Why You Should Probably Have Some Funny Christmas Sweaters in Your Arsenal

April 29, 2021

Why You Should Probably Have Some Funny Christmas Sweaters in Your Arsenal

You know the one we’re talking about here. It’s a wooly pullover, usually in different shades of green, red, and white, often of questionable itchy fabric, and with at least one Christmas-inspired motif on it -- a reindeer, tinsel, a snowman, or candy canes. Extra points if it features 3D pom-poms or jingle bells.

Back in the early 2000s, when people first threw parties themed around tacky Christmas knits, guests mostly relied on luck to scrounge up a suitably hideous example. Maybe digging through your attic, you found your mom’s 1980’s Santa sweater. Or perhaps, at your local thrift shop, you chanced upon a vintage red-and-green sweater repulsively adorned with jingle bells.

Today, however, people aren’t digging through their wardrobes, hoping to find an undeniably ugly Christmas sweater to wear for their next get-together. Nope -- in 2021, people are actuallybuying them. They are making the conscious decision to purchase ugly Christmas sweaters.

And here’s why you should probably have some in your arsenal, too!

They Are Undeniably Comfy

Funny Christmas sweaters are often hand-knitted, so there’s literally love in every stitch. Even if they’re not, they’re usually giant and specifically designed just for snuggling up on the couch.

What’s more, is these giggle-worthy sweaters are made to be comfy-cozy and provide warmth during the chilly winter season. They are suitable for just about any occasion during the holidays, whether you want to rock one to a party or simply to pick up groceries. You could even hop into bed and sleep in one, if you really want to!

Wearing an ugly Christmas sweater is like wearing a warm blanket that gently hugs your body to keep you warm, despite the frigid temperature outside.

They Are Oh-So Stylish

One of the best things about ugly Christmas sweaters is that they can never run out of style. They've been around for many decades and are still around during the chilly holiday season to give you warmth and comfort. Since you only wear them for a month or two of the year (although you can totally rock one duringChristmas in July, too), you can keep your sweaters in tip-top shape and wear them again the next year.

They never go out of style, and there are literally hundreds of styles to choose from. Whether you’re a hip millennial, flashy Gen-Zer, or a brassy boomer, there’s a style for you.

They Are Perfect For Any Occasion

Going holiday shopping? Wear a funny Christmas sweater. Need to head to the office? Wear a funny Christmas sweater. Getting ready for a party? You guessed it --wear a funny Christmas sweater!

Funny Christmas sweaters are perfect for just about any occasion. And they are super easy to wear. Just throw on a pair of comfy jeans, your favorite ugly Christmas sweater, and voila -- you’re good to go.

Wait, What Actually Makes an Ugly Christmas Sweater, Ugly?

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder-- does the same hold true for, say, ugliness? Perhaps, but there are also a few things about an undeniably ugly Christmas sweater that is objectively hideous. When you’re deciding on a festive design for your yuletide wardrobe, you want to make sure the sweater you pick is sending a clearly unattractive signal to everyone around you.

Not sure where to look?Famous In Real Life has your back! Here are some tell-tale signs that you are looking at a truly ugly Christmas sweater:

It Features At Least THREE Colors

Technically, you could have a cool two-tone ugly sweater. But since garish colors are naturally unpleasant to look at, reaching the benchmark for ugliness is so much easier when you can mix together at least a few different hues. Besides, the more, the merrier, right?

Fortunately, Christmas is a time of the year with no shortage of bright colors to work with.

It Has Dangly, Twiddly Bits And Pieces

From bows to pom-poms to actual Christmas ornaments, a funny Christmas sweater is one that fully supports fidgeting. It should drive people absolutely bonkers when you fiddle with the bits and pieces stuck to your sweater. If they come chasing after you with scissors, vowing to shear you of your tinsel and leave you looking like a sad little green sheep -- you know your sweater is sufficientlyugly.

It Offends People Accidentally (On Purpose)

Yup, you read that right. Whether you’re celebrating fornicating reindeer or spliff-smoking snowmen, there’s really no doubt at all that messing with people’s most cherished beliefs and violating their taboos is one surefire way to go with your funny holiday apparel. Just watch out because it could getugly.

It Makes Absolutely NO Sense

The more you can mix up the holiday theme with strange, unexpected stuff -- the more it jars the eye. Ninja-bread men, dinosaurs pulling Santa’s sleigh,festive armadillos all make great non-normative holiday icons. It’s the kind of ugly-cute factor that makes people smile and roll their eyes at the same time.

