The Essential Road Trip Planning Checklist: 10 Absolutes for the Outdoors

February 28, 2023

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Thinking of packing it all up and getting away from the complexity of modern life? Are the great outdoors calling out to you? Or even the little outdoors. Before you get on the road for your next trip, you should pack the essentials every smart road planner packs along with them. You don’t want to be halfway there and realize you forgot to pack a spare tire or underwear.

Keep reading, champ. You’ll find this to be quite an informative article for all earth lovers.

Where Can You Go For Your Next Road Trip?

For the newbies, a road trip is simply a journey anywhere by road. Now, people don’t just up and leave to nowhere. There must be a final destination. You could be visiting a relative that lives out in the country or going to see the mountains. A popular one is camping, where you’re alone or with your fellow road trippers out in the open with mother Nature. So, to give you a few ideas, there are several places to visit in the United States.

You could visit some national parks like the Grand Canyon. It’s located in Arizona. Depending on where you live, you might need to ditch your car for a rental car or van.

You can also go up to the Utah mountains or go bungee jumping. Anyhow, here’s your pro road trip checklist.

10 Absolutes for Planning a Successful Road Trip

In addition to these road trip tips, we have the most stylish outdoor shirts for your next trip.

1. Pick a Destination

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Nobody gets in a car and begins to drive with nowhere in mind, especially for long miles. Where do you want to visit? Is it in another state, region, or country? Is it a park, the woods, a campground, or the mountains? Are you going to one location only, or are there some fantastic stops you’d like to check out?

Your road trip itinerary will help you comprehensively list travel essentials. So, you need to choose a specific destination. Cheers to theVan Life,happy camper. And those are two sweet tees for you to check out. You’re welcome.

2. Find the Best Route

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Consider this one of the essential road trip tips. Quickly use your Google Maps to find the best route before D-Day. Yea, it’ll be super exciting to put on your newRoad Trip Shirt and scream, “Geronimo!” But an essential part of planning road trips is route planning.

Mark the rest stops, areas prone to traffic jams, and gas stations. If you’reAlways On Vacation and this isn’t your first time, you should already be part of theInternet Surf Club. Log on to travel blogs. You should find a great post or two about the best routes to take to your destination. Bonus points if you discover some amazing stops.

3. Make Your Travel List

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“He who makes a list is wise,” says Famous In Real Life. Don’t be lazy. Sit down and write out everything you’ll need for this particular journey. Going bungee jumping or mountain climbing? Pack some jumper ropes. Going to be on the road for several hours? Don’t forget the junk food. How about a paper map in case your phone dies? Pack a first aid kit for any headaches, bruises, or cuts.

Basically, list everything from the vehicle to clothes and food. Of course, our apparel must be part of your sartorial choices for the road. So,The Mountains Are Calling? Well, answer. And tell everyone thatWalls Are Meant For Climbing. Chop, chop! Make That. List. Now.

4. Know Your Travel Companions

Perhaps you usually invite some friends or have gone with others, and now it’s your turn to plan one for the gang. It’s helpful to know who’s coming along. Knowing this will enable you to make concrete plans. You’ll know if you all are going in a big van or bringing your cars.

Another reason to know who’s coming is to take note of all the places you’ll be visiting. It may not be so much fun to make a surprise detour or take a route, especially if you’ve rationed your gas usage or planned your trip for some time. So, it’s time to have Chad, Hayley, Lily, and Keith do an RSVP.

5. Create Your Budget

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Except you have the cash to throw around, like you’re crazy rich, we mean Jezz Bezoz type of rich, please, create a road trip budget.

On road trip tips, many travel writers have written on the importance of counting the cost of your trips. Saving money should be a top priority. You don't want to go broke because you’re going outside. This apparel saysOutside is Free, but the trip there isn’t, except you’re camping in your backyard!

Are you going in your vehicle or taking a rental car? Make a budget for gas. If you booked accommodation, what would it cost? Will you book hotels or guest rooms in one of those small towns? How much for food, water, extra supplies like torchlights, camping beds, and even our awesome t-shirts? Start punching those numbers now, man.

6. Prep Your Vehicle

After you’ve done the steps above, it’s time to check your bad boy. Is he fit to travel far? You want to ensure the vehicle is ready for its next adventure. Does your car consume too much gas? You might need to call a mechanic. Check the mirrors, the engine, the locks, and the tires. Ensure there are no leaks and no electrical or mechanical dysfunction. Also, check the mileage. Some vehicles may not withstand too many miles without needing water or something.

Basically, get your car to the workshop and have it checked. Thumbs up if you already have car insurance. You got this.

7. Put Together An Emergency Kit

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Yes, a first aid kit is an emergency kit, but there are other crazy situations you do not want to face. One of them is getting lost because your phone is dead, and you can’t access the map, or you lose cell service.

Your kit should have torchlights, a paper map, a compass, protein bars, and anything you need in an emergency. Don’t forget to pack a Solar Powered power bank for your phone. Be aBig Fan of Renewable Energy, okay?

8. Pack Some Weather Protection Gear

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In case you haven’t heard, we have shirts that will remind you and your travel buddies thatClimate change is real. So, do yourself a solid and pack a face cap, sunscreen, some socks, a raincoat, and an umbrella. Don’t forget your winter jacket if it is snowing at your destination.

The weather is one thing that can ruin your trip really fast, especially if you plan to do some fun stuff that is weather permitting. This is one of those road trip tips that will make a huge difference, and you’ll thank us for it.

9. Include Side Trips

Great Minds Think A Hike

You can make your trip fun by doing little things in a fantastic way. Side trips are one of them. If you’re not on a strict budget, consider adding some extra stops or switching things up a bit. For example, you might decide to take a more scenic route instead of the usual one. How about a hike? We even have a t-shirt for that—Great Minds Think A Hike.

Whether a seasoned road trip planner or a beginner, you can find ideas on travel blogs. With a little research, you can find a bunch of fun stuff to include in your road trip plan. It's totally free for the most part.

10. Get Your ID Ready

You might be asking why you would need an ID when you’re going to be on the road all through. Nobody knows if you’re an alien disguised as a human except if you have some identification. Additionally, how can they tell you didn’t steal the car if you don't have documents showing they’re yours or rented? Do you get it now?

Whether you’re traveling intrastate or across states, it’s always helpful to have some form of identification, including your driver’s license and the documents for your vehicle. Don't forget your passport if you’re traveling to a different country. You might need it for hotel bookings. You don’t want to be stuck explaining to an officer that you only look like a wanted man, but you’re actually Chad from Alaska.

Besides, if any special privileges are available to visitors, you can snag those with valid IDs and get help from the authorities if needed.

There you go—our ten absolutes for an epic road trip. These few tips will provide the much-needed organization you need. We can all agree that it’s not exactly easy to up and leave.

Extra tips for you?Go Outside, The Graphics Are Amazing. That’s on a tee, in case you’d like to have it. Enjoy the great outdoors.Love Your Mother Earth, bro!

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