Weed Shirts Shaggy Would Have Worn

April 15, 2021

Weed Shirts Shaggy Would Have Worn

It’s hard not to feel some serious nostalgia when you look back on your favorite childhood T.V. shows. Brightly colored superheroes, kids who were mad scientists, even cartoon blonde bodybuilders were childhood icons -- and while each show may have had an innuendo or two that may have slipped your innocent mind at the time, we’re all grown up now. When we rewatch these classics, we can’t help but crack a smile at some of the sneaky references that didn’t exactly make sense back then -- but do now.

That being said, there’s one show that stands out among the rest, with a certain character causing quite a bit of controversy due to his hippie-dippy stoner-like persona. Can you guess which beloved pot-head we’re talking about? We’ll give you a hint:


If you guessed Shaggy, give yourself a pat on the back! And while you’re at it, pack yourself a fat bowl because we’re about to tell you about some of the coolest weed shirts that are sodank, even Shaggy would have worn them.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

But First, Let’s Have A Quick Chat About Our Good Buddy: Weed

Marijuana. Pot. Ganja. Dope. Herb. The Devil’s Lettuce…

Whatever you call it, weed is beloved and used by many people all over the U.S. It’s currently rec legal in 17 states, with Colorado being the first state to make the leap, approving it on the ballot back in 2012. Sixteen other states, Guam, and Washington D.C. would go on to legalize the popular drug in the next ten years as public support for legalization rose rapidly -- despite being illegal at the federal level.

Over the years, we’ve learned quite a bit about the mystical plant, with cannabis lovers, scientists, and historians compiling an ever-growing array of marijuana facts. Some of them are fascinating, some are silly, and some help debunk long-held myths about marijuana.

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Chill Out And Smoke Some Weed: Marijuana Fun Facts To Drop At Your Next Smoke Sess

Even if you’ve been a cannabis connoisseurs seur for years, we’re sure there are some really interesting facts about the plant that just might make you say, “Whaaat?! I didn’t know that!”

Here are some of them:

Fun Fact #1: Shakespeare (Probably) Toked Up.

Believe it or not,back in 2001, South African scientists found pipes in Stratford Upon Avon that date back 400 years. There were four pipes found in William Shakespeare’s garden that contained traces of cannabis.

Results of this study -- including 24 pipe fragments -- indicated cannabis in eight samples.

If you can remember any of Shakespeare’s plays, like the whimsical Midsummer Night’s Dream, it really doesn’t feel too far-fetched to imagine his muse was good ol’ Mary Jane. What can you create with a little inspo from your cannabis dispensary? Maybe you’ll be the next one to change the world!

Fun Fact #2: George Washington Grew Hemp.

It wasn’t just Shakespear who relished the versatile cannabis plant. Apparently, our first president didn’t just defeat the British and help create the most powerful country on Earth.

Healsogrew hemp.

Hemp -- which comes from the same plant family as recreational/medical cannabis but contains very little to no THC -- was considered a cash crop during the 18th century and was used to make everything from rope and paper to clothes and shoes.

Fun Fact #3: Females Might Be More Sensitive And Build A Tolerance To THC Faster Than Men.

Yep, that’s right, ladies. According to arecent study, female rats built asignificantly higher tolerance to THC than their male counterparts only after ten days of use. Most studies and clinical drug trials are done on men due to their stable hormones compared to the ever-fluctuating female hormone profile. Thankfully, researchers have been studying female’s sensitivities to drugs for years! According to another study, the only area in which male rats seem to have more sensitivity is the “munchie effect.”

Fun Fact #4: Bhutan Has Way Too Much Wild Cannabis.

In the beautifulKingdom of Bhutan, far, far away, cannabis is about as common as grass. It literally grows everything -- in the wild, in cities -- even in the cracks of sidewalks (could you imagine?!). It’s used to feed pigs, but it’s commonly viewed as a pest. Areal weed, we suppose!

Fun Fact #5: Cannabis And Beer Belong In The Same Awesome Family.

Biological relationships dive deeper into a plant’s characteristics and don’t just focus on external experiences -- which is why cannabis and beer belong to the same family of plants. Both emerge from the family Cannaceae (sounds like a pretty cool family, huh?), and the two plant species share many similarities in diverse aspects. This explains why beer and cannabis go so well together, like peanut butter and jelly, coffee and cream, burger and fries, biscuits and gravy, chicken and waffles, eggs and bacon… OK, somebody, please stop us.

Fun Fact #6: The Famous Trapped Chilean Miners Were Given Cannabis.

Do you remember the Chilean mining accident back in 2010 in which 33 miners were trapped underground for a whopping 69 days?

People smuggled cannabis down to them to help the men cope with the whole ordeal. They were smoking so much weed that the government actually considered using a drug-sniffing dog to intercept the cannabis-filled letters that were being slipped down the rescue shaft.

Fun Fact #7: Cameron Diaz Bought Flower From Snoop Dogg In High School.

According to the actress herself, Diaz and Snoop Dogg attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School together. And whenever she needed to re-up on cannabis,Snoop was the dude she went to.

