buy a shirt.

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