What are Dad Hats and How Did They Become so Popular?

September 01, 2022 1 Comment

What are Dad Hats and How Did They Become so Popular?

There's no denying dad hats are a staple piece in basically everyone's wardrobe nowadays. Even though they've had a clear comeback in the past couple of years, dad hats have had a pretty stable presence in fashion since the 90s. But why does something so simple and unassuming become such a popular fashion item? Well, that simple and unassuming look might just be the answer.

What Exactly Is a Dad Hat?

World's Okayest Dad Hat

If you're not the trendiest of people, you might wonder what on earth we're going on about with these "dad hats". Is there such a thing as hats only dads can wear? Well, not exactly. They were made popular several decades ago by middle-aged men (or dads), but are now worn by basically everyone. So, what makes a dad hat? Traditionally, the classic dad hat is a six-panel pre-curved bill cap or just plain old "baseball caps”. They are usually made from canvas or cotton, but you can find them in corduroy, polyester, and other materials. In any case, the key to a good dad hat is for it to be versatile, comfy, and convenient. Oh, and of course, nothing tops a dad hat than one with a unique, embroidered image. For example, take a look atour world's okayest dad hat.


When and Why Did Dad Hats Become Popular? 

We mentioned before that dad hats became a thing in the 90s. Well, that's true, but they've actually been around before then. In the 70s, baseball players started wearing them, and then their fans did. At this point, these types of caps were reserved mostly for middle-aged men, hence the name. In the 90s, they expanded to younger generations when rappers made them popular. Although they lost some popularity, it's been since then that you can find at least one dad hat in most people's wardrobes. Finally, since 2016 we've seen a huge comeback for dad hats, and they have become a staple piece for younger generations' wardrobe.


Why Are Dad Hats Making a Comeback?

As we all know, fashion is a constant, never-ending cycle that brings back items we sometimes wish we'd never see again. Luckily, dad hats are not as offensive as many other trends we're seeing come back. There isn't one specific reason why they're so popular right now, but there is a combination of factors that have likely added to their newfound trendiness.
  1. For one, celebrities and influencers are always a huge factor when it comes to trend-setting. We've seen big names like Lebron James, Jonah Hill, and even Kanye wearing dad hats for several years now, and we all know that Kanye knows how to set trends. 

  1. The rise of timeless fashion or 'dad' fashion. Vintage clothes are trending right now, and so are vintage styles. A shift towards a more minimalist, timeless look goes hand in hand with staple pieces like dad hats. Additionally, other 'dad' fashion items are becoming popular, such as dad shoes and dad jeans. Basically, we all need to start dressing like our dads.

  1. Broad appeal for all genders and ages. Dad hats are such a versatile accessory that they work with all styles, genders, and ages. Like we said before, even though they were made popular by middle-aged men, you can see teenagers sporting awesome dad hats today and looking bomb.

  1. An endless variety of designs. This might be our favorite part about dad hats. They're the perfect vessel for cool, unique designs or messages that make you stand out or make others laugh. Aside from adding style to your outfit, they can say something about who you are. Check out our whole collection of dad hats to find the one that's meant for you.

  1. Functionality meets comfort. Yes, dad hats were not originally made to be a fashion item, so they are actually pretty useful. They protect you from UV rays and heat but are still breathable. They solve bad hair days in a second. They give you a tiny platform to show your support (or not) for something, someone, or some team. On top of all these super important functions the dad hat has, it's the most comfortable thing ever. Literally no complaints.

How and When to Wear Dad Hats

Beer Can Dad Hat

The best thing about dad hats is that you can wear them almost anywhere. I mean, If you've been invited to a black-tie event, maybe leave your dad cap at home, but it's such a basic accessory that you can play with it in so many ways. Get yourself a nice, minimalist-design dad hat and pair it with a cool outfit for going out at night, add some swag to your brunch outfit with an egg hat, or go old school and wear your beer can dad hat to a ball game. It's definitely best to have a few so you can mix and match with your outfits for all occasions. Also, they protect you from the sun, so if you think about it... they're kind of an essential, both style and health-wise.


Where to Find the Best Dad Hats

This is the question. Although you can find dad hats almost anywhere, where can you find good dad hats? Well, you've come to the right place. FamousIRL has a huge collection of dad hats for all styles and tastes, so you can find one for each day of the week if you want to. From embroidered dad hats with cute, tiny designs, to funny dad hats, we've got whatever you want, and in a bunch of different colors! If you want that vintage look and feel, but with modern images and messages, we've got exactly what you're looking for. Check out all our styles of dad hats here!

Dads Hat Collection


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September 03, 2023

Get real!! It’s a BASEBALL CAP!! Has been since baseball was invented. Look it up. . . ❤️me a baseball cap!! I played professional softball, wore one every day.

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