7 Funny Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Significant Other

January 01, 2022

Funny Valentines Day Gifts

Ah, love. It’s the best, isn’t it? It must be because there’s an entire holiday devoted to celebrating everything about romantic relationships. February 14th is Valentine’s Day: one of those special times of the year when you have a chance to show unabashed affection to your significant other. It’s the perfect time for grand romantic gestures, extravagant dinner dates, and memorable gifts. 

Today, we’ll be highlighting gifts that are perfect for your significant other if they love to laugh. If the special someone in your life has a killer sense of humor, these gifts will make this Valentine’s Day one to remember, that’s for sure!

The Origins of Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentine, who, according to legend, was martyred after it was decreed that no young men could marry in the Roman Empire. Valentine pitied all of the young dudes in Rome who just wanted to marry their baes.

So, he continued to perform marriage ceremonies after Emperor Claudius forbade them. As a result, Valentine was condemned to death after he was discovered by Claudius. This story is the most prominent legend about the origins of Valentine’s day, but it isn’t the only one. 

Another story says that the Saint was a valiant man who helped persecuted Christians escape from prison. Still, another says that he was a prisoner who fell in love with his jailer’s daughter. All of these legends were passed down over the centuries in the Catholic tradition, but there are pagan spins on Valentine’s Day as well. 

Valentine’s Day or Lupercalia?

Before Saint Valentine became the focus of February festivities, pagans had long been celebrating the festival of Lupercalia on February 15. This festival was a time full of blood, sacrifice, and lots and lots of sex. Not exactly the image that pops into your head when you picture Valentine’s Day, is it?

Lupercalia celebrations often included the sacrifice of male goats, as well as a feast where men would cut strips of sacrificed goat flesh off of carcasses and whip women with them to show their desire to… do it. While you might expect that the women would be disgusted by this ritual, historians tell us that the Roman pagans actually saw it as quite flattering.

Another Lupercalia tradition was for a man to draw a piece of paper from a jar that had a woman’s name written on it. That woman would be the man’s partner for at least the following year, and some of the Lupercalia couples lasted even longer. That would truly make for a fascinating reality TV show.

Ultimately, it’s difficult to say whether Roman pagans or Catholic saints should get credit for Valentine’s Day. We’re personally a bit on the fence, as it sounds like the pagan folks had a pretty good time with their February celebrations. However, Saint Valentine is the namesake of the modern holiday, so we have to give credit where credit is due.

Now that we’ve got the history lesson out of the way, let’s cover the seven funniest Valentine’s Day gifts to give this year.

1. Matching Couples T-Shirt

Matching Couples T-Shirt I Don't Do Matching ShirtsI Don't Do Matching Shirts, But I Do valentines day gift idea

If you’re in a relationship that’s characterized by a little bit of loving sarcasm, these are the perfect shirts for you. 

Sometimes, the most loving gifts are the ones that aren’t sappy and melodramatic. That’s why the sarcastic nature of this tee makes it ideal for couples who aren’t into the mushy, over-sentimental fare that you normally find on candy hearts. If that sounds like your vibe, this shirt is for you.

The matching couple's t-shirts are available in multiple colors and sizes, and it looks fantastic on literally everyone.

2. “Touch My Butt and Buy Me Tacos” Shirt 

Some couples are all about the simple things in life, and there are no simpler pleasures than a nice snack on the butt and some good tacos. This shirt says “Touch My Butt and Buy Me Tacos” on the front in bold letters.

It’s basically just another way of telling the world that your love languages are physical touch and gifts. Anyone who looks at you funny while you’re wearing the shirt is just jealous.

This tee is ideal as a gift if your significant other either loves Mexican food or is a horny little monster. In either case, this will quickly become one of their favorite pieces of apparel, one that is bound to catch the eye of anyone who passes by.

3. “Let’s Pollinate” Shirt

There’s nothing more romantic than flowers, or is there? 

The “Let’s Pollinate” t-shirt does exactly that with its clever innuendo. There’s a reason they call it the birds and the bees, after all.

4. “World’s Okayest Girlfriend/Boyfriend” Shirts 

Everyone loves to believe that they’ve got relationships figured out, but that’s really far from the truth. Love is basically fumbling around in the dark, except you’re constantly bumping into another person. It’s hard at times and definitely confusing, but it’s worth it.

This shirt tells the world the truth about your significant other: they’re the world’s okayestboyfriend or girlfriend. They’re the best on the planet to you, but the reality is everyone is just okay at being in love. And that’s perfectly okay.

5. Matching Pizza Slices Shirts 

Couples T-Shirt Pizza Slice

This flamingle shirt is for anyone who’s riding solo on Valentine’s Day. All of those single guys and gals out there might be feeling lonely on the most romantic day of the year. However, there are really plenty of perks to being a free agent.

Here are some of our favorite reasons to be single:

  • When you’re single, you don’t have to share a bathroom with another person and find their hair all over the sink.
  • Single people can buy entire pints of ice cream and eat them on their own without being asked to share.
  • If you stay single, you won’t have to deal with someone telling you to make your bed, eat more vegetables, switch to whole wheat, or clip your dog’s nails.
  • Speaking of dogs, staying single means you have more time to focus on your pets.

Even with all of these reasons to stay single, some of you might still be ready to mingle. If that’s where you’re at these days, this punny shirt is for you. It lets the world know that you’re here, you’re available, and you love pink flightless birds.

6. Draw a Portrait of Your Significant Other 

In addition to a hilarious shirt, sometimes something homemade is the perfect gift for your special person on Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing quite like receiving a gift that you know was made with love and care, and this gift idea is perfect for the sentimental folks who just want a gift that’s special. 

Even if you don’t have any artistic ability whatsoever, drawing a portrait of your significant other can still be an incredibly romantic gesture. We especially recommend this gift idea if you can’tdraw particularly well. You’ll still end up with a hilarious gift that definitely deserves to be framed and hung on the wall.

However, there’s one disclaimer that we should attach to this gift idea – it’s probably not the best choice if you think your person might be offended by a horribly-rendered drawing of them.

If you don’t have much artistic skill, your portrait may look a little… unique, so it might be best to only give this gift if your significant other has a somewhat twisted sense of humor. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! 

7. Make Your Significant Other a Signature Cocktail

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get a little bit lit. Is there any time that isn’t the perfect time to get a little bit lit? 

If you’re thinking about drinking on Valentine’s Day, this gift idea is perfect for you. Think about all of your favorite qualities about your significant other, then invent a special cocktail inspired by them. Depending on what your relationship is like, this drink might be sweet, spicy, boozy, or nice and mild. You can’t go wrong! 

We Love Love (and Presents)

We love Valentine’s Day. The holiday gives you an excuse to get sappy and mushy and fawn over your special person, but it’s also the perfect time to use your sense of humor. Funny gifts are often the most memorable presents a person can receive, so we’re always for the idea of swapping a generic gift for something that will get lots of laughs. 

Our ultra-comfortable t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel and accessories make fantastic gifts for your significant other on Valentine’s Day – or any other time of year. To view our entire collection, head over to Famous IRL



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