10 Funny St. Patrick’s Day Memes You Need to Know

January 18, 2023 1 Comment

St. Patricks Day

Hi there, ladies and gents! Do you see a little green holiday peeking out from the corner? It’s St Patricks Day, baby! And we all know what it is all about.

St Patrick's is especially indulged in because it’s a chance to take a break from the solemnity of the Lenten season and throw your head back in laughter. Now, what can make you laugh so hard? A good ole drink, of course! But what about someSt Patricks Day memes?

Contrary to what you may have grown up believing, the Irish celebration wasn’t about wearing green and drinking in the beginning. Heck, it had a much more profound symbolism, and we’ll tell you just a bit about it before we begin to dish out the funny St Patricks Day memes we have for y’all.

Origin of St. Patrick’s Day - (Ft. Some St. Patrick’s Day Memes)

St Patricks Day, usually celebrated on the 17th of March, started in Ireland as a celebration of St Patrick after he died. He is one of Ireland's patron saints because he took Christianity to them. Before the immigrant Irish in America introduced the holiday to Americans, it was already a feast as far back as the fifth century.

But the first American celebration was held in 1737 in Boston and another in 1762 in New York City by Irish soldiers who missed home. Many groups began holding their celebrations ‘til 1848, when they all gathered to form the St. Patrick's Day parade you know now.

Americans have infused their take into the celebration, including things like the leprechaun. The hallmarks of the celebration today are the parades, excessive drinking and wearing the good ‘ol green.

Why Wear Green on St. Patrick’s Day?

There are many reasons why green is the official color for St Patrick's Day. Some Irishmen say it is a symbol of their nationality. As you know, the Irish flag is green, white and orange. Some others say it’s because Ireland is famed for its lush green vegetation, which earned it the name Emerald Isle. Others say it’s the only thing that wards off leprechauns. This is the part kids would probably enjoy.

Americans have even created a tradition from it and say, “wear green or get pinched”. Other things like dyeing the Chicago river green are also part of the celebrations.

Anyhoo, let’s dive right into the 10 St. Patrick's Day memes we have curated for you. Drink and laugh heartily.

Drink Like A Champion Today

day st + efy memes + leprechaun meme funny

If there’s ever any day on which it’s unofficially legal to drink ‘til your alter ego shows up, it’s on St. Patrick's Day. Since it’s a day everyone pretends to be Irish; you can test your mettle in drinking. Who knows, the part of your Irish ancestry might take over like the guy in this meme, and you’ll babble on in an impeccable Irish accent all day, all night. Want to try it? Here’s a shirt that goes with it - Spend your daydrinking like a champion! Happy paddy’s day to ya.

Call Me Old Fashioned

leprechaun memes + day quotes

Here’s another hilarious one for the “green day”. Going back to the basics, are you? When words weren’t complicated with idiomatic expressions and whatnot. How could the whiskey have been on her? Well, only someone as dated as the origin of St Patrick's Day would be that clueless. Nice one there.

How about thisCall Me Old Fashioned shirt for this particular meme? You could hit the bar afterwards and tell the joke over and over to a bunch of different drunk people. Cheers!

Whiskey Is the Breakfast of Champions

funny st patrick's day + st patrick day

Hey, everyone knows that whiskey is proof that you have the stuff of champs in you. Little wonder this funny St Patricks Day meme refers to someone who can’t hold their liquor and has to take something fruity instead.

The funny part is that an 8-year-old thinks it’s embarrassing. It probably makes you wonder if minors are allowed to drink in Ireland. Well, it’s just a joke that alludes to how well-acquainted the Irish are with their liquor.

But it’s a thing for St Patrick's Day thatwhiskey is the breakfast of champs. You don't need to indulge in proving that, though. Just get the tee and drink a green beer.

Magically Delicious

St Patricks Day Meme

Are you a parent with the sweetest kids ever? Well, if you want to become their favorite parent, skip the usual Lucky Charms breakfast and get them on thatmagically delicious stuff that will transport them across the rainbow bridge. Waaait… Lucky charms are the Magically Delicious stuff. Get it? Get it. We mean the shirt now, and it comes in green! Now, how great is that?

