The Best Strategy To Win The Pregame MVP

April 08, 2021

The Best Strategy To Win The Pregame MVP

OK ladies and gents, forget everything you ever knew about pregaming. Actually, come to think of it -- that’s probably a super simple ask. Alright, chew on this: Forget everything youthink you know about pregaming right now and consider the fact that there’s nothing wrong with this seemingly juvenile activity.

Live long the pregame!

For those of you who already partake in the act of drinking prior to going out drinking -- more power to ya. But for the people who believe the only way to pregame is to throw on “Party Rock Anthem” and shoot down “one shot, two shot, three shot, four” ofEverclear over your kitchen sink -- we challenge you to reconsider.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about pregaming, including what it is and the best strategies to win the pregame MVP.

Let’s get wasted, er, we mean, started!

First Things First. What Is A Pregame, Really?

If you search “what’s a pregame?” on Google, it’ll pop up with a definition that reads: “to consume alcohol before attending an event or social function.” Pregames serve many important purposes, and they are a tried and true tradition for attending social events, derived originally from tailgating before a big sporting event such as a football or basketball game. It later became known as drinking beforeany major shindig, whether that be before hitting the bar scene on a Friday night or before going to your nephew’s 4th birthday party (Okay, maybe don’t do that).

Pregaming is not only a great way to spend less money on expensive cocktails at the bar, preventing you from burning a hefty hole in your pocket, but it can also help to calm nerves in this socially awkward society we all live in. Now, we’re not saying it doesn’t have its downsides -- because it does. But that’s an article for another time (maybe).

Live, Breathe, And TRY To Remember The 10 Golden Rules Of Pregaming

So, without further ado, let’s dive into some of the best strategies to help you pregame like a rockstar.

Golden Rule #1: Take It Easy

If you forget everything we tell you and remember just one thing, let it be this: The pregame isnot the party. This isn’t the time to go out of control or shamelessly confess your love to your crush of the night (or the moment). Save that for the actual event, when everyone is on the same level ofturntas you. Keep your pregame dial set to a solid six -- not a full-blown ten.

Golden Rule #2: Do Not Drift Off To Dreamland

As much as the pregame isn't the time to be off-the-wall nuts -- it’s also most definitely not nap time. Sure, you might regularly hit the hay at 10 p.m. on a weeknight, but on a Friday or Saturday night, 10 p.m. is just the beginning. Use the pregame as an opportunity to snap out of your usual circadian rhythm. Consider incorporating some caffeine into your chasers like from an energy drink -- whatever you need to keep yourself awake.

Golden Rule #3: Be Dressed And Ready To Rock-And-Roll BEFORE The Pregame

Listen, people, a pregame is for getting ready mentally -- not physically. You should arrive dressed and ready to go. Don’t be that person who shows up in comfy sweats with a weeklong trip’s worth of toiletries and outfit changes. You should arrive at the pregame as if you were ready to walk out the door and head to the event.

Need help picking what to wear? Why not rock a one-of-a-kind shirt claiming your title as the “Pregame MVP”? Whether you’re feeling a tank or t-shirt, this top will let everyone know that you don’t mess around when it comes to a good pregame!

Golden Rule #4: Eat Your Carbs

Despite what many people may think, pregaming is as much about eating as it is about throwing back shots. Prepare for a long night of partying just like you would prepare for a race: By filling your tummy withcarb-heavy foods like a tasty party sub, a bowl of pasta, or an ooey-gooey slice of cheesy pizza.Mmmm pizzzaaaa!

Trust us, you’ll be happy you ate when your buddy drinking on an empty stomach is struggling to keep up, and you’re still going strong.

Golden Rule #5: Don’t Arrive Empty-Handed

It’s really important to bring something whenever anyone invites you to their home, but it’s especially important when you are there to pregame. As we mentioned a little earlier, this isn’t the party, so don’t *expect* refreshments and alcohol to be provided. Bring enough mixers and booze for yourself and a few others.

Golden Rule #6: Know The Rules To Every Drinking Game

In order to be a seasoned pregamer and claim the MVP title, one must know all the rules to every popular drinking game.

When no one can recall the rules of Circle of Death (Kings Cup), you’re ready to recite them from memory. When everyone demands a rousing game of Beirut, you know that you need to set the cups up pyramid style because “Beirut” is simply fancy talk for Beer Pong. You are the foremost expert in Flip Cup, the queen of quarters, the decider of Dice -- and most importantly, you’re always down for a game.

Golden Rule #7: Stick To Plastic

Pregame venues can get pretty messy, to say the least. Everyone is drinking, cups are flipping, beer pong balls are flying, and then all of that is immediately dropped without a care in the world, and everyone leaves the moment the Uber arrives. Make life easy and drink out of plastic cups. It prevents the possibility of broken glass (ouch) and saves the host a lot of dishwashing trouble.

