4 Ways to Make Reindeer Games Into Christmas Drinking Games

December 01, 2021

4 Ways to Make Reindeer Games Into Christmas Drinking Games

We’ve all been there. It’s Christmas Eve, friends and family are over at the house, and the party is starting to die. You’re feeling a little worried that people are going to start leaving, and it’s only 8 PM. What do you do? Start up a Christmas drinking game, that’s what! 

The holidays are the perfect time to get a little tipsy. Chances are, you’re off from work and spending time with the people you love most. That means you’re in just the right place for some festive drinking. All you need is a game, and you’re good to go!

In this blog, we’ll be ranking our four favorite Christmas drinking games and teaching you how to play them. For all we know, these might’ve been the reindeer games that Rudolph was missing out on all that time. Those damned reindeer really should’ve let him in on the fun. We know better, though, which is why we’re sharing our best festive drinking games with you.

And, of course, make sure to find someone to drive your party guests home; things are about to get rowdy.

First Off: Our Top Recommendations for Christmas Beverages

To participate in a Christmas drinking game, you’re going to need a drink… and not just any drink. While you could get away with crushing a few cans of PBR or sipping on a whiskey sour on Christmas eve, we highly recommend filling your glass with something a bit more festive.

To get you inspired, we’ve assembled our top picks for the best (alcoholic) Christmas beverages:

Eggnog (Spiked, of Course) 

Eggnog is a Christmas staple, and anyone who disagrees is definitely getting on the naughty list. While the combination of eggs, cream, milk, and sugar might sound weird at first—especially in a drink—the good old ‘nog is the one holiday beverage that will never let you down. However, it tastes so much better if youadd your favorite liquor to the mix.

When the conversation turns to spiking the eggnog, you’re likely to hear plenty of different opinions on what the best liquor for the job is. We personally think that rum, bourbon, and brandy are always safe bets, as the flavor profiles in these types of booze complement the creaminess of the ‘nog.

However, you’ll find folks putting anything from tequila to vodka in their eggnog, and we’re not here to stop them. If it gets the job done, it gets the job done.

The Darkest Beer You Can Find 

Dark beer and the holidays go together like eggnog and rum. If you want a drink that’s high in alcohol content with a smooth, chocolatey flavor, skip the IPA this Christmas and grab something a bit darker.

Dark beers are brewed with significantly more malt than their light and medium counterparts, and all of that malty flavor tastes just like Christmas. Plus, there are dark beers made especially for holidays.

A Glass of Brandy

Ah, brandy. An often slept-on liquor with floral and spicy flavor notes, brandy pairs perfectly with holiday meals and desserts. It’s also an ideal liquor to have handy for drinking games. Cognac is our top recommendation for a wintery brandy, so make sure to keep some in the house once November rolls around.

Mulled Wine 

Here’s something for you classy guys and gals. Mulled wine pairs brandy, dry red or white wine, mulling spices, and fruit to make a sweet, spicy, boozy cocktail that’s often served warm. The drink tastes way too good to have just one, so it’s perfect for cold winter nights when you’re trying to get wasted. Don’t just mull this one over (wink wink); it’s the perfect Christmas drink for you.

The White Russian 

This classic Christmas cocktail is perfect for drinking games! Made with vodka, cream, milk, and a coffee liqueur, it’s a classic of Christmases past, present, and future. We love the White Russian because it’s smooth, sweet, and ridiculously easy to make. Plus, you probably have everything you need to make one sitting in your fridge and liquor cabinet.

Coffee with an Irish Cream Liqueur

If you’ve got a little bit of Irish in your blood (or even if you arezero percent Irish), you’ll like this one. 

Adding anIrish cream liqueur to coffee is one of the best ways to get a little bit of booze in your morning joe, and it tastes especially delicious around the holidays. The sweet creaminess of the liqueur tastes phenomenal in even lousy home-brewed drip coffee, so we definitely recommend keeping a bottle nearby when you go home and have to use your mom’s months-old beans every morning. 

In addition to Irish cream liqueur, coffee pairs exceptionally well with several other types of cordials. Java has a reputation for mixing well with anything rich, creamy, or chocolatey, so feel free to experiment with whatever liqueur you can find – within reason, of course.

And now, let’s count down our picks for the best Christmas drinking games:

1. Drink to a Movie Marathon 

One of the best ways to celebrate the holidays is bywatching a lot of Christmas movies. However, all of those festive classics get a lot more entertaining when you pair them with a drinking game. 

There are plenty of ways to incorporate your movie marathon into a drinking game, including:

  • Drink whenever a certain character appears on screen.
  • Drink whenever someone makes a Christmas-themed pun.
  • Drink when a musical number starts in a movie.
  • Drink when a character is wearing green on screen.
  • Drink whenever someone at your party talks while the movie is playing.

A word of warning: with this game, everyone is liable to get pretty drunk very quickly. That means it’s important to stay responsible and make sure no one does any driving or operates any combine harvesters or wood chippers or anything like that. We’re not trying tomom you—just making sure you do the right thing. It’s Christmas, after all!

2. Play the Christmas Version of “Never Have I Ever” 

“Never Have I Ever” is a classic party game with a simple premise: participants win or lose the round based on whether or not they’ve done something—gotten socks for Christmas, for example.

Turning “Never Have I Ever” into a Christmas drinking game is easy. All you have to do is come up with a set of questions related to the holiday and start listing them off one at a time. Anyone who has (or hasn’t, you decide) done the subject of each question takes a drink!

3. Test Your Christmas Song Knowledge 

If you’re one of those people who know all the words to every Christmas song under the sun, you’ll definitely like this one. The game is simple: First, grab everything that you need for shots. Ideally, that means some glasses (skip the paper or plastic cups to be less wasteful) and your favorite liquor.

Then, you’re ready to start. 

With your liquor at the ready, get whoever’s decided to go first to sing a lyric to a Christmas song. If the person next to them can’t sing the next line, they have to take a shot. If they successfully sing the lyric, the next person in line has to follow them. The game keeps going until everyone runs out of songs or can’t drink anymore.

4. Have a Cocktail Contest 

This drinking game is a little bit different. It’s more of a competition than a chance to get as drunk as possible. For this one, you’ll need some creativity and mixology skills, plus as much Christmas spirit as possible. 

A Christmas cocktail contest is pretty straightforward. It starts with a full-stocked liquor cabinet, complete with plenty of mixers, liquor varieties, and other essential ingredients. Once you’ve got all of the ingredients you need, you’ll get everyone in the room to decide whether they want to compete or be a judge. But be warned, the judges have the best odds of gettingverydrunk.

Once the judges and contestants have been selected, it’s time for the contestants to get to work on making the most delicious cocktails ever. If you want, you can set a rule that the drinks have to be Christmas-themed, but that’s up to you. 

Put on Some Holiday Apparel: Santa Suit Not Required 

If you’re going to be playing Christmas drinking games, you’ll need to look the part. That’s whereour “Annual Reindeer Games” hoodie comes in handy! We can’t guarantee that wearing this ultra-comfy sweatshirt will get you first place in your drinking games, but we can assure you that you’ll be the coziest, coolest cat at any Christmas party—and that’s a promise.

Whatever you do this holiday season, and no matter how much you drink, we at Famous IRL wish you a very Merry Christmas. And, as always, remember to enjoy all that booze responsibly!



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