Whiskey Business


This one is particularly hilarious. Indeed, not all heroes wear capes, and this fellow should be celebrated on St Patrick's Day. The dude legit focused on hisWhiskey Business so much, and for Lord knows how long, that his lady was packing up her stuff to bail, and he didn't even notice. Who else is raising a green glass of whiskey to that?

Again, proof that whiskey is not for the faint-hearted because how can you risk losing your partner or even a stupid fight because you’re making some review about scotch? Lol! Somebody help this dude, please?

Terrible Idea, but Do It Anyway

Drinking Meme

Suppose this isn’t the truth! Lol. Regardless of how old you’re turning, a true Irish (since everyone wants to be Irish on March 17th) never refuses a drinking date. But when you turn 30, certain things just aren’t easy, even possible. This applies to drinking too. As Sara says in this funny St Patrick's Day meme, you know you can’t drink like before, but you go on to try. No harm in trying, right?

You could grab ourThat’s A Terrible Idea, What Time shirt to aptly describe what you’re doing and other things you’ll be attempting that fall in the “can’t do but will try” category. Go get it, champ!

Irish Yoga

Irish Yoga Meme

Where are the fitness junkies? Do y’all know there’s a special type of yoga you can try for the St Patricks Day celebration? Yup. It’sIrish Yoga. You don’t need to force anything. Just spend the larger part of the day at the pub. If you like moving around, you can take your own cooler. At the end of the day, you’ll do any of the different Irish yoga poses. Which are you most likely to do? Slumped over? Back bent over a bench? Or face flat on the ground in a kneeling position. You know the best part, you won’t know which ones you like best ‘till you’re totally shit-faced. Happy St Paddy's day once again.

Work? Pfttt. Go Home, Boss!

Irish Goodbye Meme

Should March 17th be a working day? Shouldn’t it be a legal public holiday? Well, legal because we know some of y’all are about to send your bosses home that day instead of the other way around. This meme has us cracked up. How many of you would try this one? Telling your boss that they’re Irish and should exemplify their heritage by going home.

Lol. We’re silently rooting for you. We’ll be waiting for you at the pub for whatever comes out of that move. Here’s anI Regret Nothing shirt for audacity. Or not. Good luck with this one.

Drink for Inspo

Drinking Meme Funny 

Ever come across someone who’s really audacious? They’re either drunk or very confident. Though, the baby telling this joke in this mem is undoubtedly drunk. Who thinks like that? Only someone who drinks. Drinking reveals things a sober eye might find difficult to see. Don’t quote us.

But if anyone ever questions how you happen to have uncommon insight or the best jokes, tell ‘em the secret with this shirt -I Drink And I Know Things. By the way, this meme is just too good, right?

Tag the Sober Crew?

St. Patricks Day Meme

You invited yourself! There are other ways to celebrate St Patrick's Day. But you may find it less fun and engage as the other happy drunk people around you. Don’t bother going to a bar if you don’t want many questions. But if you have to be a designated sober driver or want to be, get ourSorry, I’m Sober shirt. Trust that you’ll do a lot of good. And that's fine… Just grab a mint chocolate shake. There’s green in that, at least.

Do you want funny shirts, hoodies and tanks for St Patrick's Day? Check out our collection. Meanwhile, here are three suggestions below.

I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings

I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings T-Shirt

Grab this one if you want to tease those who might say they have mixed feelings about drinking. After all, there are many drinks about feelings. Lol.

Whiskey May Not Be The Answer But It’s Worth A Shot

Whiskey May Nt Be The Answer But It's Worth A Shot T-Shirt

Oooh, burn! St. Paddy's day isn’t the time to receive “don’t do it” advice or a “this isn’t the answer” because whatever it is, whiskey is worth a shot. Get it? If you don’t, you need a shot and this shirt.

Drink Beer & Be Nice

Drink Beer And Be Nice T-Shirt

You could use this tee as a reminder to the rude people walking all around the city to put on some holiday cheer and be nice. It’s easy; they should all grab a beer.

Well, there are certainly many things to laugh about, and these memes are a great way to start the day. Whether you stay home or have to work, We hope you dance freely, drink merrily, laugh heartily, and break the sky for the hangover you’ll have to endure the next day. But while at it, happy St Patrick's Day!


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