OJ Simpson Memes That Might Be in Bad Taste but Whatever

July 05, 2021

OJ Simpson Memes That Might Be in Bad Taste but Whatever

On Thursday, June 20th, 2017, aparole hearing for OJ Simpson took place. He went before four members of the Nevada parole board to determine his freedom after serving eight years of his 2008 sentence for a handful of felony convictions, including robbery and assault.

The verdict? After many hours of thought and consideration, Simpson was approved for early parole release in July and was officially released from prison on October 1, 2017.

While OJ's freedom pissed a lot of people off, others took the golden opportunity to flood the internet with all of their personal best memes and tweets about the ex-criminal — and let us tell you, they didnotdisappoint.

Oh, you haven't seen them yet? Don't worry; we'll bring you up to speed. Read on for the best OJ Simpson memes that might be in bad taste, butwhatever.

But First, Here’s a Quick Run-Down On OJ Simpson

Many people tend to forget, but before OJ Simpson was accused of murder, he was a gifted and handsome athlete who was a role model universally looked up to by most Americans.

Nicknamed "The Juice" during his time as a running back for the Buffalo Bills and later, the 49ers, Simpson set unbelievable records and even won the Heisman trophy.

Some of his NFL achievements included:

  • Most rushing yards gained in one season
  • Most rushing yards gained in a single game
  • Most touchdowns scored in a season

Simply put, OJ Simpson was a beast, and fans adored him.

Almost overnight, however, everything changed when his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were stabbed to death outside of Brown's Brentwood, California home on the evening of June 12, 1994.

Their murders and the subsequent arrest of the beloved former NFL star ignited a series of events that American's legal system and media had never seen before. And in 1995, Simpson was foundnot guilty, shocking the world to its very core.

Hold Up - Why Was He In Prison?

Ah, good question! Despite what many people think, Simpson was not behind bars for the murder of his ex-wife but for a completely unrelated crime that took place in 2007.

Back in 2008, OJ Simpson was found guilty of multiple charges stemming from an armed robbery in Las Vegas. Simpson and a few of his buddies — one of them armed — entered a hotel room and allegedly stole thousands of dollars of sports memorabilia at gunpoint.

Why would Simpson do such a thing, you ask?

Well, he believed the material was actually stolen from him, and he just wanted to get it back because it included irreplaceable family valuables. Granted, he probably could have gone about it in a different way, but it is what it is. This really takes “This belongs in a museum” to a different level, and frankly, we don’t think Indy would approve.

Sentenced to up to 33 years in prison but eligible for parole after nine years served, OJ Simpson was released on October 1, 2017, and currentlyresides in Nevada.

Show Me the Memes!

Ok, ok— no need to shout! Now that you know a little bit about OJ Simpson's background, let's check out a few super salty memes, shall we?


As we touched on a little earlier, OJ Simpson was called "The Juice" in his heyday. The nickname came from his initials, "OJ.," which actually stands for Orenthal James but also happens to be the abbreviation for everyone's favorite morning beverage, orange juice.

So, when OJ was released from prison, the internet was flooded with "The Juice is loose" memes and headlines. Heck, it's even on a shirt like this onehere. However, some people aren't exactly a fan of the silly oneliner because *technically* Simpson is still on parole and not 100 percent, well —loose.

But whatever.

Who Is: OJ Simpson?

We all know OJ Simpson played for the Buffalo Bills. So obvi there were going to be a few digs at the NFL team. While there are so many good ones to choose from, this Jeopardy-style meme had us rolling.

"This ex NFL player being granted parole is the first time the Buffalo Bills have actually won something."

Who isOJ Simpson, Alex!

OJ and Marriage

And the last meme that we'll leave you with features a smiling OJ Simpson that simply says:

"Marriage?? Sure... I'd take another stab at it."

Ohhh, boy.

Keeping Up With the...News


OJ Simpson is one of the most controversial topics in the world. Did he get away with murder? Was he framed? Why didn't the gloves fit?!

The world may never know.

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