10 Reasons the 80s Was the Best Decade

February 21, 2023 1 Comment

Flynn's Arcade T-Shirt

There’s no disputing the 80s was an iconic time in history. Those born afterward may not relate to some pretty rad stuff that made the world go round back then. Was it the food, the family shows and cartoons, or the hair? The colorful fashion or the movies and music? It seems lost to time.
But here at Famous In Real Life, we’re bringing back some grisly, goofy, crazy, and scary bits of the 1980s. We’re going to tell you facts about why the 80s was the best decade ever! And we have the best 80s tees to help you experience that historic time again.

1. The Music Was Loud!

t shirts + t shirt + shirt + color + crew + independent artists


We can let the 80s kids have the award for loudest music ever! Oh, they were rad, alright? From harsh rock music and glam metal to pop and smooth jazz, the 80s were about letting the music hit hard in all the right places.

Some of your faves had hits at the time. A few of them include Michael Jackson’s “Beat it,” Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” and American band Toto’s “Africa” (this song inspired the t-shirt,I bless the rains down In Africa). You know Chaka Khan, Annie Lennox, and Duran Duran had the 80s’ good stuff, yea? The boys and gals from theLambda Lambda Lambda campus frat would have jammed hits from these independent artists at their parties if they existed then, but it’s not too late to throw a retro party.

Did you hear aboutMarvin Berry and the Starlighters? Now, that was an iconic band, albeit fictional. So, when it came down to the beat, the 80s had it. Each of these 80s t-shirts is up for grabs in your preferred color and for a walk down history lane.

2. They Were Big on Hospitality

Edelen's Braidwood Inn

Although people back then were somewhat rude and used profane language heavily (not like much has changed today), they were big on hospitality in their cozy little way. Inns and hotels were promising business ventures then. You could find places likeEdelen’s Braidwood Inn,The Overlook Hotel, and other places that cater to travelers from far and wide. Of course, there was always juicy gossip about the guests.

These are some reasons the 80s must have been the best decade ever. We have these unique 80s shirts in long-sleeve, short-sleeves, tanks, and hoodies in different colors. All our tees are made from soft, high-quality fabrics you will love. Whenever you feel like going back in time or finding out what life was like in your parents' era, come checkout our tees. They have the best stories of the best decade in history. Ciao!

3. The Barbershop Rave

 My T-Sharp Barbershop T-Shirt

Even though this was showcased more in the movies, barber shops multiplied in every corner of the hoods. They had funny names for the establishments, likeMy T-sharp Barbershop. If the name didn’t have the swag, forget about getting the bizarre cuts that signified the shiznit of those days.

The barbershop was the center for all things gossip - well, for the men. They discussed news, women, and life. At the barbershop, you found out Uncle Reggie had a girlfriend on the side, even with his wife and three daughters who worked at the diner down the road. Whew! Barbershops and quiet chaos? Besties with style!

4. Soul Food for Days

Chop Suey Palace T-Shirt

Before technology really advanced, TV was the primary source of entertainment, and family time was incomplete with soul food. Now, soul food wasn’t breakfast cereals or pieces of fruit. It was a whole spread of turkey, bacon, baked beans, some light salad, and all the other bits that could giveChop Suey Palace a run for their money. Ask around, and you’d know why everyone loved food fromMama Fratelli’s Family Restaurant. Maybe getting this tee would score you a free meal or a coupon. Want to give it a try?

5. Bigger Was Better for Hair

Soul Glo T-Shirt 

In the 1980s, if one thing had to be big, it was hair. It had to shine and be poofy. In the 1988 classic,Coming to America,Soul Glo was the magic hair product that made the hair glow, and this goes to show how important hair was to both males and females back then.

From aqua-net bangs to mullets and jheri curls, the 80s was all about voluminous hair. Famous stars from Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston and Madonna rocked this style. Which would have been your best? Long curls or huge, teased-up hair? Get your 80s tee and wear any of these hairstyles to that retro party. It’ll hit harder that way.

6. Best Movies of All Time

 Abe Forman Sausage King of Chicago T-Shirt

How many 80s classics have you seen? We’ll list a few. We’ve mentioned Coming to America previously, so let’s begin with the excitingIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade. What aboutClash of the Titans, a Greek mythology movie?

Did you watch that Abe Froman movie featuringBueller? By the way, Abe Froman was called theSausage King of Chicago—a crazy but funny movie. There’s even a t-shirt for it. How about 1984The Karate Kid? And lastly, you should try seeing The Blue Lagoon if you’ve watchedTarzanorGeorge of the Jungle. Whew! That’s a lot of great classic movies to catapult you back in time.

7. Every Occasion Was Dramatic

 Handbook For The Recently Deceased

At least, that’s how it was portrayed in the movies and music videos. Was it a church? Dramatic. A funeral? Lol, That’s where you’d discover things likeHandbook for the Recently Deceased. Okay, maybe not. But you could still rock the 80s t-shirt for extra effect.

Weddings? Rarely void of drama. The biggest of them all was family dinner. Uncle Reggie was always doing something wrong!

Life was just full of energy and style, and people didn’t hesitate to inject that energy and style into everything they did.

8. The 80s Folks Loved Sports and Games

Flynn's Arcade

The 80s folk were big on sports too. They loved a good game and supported their favorite teams or players. Sports like baseball were trendy back then. Athletics, basketball, boxing, and American football were significant events all year round throughout the years that comprised the 80s decade.

Folks gathered in bars, stadiums, friends’ homes, and anywhere to watch games. And when their preferred team or player scored or won, the cheer was palpable. When the games aren’t on, most folks usually spend time at game houses likeFlynn’s Arcade to enjoy some games.

9. Cars and Car Shops

 Cousin Eddies's RV Maintenance T-Shirt

Cars were a big deal. They still are, but in the 1980s, they were a signature of class. In that same vein, car shops were everywhere, and we’re not just talking about dealerships. There were garages and maintenance shops for every kind of vehicle. You can ask Cousin Eddie, who decided to start an RV maintenance shop, always wearing a lightCousin Eddie’s RV Maintenance t-shirt. What aboutBiff’s Auto Detailing? He could give your ride a new look whileRalphie’s Tire Change replaces those worn-out tires with new ones.

10. Best Fashion Trend With 80S Tees

Bed-Stuy Do Or Die T-Shirt

If you think neon is wack now, you would have cringed on reflex in the 80s. Everything was a statement piece. Now, if you have seen any movie set in the 1980s, you will notice the crew in preppy skirts and trousers, cardigans, and generally loosely fitting clothes - most of them in a very bright neon color! Almost as though everyone came fromBed Stuy. Wear this t-shirt to represent if that’s your hood.

Now, don’t ask us why Bed Stuy was the happening place in many movies. From day one, Brooklyn has been famed for its rich historical culture, and Bed Stuy is just one of those neighborhoods where all the pretty black girls and the cool guys came from.


80s T-Shirts

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Jeffrey presswood
Jeffrey presswood

January 04, 2024

I personally loved everything about the 80 seemed the people were way more friendly an the party’s kicking it anytime any place wish they’d come back

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