Prince Could Have Been A Basketball Legend

July 09, 2021

Prince Could Have Been A Basketball Legend

Are you a Prince fan? Who are we kidding — of course, you are! Who didn’t swoon over the undeniably handsome musical genius? He was a legend, a maestro, one of the true gods of music. But despite all that, he was also a person living in the world, just like anyone else.

Prince liked to send silly memes to his pals. He rode his bike a lot, went to the hardware store, and loved makingscrambled eggs. He was really down-to-earth and an amazing human being.

And, believe it or not, Prince was a baller on the court.

Yup, it’s true. The diminutive pop star really did have game — and we’ll tell you all about it and more.

Read on as we explore some of the most interesting facts about Prince.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Prince

Dearly beloved, we have all gathered here today to get through this little thing we’ve all come to know aslife.

And it’s difficult to believe that it’s been five long bleak years now since we’ve been expected to go through, said life, without Prince. But, it’s true.

Hold Up - What Happened To Prince?

It was a gloomy day on April 21, 2016, when the world was ripped to shreds and forced to say goodbye to a truly special talent when The Purple One was found unresponsive and unable to be revived in the elevator at his home. With no signs of foul play or suicide, it would almost be two months before the medical examiner would announce that Prince had passed away of an accidental fentanyl overdose at the young age of 57.

In the end, none of us really cared what sent our beloved Prince to his grave. All that mattered was that he was gone, taking along with him a prolific songwriting prowess, a sweet, sweet sound, and some hidden basketball skills.

Fun Facts About His Royal Badness

Think you’re a Prince fan? Here are a few fun facts about the musical icon we bet you didn’t know:

Prince Had Some Serious Basketball Skills

Believe it or not, Prince played a little B-ball back in the day at hisjunior high schoolin Minneapolis. And as it turns out, even at just two inches over five feet tall, he was actually pretty great!

While Prince didn’t pursue a career in basketball or anything, we did get to see a glimpse of his secret talent on a hilarious “Chappelle Show” skit.

On what was one of the most famous (best) skits (NSFW) of all time, the late comedian Charlie Murphy tells a story about Prince and his crew tearing up the basketball court dressed to the nines in fancy ruffledblouses (yes,ruffles).

Being a skit on the hilarious TV show, many people thought it was just a joke, but the story was actually confirmed bySamuel L. Jackson, who said he asked Prince if that game in 1985 really did take place. Prince told him, “Yes— in church shoes.”

So, not only did Prince have a great singing voice but apparently, he was also really good with his hands… (wink, wink).

His Sister Was Pretty Salty

Prince had a half-sister named Lorna Nelson whoclaimed in court that she penned the lyrics to “U Got The Look” from Prince’s 1987 album,Sign o’ the Times. What happened? She lost the case — that’s what happened.

Stevie Nicks Says NO To Purple

According to the iconic songstress, Prince sent her the track to write lyrics and perform the famous tune herself, but she was too intimidated by the song’s epic, sweeping grandeur. (Who wouldn’t be?!)

The former Fleetwood Mac singer felt Prince was the only one who could do it justice and politely turned it down.

Prince Loved Writing Songs

In addition to penning hundreds of incredible songs for himself, did you know that Prince also composed music for other artists too? He wrote “Manic Monday” for The Bangles, “I Feel You” for Chaka Khan, “Nothing Compared 2 U” for Sinead O’Connor, and so much more.

Needless to say, Prince was extremely talented.

Prince Took Notes From Willy Wonka


In 2006, Universal cleverly hid14 purple tickets — seven of them in the U.S. and seven others internationally — inside Prince’s new album at the time,3121. Fans went absolutely berzerk, and CD sales went through the roof.

Whileticket winners didn’t get to go insideWilly Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, they were invited to attend a private performance at Prince’s beautiful Los Angeles home.

Ahh, could you even imagine?!

Prince: The Ultimate King

Prince was amazing at many things. He was an incredible songwriter, had an iconic voice, and was a baller on thebasketball court — despite being 5”2.

Not a day goes by where we don’t miss The Purple One, but at least we will always have his music. And this hilariousshirt from Famous In Real Life.

Stop getting burned by cheap quality shirts and check out our huge line of awesome teestoday. Whether you’re looking to represent Prince with “Game Blouses” or on the hunt for a borderline offensive yet undeniably funnyt-shirt, you can count on us to have exactly what you need!


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