Well, at least she’sprettysure he was. Her memory might be a little … wait for it…hazy.

Fun Fact #8: The Ancient Egyptians Used Cannabis To Perform Enemas.

Yep, you read that right.Enemas.

Sure, it might not be the most common reason why people use cannabis, but hey -- don’t knock it till you try it!

But the Ancient Egyptians weren’tall about the enemas. They also used the powerful plant to treat inflammation and glaucoma.

Fun Fact #9: The U.S. Grows The Largest Amount Of Mary Jane In The World.


Last year, it was estimated thatAmerica is the #1 cannabis-producing country on the planet. Other top producing countries include Morocco, Afghanistan, Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Jamaica, Canada, Nigeria, and India.

Fun Fact #10: There Are More Dispensaries In Colorado Than McDonald’s And Starbucks Combined.


We have a lot of love for Colorado. It was the first of two legal states to legalize rec cannabis, thus providing a model for other states to quickly follow suit. But there’s another reason that the state deserves a special place in the Cannabis Hall of Fame…

The stateliterally hasmore dispensaries than they have McDonald’s and Starbucks combined -- over three times more. We know -- *mind blown*.

Number of recreational dispensaries: 169

Number of medical dispensaries: 195

Total number of dispensaries: 364

Number of McDonald’s: 31

Number of Starbucks: 50

Total number of McDonald’s and Starbucks: 111

Well done, Colorado. Well done. *golf clap*

The Best Weed Shirts On The Planet

Now that you’re fully equipped with some incredible, mind-blowing facts about America’s favorite plant, let’s talk shirts. But not just any shirts -- the best weed shirts on the planet.

Roll Me Another

The entire staff at Taco Bell smokes weed, but nobody can roll a burrito?!

Featuring a super-stuffed drool-worthy burrito rolled to perfection, thist-shirt is sure to get a lot of laughs. But don’t be surprised if after smoking a splif you crave Mexican.

Let’s Get Baked

Sincewheat is pretty much legal now…

Why not get baked and rock this awesome t-shirt featuring ayummy loaf of baked bread?

Don’t Panic, It’s Organic

Woah, chill, fam -- we’re not smoking any more… but were also not smoking any less either.

Fire up responsibly (and organically!) in thissuper comfy essential that fits like a well-loved favorite.

Plant Based

Technically speaking, this means your drug dealer is also a florist.

Say it loud and sing it proud! Being plant-based has had quite a bit of hype these days. And the beauty of this t-shirt is vegetarians and vegans are sure to give you a fist bump for being a member of the “we don’t eat meat” club. However, what they don’t know, is thatthis shirt is referring to adifferent kind of “plant-based.”

Oh, well.

Happy Holidaze

He knows when you are smoking, he knows when you are baked, he knows if you’ve been high or not, so stay stoned, for goodness sake. Aye!

Bring on the holiday vibes with this awesome t-shirt, wishing everyone a very merry and happy holidaze.Regardless of what you celebrate, this top is sure to get a lot of laughs.

Farming With Tegridy

If you’re gonna fight for your ‘tegridy,’ don’t forget to bring a towel.

A nod to a pretty iconic show, thisknee-slapper is sure to get the conversation going at any shindig. AND, it’s arguably one of the best ways to track down other stoners in the room -- because let’s be real,most potheads will know exactly what this shirt means. Just saying.

Psychedelics Research Volunteer

We volunteer as tribute for any psychedelics research. You know… for the sake of science.

Rock this trippy t-shirt anywhere as a subtle way to let the world know that they don’t have to ask you twice if volunteers were needed to, well, you know. *wink, wink*

Weed The People

One nation, under ganja.

We’re all about unity here at Famous In Real Life. That’s why we created this dankshirt featuring a patriotic weed leaf. Stoner’s unite!

Pussy Magnet

OK, so we’re not exactly sure if that smell is piss or just good weed… who can relate?

Just your everydaycomfy tee starring a kitty, a magnet, and a good ol’ bag o’ weed, of course. This giggle-worthy shirt is sure to bring in all the ladies.... and the stoners.

Pot Head

Ah, this sneakyshirt combines two of our favorite additions: weed and coffee.

Starring a pot of coffee with the words ‘POT HEAD’ across the top, some people may think that you just really love coffee while others may think that you’re really just a pot head. Either way, both are correct.

A Final Word

Whether you’re a subtle stoner or a well-known pot head, you are sure to get a lot of compliments on any of these unique weed shirts. And the best part? Not only are they undeniably funny and are sure to get the conversation going, but they are so incredibly comfortable. These shirts fit like a well-loved favorite, featuring a crew neck, short sleeves, and designed with superior combed and ring-spun cotton, so you’ll never want to wear anything else. In fact, we’re sure these weed shirts areso cool and comfy, even Shaggy would have worn them!

Here at Famous In Real Life, we make shirts with character because like is way too short to wear boring clothes. Check out our one-of-a-kind inventory today and rock some of the coolest apparel tomorrow.


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