Signs You Might Have a Coffee Addiction

April 01, 2021

Signs You Might Have a Coffee Addiction

If you ask us, there’s nothing like a piping hot cup of java first thing in the morning. That deliciously rich, roasted aroma, the slightly sweet-yet-bitter taste, the instance buzz it provides… ahhhh.

But if you can’t go the day without that cup o’ Joe -- let alone the morning -- there’s a good chance you may be addicted to coffee. Well, not necessarily coffee per se, but *gasp*caffeine.

We know what you’re thinking -- there’s no way you can possibly be addicted toanything(well, maybe except forFriends reruns).But we’re here to tell you otherwise. In fact, here are some of the top signs - the good, the bad, and the ugly -- that you might have a coffee addiction.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

You Own More Than One ‘Coffee’ Shirt

What’s a sign you might have a coffee addiction, you ask? Check your wardrobe. If you happen to own more than one piece of clothing starring your favorite caffeinated beverage, we’re sorry to tell you this, but, uh --you’re addicted! We’re totally not judging you, though, as there are some really awesome T-shirts out there to support your coffee habit.

Take this simplet-shirt from Famous In Real Life, for instance. Not only is it uber-soft, but it’s pretty hard to miss what’s on your mind with the massive white lettering spelling out COFFEE on the front.

You’re Super Grumpy Before Your First Dose

Did you know that caffeine is a stimulant? Yup, it’s true! It stimulates the dopamine receptors, a.k.a our pleasure center. It also stimulates adrenaline release. This is pretty addictive in its own right because we’re naturally addicted to feeling good -- and caffeine does just that. But if you’re feelingdepressowhen you go without your espresso, it’s a sign your brain is relying on that dose of caffeine to feel good.

You Can’t Concentrate Without Being Caffeinated

The caffeine from your favorite Starbucks frap gives your body a boost of adrenaline -- which can help you stay focused and alert. If you are used to that boost every single day, you may experience a little bit of brain fog or trouble concentrating and completing tasks without it.

You Have Way Too Many Coffee Mugs

Do your family members make fun of you because you have like, a million coffee mugs? Does your bestie gift you a new mug every Christmas? If you were to open your kitchen cabinet right now, could you find room for another? If you answered yes to any of these, chances are your love for javabrews deep. However, here at Famous In Real Life, we feel you could never have enough coffee mugs. That’s why we madea ton.

Coffee addict beware: Do notclick this link unless you want to fuel your addiction with a totally bada** mug.

You Have Trouble Drifting Off To Snoozeville At Night

Not being able to close your peepers to get some much-needed sleep could be caused by a number of things, some of which are out of your control (noisy neighbors, anyone?). But your coffee addiction can keep you up at night -- even if you only drink a cup or two in the morning. You see, everyone’s tolerance is different. But large amounts of caffeine are associated with a decrease in sleep timeandquality. Moderate amounts of caffeine, on the other hand, don’t seem to have any effect.

Basically, what we’re trying to say here is, if you’re not able to get to sleep at night, your coffee addiction could be to blame. So consider cutting back on the stuff because beauty sleep is important, y’all!

You Have Conversations Revolving Coffee

If your conversations regularly revolve around coffee, whether that be to discuss your fav new latte from Starbucks, the unbelievably good-smelling bag of coffee beans you found at the local market, or you’re constantly telling friends you could use a coffee IV… you’re addicted.

You’re Thirsty ALL The Time

Despite what many people may think, coffee is actuallynot a diuretic. But it does cause frequent trips to the restroom! And if you’re not keeping yourself properly hydrated with good ol’ H2O as well, too much coffee can make you feel dehydrated as a result. Coffee isnot a substitute for water (we’re looking at you, coffee addicts) so make sure you’re drinking the required number of glasses of water a day to keep your thirst under control.

Most Of Your Money Is Spent On Coffee

How many trips to your local coffee shop do you make a day? A week? A month? If you spend all of your hard-earned moola at your local coffee shop, this could most definitely be a sign that you’re addicted.

Want to save a little money? Invest in a really techy coffee maker that can make frothy lattes, iced coffee, cold brew, and more. Sure, it might be a little pricey upfront, but considering that the average millennial drops a whopping$2,008 on their coffee addiction annually, spending $100 on a coffee maker is a drop in the bucket.