Golden Rule #8: Leave Debbie Downer At The Door

The pregame is essentially an escape from real-world stress -- so leave all of your worries and gripes behind. Don’t talk breakups. Don’t talk politics. Don’t tell that story about your dead dog, grandma, whoever. Take a shot, a swig of beer or slurp from a fruity cocktail and enjoy yourself.

Golden Rule #9: Create A Killer Playlist

Now, to be clear, this isn’t the time for the mixtape your grade school sweetheart made you back in the day or for your obscure folktronica playlist (yep, it’s a thing). Play a mix of classic party jams people can’t help but like, or at least a playlist of upbeat tunes that will set the tempo for the rest of the night. Your Jack Johnson compilation can wait until Sunday.

Golden Rule #10: You Must Attend The Event With Everyone Else

There is arguably nothing worse than people who hang out and pregame, only to exit before the actual “game” because something “better” came up or they’re feeling especially “tired.” A pregame is a commitment. A pregame is family. It doesn’t matter if Chris Hemsworth (*drool*) just showed up at the bar your other friends are at -- you do not abandon your pregame fam. Period.

Arm Yourself With A Myriad Of Party Games

We’ve all been to a party or pregame where the mood is kind of just, well, dull. Blah. Lame. Boring. You get the picture. The last thing you want is for your group of pals to be the only sober people at a bar full of inebriated partygoers. Time is of the essence, and everyone needs to get a solid buzz going, or else it’ll be too late.

This is where awesome drinking games shine. If you truly want to be the pregame MVP, arm yourself with these top three boozy games below and let the good times roll!

Flip Cup

This classic drinking game is a staple in the world of drinking games and is a must for all parties. It’s so easy -- you can literally play with one arm. So don’t you let anyone use the excuse, “Oh, I suck at Flip Cup, no thanks” The guy from 127 Hours (you know, the movie where he cuts off his own arm) would be shaking his head.

The competitive nature of this exciting game takes over during this game, and booze starts flowing. A good tip is to play a Stanley Cup Series (best of 7) so that you’re guaranteed at least a few games.

Circle of Death

Want to add a little more suspense to your drinking games? Suggest Circle of Death (a.k.a. King’s Cup). It’s super simple. All you have to do is place a full beer can in the middle of a circle of cards. Each person then draws a card and follows the list of rules you can findhere. After a card has been drawn, place it underneath the beer tab.

Eventually, the pile of cards will open the can, and that person is summoned to chug whatever watery warm beer you placed in the middle.

Beer Pong

Ah, a classic. Beer pong might just be the king of them all when it comes to drinking games. Competitive enough that things can get a wee bit serious, but with plenty of room left over for drama, swings in momentum, and epic comebacks. You know the drill: two players on each side of the table shoot a pong ball into the opposing team’s cups. If you both make it, balls back, baby! First team to make every cup wins.

Be The Shot Master

‘Bartender, I’ll take another!’

Let’s be real -- the person making the shots is hands-down the MVP of a pregame. Now, we’re not saying to chain yourself to the kitchen for the entire night, but if you want to surprise all your pals, familiarize yourself with a few of these tasty shots below, and regardless of how many they take, they’ll always remember you as the most valuable asset at the party:

Jell-O Shot

Jell-O Shots are a fan favorite and can be made ahead of time, leaving you free to enjoy your evening pregame without the stress of preparing drinks. Mix up a batch of tasty Jell-O Shots with your favorite spirit and flavoring, let them cool, and pass them out. Easy peasy!

Buttery Nipple

Staying on the sweeter side, this delicious shot is as tantalizing as its name suggests. And the best part? You only need two ingredients: one part butterscotch and one part Bailey’s Irish Cream. Pass this beloved shot to your pals and watch their faces light up as the burst of caramel dances on their taste buds.

Fireball (And Not the Cinnamon Whiskey)

For those of you who want to spice things up a bit, this flavor explosion consists of one part cinnamon schnapps, one part rum, and a dash of Tabasco sauce. This unique spicy mixture of hotness will require immediate relief in the form of any other shot on this list -- so be sure to have one ready! Stir it up, shoot it back, and let the flames ensure.

Alabama Slamma’

Break out your Southern roots, cowboy boots, and lasso for a slammin’ good time. All you need is one part Southern Comfort, one part gin, and one part amaretto. This tart shot will beat out the Waffle House any day and leave your party people begging for more.

Tootsie Roll

A blast from the past, this chocolaty treat was always a childhood fan favorite. Bring on the nostalgic vibes and add one part amaretto and one part orange juice to recreate some much wilder days of adolescence.

Final Word

And there you have it, folks, the ultimate guide to be the pregame MVP! With our strategies above, you are sure to be a hit at the party. Just don’t forget to rock yourfavorite Famous In Real Life top because life’s too short to wear boring clothes.

Check out our inventory of funny, ironic, andiconicT-shirts and apparel today and be the MVP at the pregame tomorrow.


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