The Best Substitute Teacher Stories

July 11, 2021

The Best Substitute Teacher Stories

Ah, school days. Some were good, and some were bad. And then some were really bad, but most of us tend to block those moments out by the time we reach adulthood. What we do remember, however, are the delightful days when we would enter a classroom dreading what Mrs. Kill Joy had planned for the day, only to find a chipper sub at the chalkboard.

Regardless of their inability to pronounce any of our names right when takingroll call, a substitute teacher always made the day just a little bit better. Why? Because most of them would throw National Geographic on the old boob tube and leave us to our antics, only making a peep if we got a little too loud.

Those were thegolden days. It almost felt as if we were unsupervised when we had a sub, spending an entire hour goofing off with classmates, gossiping about who hooked up with who - basically doing anything butMath, English, or Social studies.

It was a nice break in the afternoon between classes. However, not all subs got the memo that when the teacher was out, the best way to take care of the students was by doing nothing at all…

You see, on some occasions, you’d get stuck with a sub who wanted nothing less than to enrich the souls and mold the young minds of the future. While we can most definitely appreciate this selfless act, these poor substitute teachers would try to enforce an abundance of classwork on their foster students for the day, causing them to rebel, which would lead to some pretty great substitute teacher stories.

What are some of those glorious stories, you ask?

We’ll tell you.

Hilarious Substitute Teacher Stories You Won’t Believe

If you Google “Substitute teacher stories,” you’ll quickly realize that there are a ton of them. Stories told by students, some by their moms, and even some by the actual substitute teachers. While we won’t deny that they are all pretty great, some are funnier than others - which we’ve compiled below (you’re welcome).

Here are a few of the best substitute teacher stories on the internet:

“What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?”


You know the feeling: Anytime you walked into the classroom and saw that boxy TV-VCR sitting on its stand at the front of the class - it was going to be a great day! Unless, of course, you’re in the fifth grade and the substitute teacher puts on the slasher flickScream. You know, the one where a mysterious killer stalks and then violently cuts up high school students?


According to one of thestudents, they’re not exactly sure why their sub for the day decided to put this on, but some people weredefinitelynot ready for it. Ohh, we can only imagine...

The Prank That Went Too Far

According to onesub, she was teaching an eighth-grade class when some mischievous boys decided to spray pepper spray. The class was immediately put on pause, and everyone had to evacuate.

Crazy kids and burning peepers? No thanks, we’ll stick to making awesomet-shirts.

Let’s Learn About Hygiene, Shall We?

One annoyedmama claimed that her daughter had a sub forhealth class who was supposed to teach the kids about hygiene. No big deal, right? Well, it wouldn’t have been if the students actually learned about hygiene. But instead, the sub thought it was more important that they learned how to make armpit farts as well as the art of crossing your eyes.

Funny? Yes. Helpful? Not exactly.

Mother Nature at It’s Finest

When a teacher has to take a day off, they often leave behind a lesson plan for the sub. However, sometimes the sub completely ignores the lesson plan and plans the day however they see fit.

According to one angryteacher, apparently, the sub thought it’d be better to show the students explicit videos of animals giving birth on YouTube rather than following the instructions to teach them English. Yikes!

What Do You Mean Santa’s Not Real?


How would you feel if some stranger told your kid the truth about Santa? You’d be livid, right? Yeah, us too. But apparently, asubstitute teacher thought it was her duty to inform a first-grade class that their magical sleigh-riding hero wasn’t real. Or his many elves. Or his best fairy buddy, who replaces fallen teeth in the middle of the night with money.

Needless to say, parents were not very happy - and rightfully so!

Making the Grade

From throwing on slasher flicks and animal birthing videos to teaching kids about fart noises and Santa Clause, we hope you enjoyed these substitute teacher stories as much as we did. Now the only thing left to do is to stock up on a few awesome school-inspired t-shirts from Famous in Real Life.

Whether you’re analpha nerd, ascience geek, or simply became ateacher for the money and fame, you can count on us to have the perfect tee for you! Check us out today - trust us, you’ll be glad you did.


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Funny Substitute Teacher Stories From The Students Who Survived Them | Pleated Jeans

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