List of Classic Horror Flicks to Watch Every October

September 14, 2022

We All Float T-Shirt

It's finally almost October again. After a long year, we've arrived at last at what many people consider the best month of the year. And it's no surprise, to be honest... fall, pumpkin spice everything, the year finally feels like it's coming to an end, and of course, Halloween. Aside from walking through all the fallen leaves and drinking all the hot beverages, one of our favorite activities for October is watching some of our favorite horror flicks. It kinda gets you into the spooky mood by the 31st, ya know? This year, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of our top picks for you to watch yourself.



 Starting off with a classic, if there ever was a classic. Whether you're a 90s version fan or like the 2017 remake, It is a must-watch for Halloween. And if you're reaaaally into scary clowns, you need our We All Float t-shirt to wear when you watch it.

Silence of The Lambs

Buffalo Bill's Rubbing Lotion

If you're a fan of Silence of The Lambs, I bet you're also a fan of not sleeping at night. For those who haven't seen it yet... do it at your own risk. It's a scary one. To honor one of the most chilling characters in film history, you can get aBuffalo Bill's Rubbing Lotion t-shirt.


Addams Family

I'll Stop Wearing Black T-Shirt

An iconic family, if there ever was one, and definitely a more family-friendly watch than others on this list. Wednesday Addams is definitely a vibe, which is why her famous line is now available on your new favorite t-shirt: I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color t-shirt.



There's a reason why everyone knows about Jaws... it's safe to say that even people who haven't actually seen the movie probably had nightmares just from hearing the plot. If you're a Jaws fan, we've got the perfect t-shirt for you: Quint's Shark Fishing t-shirt.

The Amityville Horror

Amityville Bed & Breakfast T-Shirt

There's nothing like a classic haunted house horror movie. And there really isn't a scarier house to live in than the one in Amityville. Find ourAmityville Bed & Breakfast t-shirt here.

Get Out

Sunken Place Cafe T-Shirt

This one's for psychological horror film fans. Probably one of the most memorable horror movies of the last decade, Get Out is a must on any horror flick list. If you loved it as much as we do, we made aSunken Place Cafe t-shirtspecial for you.

The Shining

Overlook Hotel T-Shirt

If you've made it this far down the list, you probably were wondering what was wrong with us and why The Shining wasn't put first on this list. We know! We know! It's a masterpiece. But we wanted to keep you on your toes. Don't worry, The Shining will always be on our top list of horror movies. Get yourself some Overlook Hotel merch here!

Clockwork Orange

 Now we're heading into complex territory... Clockwork Orange is not your typical horror flick, and many people wouldn't even include it in the genre at all, but they'd be lying if they said it didn't scare them. Also, it's just a really good movie. So we think it deserves a spot on our list. Our homage to Kubrick is our Korova Milk Bar t-shirt.


Smith's Grove Sanitarium T-Shirt

Now what kind of a Halloween movie list would this be if we didn't include THE Halloween movies? Pick your favorite; they're all freaking scary. Creep yourself out with our Smith's Grove Sanitarium t-shirt.

Friday the 13th

Camp Crystal Lake T-Shirt

Another absolute Halloween banger. Friday the 13th has everything you need in a horror movie... but we're not here to give you any spoilers. Go watch it for yourself, but you might need to cover your eyes for this one. And to honor the poor campers of Camp Crystal Lake who really had a bad summer, you can wear ourCamp Crystal Lake t-shirt.

The Witch

Black Phillip T-Shirt

This one is less known than other horror movies, but definitely not less worthy of being on this list. If you want to be creeped out, this one is the perfect pick. You can get yourself a Black Phillip t-shirt here if you're into that kind of satanic stuff... 

The Thing

Outpost #31 T-Shirt

Into science-fiction horror? We've got you. I mean, is there a better sci-fi horror movie than The Thing? And if the Thing doesn't scare you, you're welcome to join the National Science Institute at Outpost 31. Here's your uniform.


Darnell's Auto Wrecking T-Shirt

Ah... Christine. This one's a cult classic, so if you're looking for a fun horror movie, this one's for you. We're not going to say more than... go get yourself a Darnell's Auto Wrecking t-shirt. You're gonna want to wear it every day after watching this one. 

The Fog

Antonio Bay T-Shirt
Last but not least, The Fog. Another one of Carpenter's cult classics, The Fog is, quite literally, chilling. A great watch and an absolute horror classic. We captured Antonio Bay's infamous fog with our Antonio Bay t-shirt.


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