Just for the record, we love vinyl. Not only did musicsound way better on vinyl, but who can deny the cool kid vibes these music disks provide? 

Sure, listening to music via modern-day technology is great and all, but nobody ever asks to see yourmp3 collection. No one cares if you have a sweet playlist or are subscribed to whatever radio channel. Vinyl hits different — which is why it’s really no surprise that they’ve never gone out of style.  

Much more than just a way to play music, listening to vinyl is an experience. There’s something romantic about it. There is just something satisfying about opening the album jacket, seeing the incredible artwork, and studying the liner notes as the record spins. 

And unlike digital music, there’s nothing fast about vinyl. You can’t just tap on your phone and pull up a song for it to magically play in a matter of seconds. 

With vinyl, you have to physically remove it ever-so-gently from the sleeve, open the top of the record player, place the disc carefully and set the needle before switching it all on. You see, music is the activity — not the backdrop. The connection to the beat is deep, the appreciation for the sound is unmatched, and the experience is second to none. 

Changing the Tune

Over the years, the way we listen to music has changed immensely. We’ve seen the rise and fall of cassettes, CDs, and mp3s. We remember listening to tunes on the boob tube and blasting our stereos (extra points if you hold the stereo over your head at your crush’s house). Today, music might be at our fingertips with digital sound, but if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that vinyl will never die. 

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