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When our favorite neurotic character asks his on again/off again love if she was over him while she was under him; yeah, we felt those vibes.

While we were technically never under you, we will certainly never be over you, Best Sitcom Ever. Heard of it? It’s a group of feisty and entertaining friends based in Manhattan (with a live studio audience).

If you’re anything like us, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve spent quite a bit of time on thecouch binging this uber-popular show.

It was based around six pals who go through just about every life experience imaginable together - including heartbreaks, fights, marriage, divorce, new jobs, job losses.

Despite coming to an end after ten glorious seasons in 2004, the sitcom is still etched in our hearts and forever will be until the end of the world. It made us laugh and showed us the realities of adulting.

It also taught us many things like not to mess with the “Mother Hen” of the group when it comes to theGeller Cup and for those looking to learn about Chanukah, Santa’s Tex-Mex friend, theHoliday Armadillo, is the guy to call.

The show itself is full of insanely memorable moments. We’re talking about when our favorite struggling actor of the cast puckered his big blue lips for alipstick commercial as well as when we were blessed with the catchy bop “Smelly Cat.”

Not to mention, we have to tip our hats to The Rembrandts, who created what was arguably the most popular television theme song that has ever aired that reminded us our friends will always be there for us (Info: We've all sung our own version of this song in the shower.)

A huge part of the sitcom’s legacy, no other song explains the meaning of friendship better than this one. It’s undoubtedly the simplest, most logical explanation for friendship worldwide -- pretty perfect for a group of, well, friends. It was a mainstream top hit: we're talking a #1 US billboard hot, no joke. Not ranking amongst the Canada top singles, but it also topped charts in the United Kingdom.

Consider yourself a die-hard super fan of the show? Plan a trip to the Big Apple and snap a few selfies at TV’s most iconic fountain, as seen in the opening credits (JK-this is in Los Angeles).

Head over to Greenwich Village, where you’ll find the (exterior) building that housed the rowdy bunch. You can also check out the museum where two of the beloved characters first do the deed and the Plaza Hotel seen in season seven. Just don’t forget your 90s nostalgia swag fromFamous In Real Life!

Whether your goal is to achieve trueunagi, try your hand at theEnglish trifle recipe, or need agold frame to put around your peephole -- we’ll be here for you.

Check out ourlarge inventory of 90s nostalgia that will transport you to simpler times today. Trust us; you’ll be glad you did!

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