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Ice & Fire Apparel

Hold the door! Because winter is coming… Actually, winter is here and it’s time to take the Iron Throne and rule all of Westeros. Don’t forget that in this game, you either win the throne or you die. I know the North remembers. So don’t go into war without making sure you’re properly prepared for a fight like it’s the Battle of the Bastards. And if you buy Fire and Ice apparel from anywhere else besides this website you’re liable to end up on Arya’s kill list.

Speaking of her, is Arya Stark everyone’s favorite out of the entire cast? She has to be after killing the Night King with that Valyrian steel dagger that Bran gave her. She even used some advice from Jon Snow that he gave her all the way back from season 1: stick ‘em with the pointy end.

The King in the North probably picked up that little tip from staying at Craster’s Keep so often. Or maybe it was when he was part of the Night’s Watch protecting Winterfell (and picking Crows before hoes). Jon Snow may be part of House Targaryen that can fly on dragons, but he has always carried himself like a Stark in the streets. Constantly doing the right thing, even when it came time to bend the knee.

It couldn’t have been easy, swallowing his pride and pledging his loyalty to someone that is called the Mother of Dragons. Honestly, don’t know if her name is Khaleesi or Daenerys anymore, but I do know she says things like “Valar Morghulis” or “all men must die.” Tough words coming out of the Queen in the North, but still not quite as violent as her favorite word.

Dany also says “Valar Dohaeris” which translates to “all men must serve.” My boy Hot Pie took this a little too seriously when he started baking hot pies. If they don’t taste very good, just tell Cersei it was me. She won’t find out, but her brother Tyrion could. He always says “I drink and I know things” but I think he really just drinks… in fact he owes me a drink or two. Good thing a Lannister always pays their debts. And don’t ask when he will quit drinking either, because he will just say to you what we say to the God of Death- not today.

Maybe if he drank some giant’s milk, he wouldn’t be an imp. He could have grown up to be big and strong like Tormund Giantsbane. That might have kept him away from Littlefinger’s escorts.

P.S.- Hodor says hi

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