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It's almost that most wonderful time of year: the ugly Christmas sweater season. Yes, some people think the holidays are about family, gift-giving, putting up the Christmas tree, et cetera—but to us, that's just the sideshow. Ugly Christmas sweaters (and tipsy elves) are the life of any Christmas party.

Christmas is that magical time when you don yourjolliest apparel and wear it for as many people as possible at the next holiday party. Santa comes every year, but how long will it be until no one gets yourTurbo Man reference? You better play it safe and wear all the ugly Christmas sweaters you can before it's too late.

Remember, whether you say ugly Christmas sweater, Christmas ugly sweater, ugly holiday sweater, or funny Christmas sweaters, we don't mean it in the traditional sense. For those of you who were old enough in the 90s to remember, think of it likephat—it's a reclamation word. Ugly Christmas sweaters (and funny Christmas sweatshirts, crewneck Christmas tees, an ugly Christmas sweatshirt, an ugly Christmas cardigan, an ugly Christmas sweater dress—these ugly Christmas sweater ideas could go on forever!) are beautiful; you should feel totally proud to rock one.

Our collection of ugly Xmas sweaters includes some year-round options, too. So don't forget to check out all the non-holiday ugly sweaters.



Let's backtrack a bit first, though. The holiday season is awesome. We're proponents of keeping the holidays rolling from Thanksgiving past New Year's. You barely get any work done between the end of November and the start of January anyway, so what's the point in pretending? It's time toget lit

Now that we think of it, why not includeHalloween in there as well—we might as well trick or treat ourselves. Here's to one giant holiday season to get us through the winter. We've got ugly sweaters for every occasion.

We'd be remiss not to mention every holiday that comes around this time:Hanukkah,Festivus, gothSanta-worshiper day, and our good friendJC's birthday. The name of that last one is escaping us at the moment. 

If you aren't sure which holiday to celebrate, grab anall-inclusive, non-religious, inoffensive holiday-themed ugly Christmas sweater. We've got just the one. Or just tell everyone you celebrateKrampus—whatever that is.

With all that celebrating, it's important to eat well. Focus on thefour main food groups: candy, candy cane, candy corn, and syrup, except on Thanksgiving and Christmas, when you'll want to stick to a strict regimen ofturkey, football, and nap. Stick to the holiday diet, and people will call youSaint Thicc.

Then again, different cultures celebrate differently—and we love us some diverse food cultures. We say, bring on thematzo balls and theChinese holiday food. We're goingfeast mode, no matter what's on the table this holiday season. There's a good chance we're gettingmanischwasted, too. 

The ugly Christmas sweater season makes us feelthankful AF. It's important to spread the generosity around—and we don't just meanputting out (cookies) forSanta. Be your own Santa Claus, and give everyone a taste of theWAP (wine and presents)

To those who don't get that last reference, we say:ok, boomer



Christmas movies are one of the most criminally underrated genres of film. It's an ongoing tragedy that a Christmas movie never wins Best Picture at the Oscars. 

After all, what better way to aid your post-turkey digestion than kicking back with a classic likeChristmas Vacation (how’s them Christmas lights!?)? Some say if you aren't able to quote every otherline from Elf, then you aren't really a fan of Christmas at all.

Or if you're more inclined to action, then there's alwaysDie Hard. Yes, we know—we think we're very clever for calling it a Christmas movie, too… It's a Christmas story, ok!


Whichever way you celebrate, justdon't stop believing in the magic of the holidays. Otherwise,you get nothing. But even if Santa does you dirty this year, you can always count on a good time by maintaining an ample selection of funny ugly Christmas sweaters for your next ugly sweater party. 

Whether you like your sweaters a little ugly or hideously ugly, we have you covered at Famous in Real Life. Our amazing-quality unisex, ugly Christmas sweater women's and ugly Christmas sweater men (don’t worry, you're still a macho man to us) will have you full ofChristmas spirit. And no, we're not talking about the six spiked egg nogs from this evening.

Each ugly Christmas sweater we offer is designed to last so that you can wear it daily. You might get made fun of for wearing your ugly Christmas sweaters in July—but it's good to know you've got that option. They're ultra-soft and durable so that you cansleigh all day

Ho ho, why not get a stocking stuffer for the whole family? Or, keep all the Christmas sweaters to yourself. After all,only Santa can judge you.
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