It Would Make Grams Proud

Yes, an old-fashioned Fair Isle knit can most definitely hold its own in the ugly Christmas department. But it must go beyond the traditional gumdrops and candy cane embellishments to make that really happen. Amp up the ugly factor withbent over Christmas trees,big ‘bulbs,’ orsexy Santas strutting their, er, “yule log,” and you’re on your way to enjoying an ugly old-timey classic.

It’s Literally Impossible To Ignore

OK, so this is probably the number one rule when it comes to funny Christmas sweaters. If it’s not “in your face,” it’s not worthy of the ugly label. When people can’t take their eyes away from you, then you’re onto something.

What The Heck Is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day?!

Believe it or not, there’s actually a day to commemorate the wearing of ugly Christmas sweaters. Yup, it’s true. This National holiday was created to honor those who happily wear these silly sweaters during December.

National Ugly Sweater Day takes place every third Friday of December and is celebrated by people all over the nation. That being said, here are somequick stats for you:

  • 23 percent of people will purchase an ugly sweater

It’s bound to happen! Whether it’s for an office event, house party, or for family photos, a whopping 23 percent of people don’t doubt that they’ll be joining the ugly sweater brigade sometime in the near future.

  • 9 percent of people have celebrated with an ugly sweater party

Oh, you haven’t been to an ugly sweater party yet? Don’t worry -- you will get there eventually! In fact, an unbelievable 9 percent of people have reported that they will be going to their first-ever ugly sweater party this year. Don’t know anyone throwing a shindig? Why not host your own and invite all your buddies who haven’t been to one yet either? If you ask us, ten ugly sweaters are better than none!

  • Uglychristmassweaters.com Made A Cool $5 million.

This company was one of the first to start manufacturing ugly Christmas sweaters, and boy, were they smart to do so. In only three years, their profit has skyrocketed into being a multibillion-dollar company. Many retailers have caught on to this money-making avenue, and we are now seeing a ton of different brands making funny Christmas sweaters with their own unique twist.

Take Famous In Real Life, for example. These creative geniuses have made some truly hilarious sweaters worthy of a knee-slap laugh. From sweaters that say “I put out for Santa” to “I like big bulbs” (wink, wink), Famous has something to tickle just about anyone’s fancy.

Funny Christmas Sweaters That Sleigh

Looking for ugly Christmas sweaters that are so undeniably funny, even Santa will think they’re lit? We can help. Here are some of our favs:

I Wish My Family Would Disappear

“Look what you did, you little jerk!”

A nod to one of the best holiday movies ever (Home Alone, in case you didn’t know), thishilarious sweater is sure to raise an eyebrow.

Now I Have A Machine Gun Ho Ho Ho

Yippee-ki-yay, mother f*cker!

This awesomesweater is another that is sure to make your mom smile (or cry). It’s super soft and pretty funny if you ask us!


Who would have known that Santa likes tosleigh?!

The most metal uglyChristmas sweater ever made, this one is sure to be a fan favorite amongst all your rocker pals.

Bye Buddy, Hope You Find Your Dad

“I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite.”

OK, if you don’t know where these iconic quotes come from, do you evendo Christmas?!Elf is arguably one of the best Christmas movies, and if you haven’t seen it yet, stop what you’re doing and watch it. Right now. We’ll wait.

And once you’re done,buy this sweater.

I Don’t Believe In You Either

Santa tells it like it is. You don’t believe in him? Well, guess what? He doesn’t believe in YOU either. Rock thiscozy sweaterto any holiday event, and you’re sure to get a ton of laughs.

Christmas Birthday Boy

This calls for a celebration! It’s Jesus’s birthday, after all. Celebrate by wearing this awesomesweater.

Saint Thicc

Breaking the internet all the way from the North Pole!

ThisKim K-inspired sweater is sure to turn heads. Maybe in a good way, maybe in a bad way. We don’t know -- wear it and find out!

Well Hung

This sweater screams, “I’m trying to give up sexual innuendos, but it’shard, so *hard*. (wink, wink)

If your goal is to get some digits this holiday season, thiswitty sweater just might help you to dojust that.

A Final Word

So, why should you probably have some funny Christmas sweaters in your arsenal, you ask?

Well, for one, they are undeniably hilarious and sure to lighten the mood wherever you go. From festive innuendos to movie favorites, funny holiday sweaters make a great addition to any event. Plus, if you ask us, Christmas sweaters are super comfy-cozy and do just the trick to help keep us warm.

Before the holiday season draws near, be sure to stock up on funny Christmas sweaters, so you’re not scrambling when you get invited to all the wonderful festivities that Christmas has to offer.

Not sure where to look?Head on over to Famous In Real Life, where you’ll find some of the funniest Christmas sweaters around.



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