You Experience Muscle Spasms When You’ve Not Had Your Coffee

If you have a super high intake of coffee on the reg, the caffeine can cause withdrawal symptoms which include muscle spasms. Frequent spasms after not having coffee for a while could be a sure sign of addiction.

Your Temperature Fluctuates Without Caffeine

One of the other common symptoms of caffeine withdrawal that you might notice is your body’s inability to regulate its own temperature. Without that hit of caffeine, your body won’t know how to react. Random changes in body temp are a sure signal of coffee addiction.

Your Local Coffee Shop Knows Your Order By Heart

Coffee shops have changed the way we think about coffee and how we consume it. If you’re a coffee addict, then you probably frequent the same coffee shop time and time again. If the barista automatically knows your order -- then you’re probably going there a little too much.

You Become Especially Sleepy Without It

A ton of people turn to a cup of java when they’re tired, as it can be a really great energy boost. But if you become reliant on the stuff, you could find that you’re only ever tiredwithout coffee -- even after a really good snooze. It’s always a better idea to cut down on the caffeine and get more rest.

You Cringe At The Thought Of Quitting

Quitting anything cold turkey is undeniably tough. If you can’t wake up and say, “I am not drinking coffee today!” or if the thought kind of just freaks you out a bit, you’re addicted -- at least mentally. Try cutting back a bit rather than just giving it up completely. If you do it slow and steady, you can eventually wean yourself off from the magic elixir. But the truth is that coffee’s got some health perks, too, so keeping it in your life really isn’t abad idea. Just keep it to a reasonable amount --like no more than two to three cups daily. And no, we’re not talking about two to three 48-ounce cups like the ones you get from 7-11. We mean no more than two to three 8-ounce cups. Per day. Not an hour --per day.

Drinking coffee correctly and in moderation is key to reap the benefits it has to offer.

Speaking Of Which, What Are the Benefits of Coffee?

Believe it or not, coffee addicts, there are quite a few benefits to drinking java.

Here are some of them:

Betchya didn’t know your favorite caffeinated beverage was so beneficial, did you? We know -- *mind blown*

You Need More To Get The Same Effects You Used To Get

It’s called tolerance, people. If you drink a whole lot of caffeine every day, you’ll develop it, and your body will then need more caffeine to produce the same effects. If you notice that one cup of coffee stops making any difference on your energy levels, or you can drink a cup o’ Joe right before bed and have no problems zonking out, it’s a sign your body has become immune to its desired effects thanks to all the unbridled exposure.

Your Head Starts Pounding If You Skip Your Morning Mug

Caffeine is a known vasoconstrictor, meaning it makes the blood vessels slightly narrower, restricting blood flow. This makes it an effective headache reliever -- hence why caffeine is a common ingredient in many different headache meds.

But if you’re used to a constant flow of caffeine, skipping it one day can actuallycause a headache, which happens to be a classic symptom of withdrawal. In fact, an unbelievable50 percent of people experience withdrawal headaches if they skip caffeine for one day. Some people never experience headaches when they don’t have caffeine, even if they are used to drinking it daily, but science doesn’t really have an answer for the discrepancy.

You Own At Least One Pair Of Coffee Adorned Socks

Hey, we’re not judging. We own a pair ofcoffee socks, too! Besides, what’s so bad about wrapping your feet in cozy socks adorned with coffee? Other than it just being proof that you probably have an addiction --nada.

You Feel Nervous

Everyone processes caffeine differently -- some can drink three cups back to back with no problems, while others are much more sensitive. If high doses of caffeine make you feel nervous, edgy, or nauseated -- it might be time to cut back.

Essentially, coffee creates stress in the body via adrenaline, producing those ‘coffee symptoms’ we often feel.

A Lot Of Your Day Is Based On How You’re Getting Your Next Fix

For most individuals, a nice date or meeting will happen at the beach, in the park, or at a bar. However, for the coffee addict, the perfect spot for any get-together will be at a -- you guessed it --coffee shop.You may take this opportunity to try a new coffee place or just hit up a regular spot. If you’re planning your meetings around coffee, it could be an indication you’re addicted.

A Final Word

If you’re showing any signs of coffee addiction -- don’t sweat it. Being addicted to coffee is much more common than what you might think, and it really may not be so much of a bad thing considering the incredible benefits of drinking it. Just pay close attention to how your body reacts to the stuff and make changes if needed. For instance, if your java addiction is affecting your quality of sleep, cutting back would be wise.

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