Different Ways To Celebrate Friday the 13th

July 09, 2021

Different Ways To Celebrate Friday the 13th

If you happen to havefriggatriskaidekaphobia, aka the fear of Friday the 13th, we advise you to move along because this post will deff send a chill down your spine. However, if you’ve ever been *curious* as to what the spooky superstition is all about and why some people have a legitimate fear of the pseudo-holiday (really, just a day in the calendar), give yourself a nice pat on the back because you’re in the right place!

In this article, we’re summoning all the creepy vibes as we explore the unluckiest day of the year --and for the brave souls looking to test their luck, we’ll also uncover some of the best ways to celebrate. Just remember,curiositydid kill the cat…

Not scared? Keep reading.

Where the Heck Did Friday the 13th Come From?


Ah, Friday the 13th! Who doesn’t love a spooktacular day filled with creepy superstitions and the constant fear of being watched by ghosts?Millions of people. Yep, it’s true - folks all over the globe have an irrational fear for the day - or the number 13 itself - including a prolific horror writer fond of bloody high school proms.

But where did the superstition come from, and why does it give so many people the heebie-jeebies?

Well, to be honest, there are many “supposed” origins for Friday the 13th. Some say it has something to do with Judas being the thirteenth guest at the Last Supper andJesus being crucified on a Friday. Still, others believe it refers to a betrayal of the Knights Templar by the Pope on October 13th, 1307, which happened to be --you guessed it -- on a Friday.

Another popular theory dates back toNorse mythology in which trickster Loki (aka the god of mischief) rudely crashed a Valhalla dinner party of 12 as the 13th (uninvited) guest, bringing immediate chaos and destruction with him.

While we may never know thetrueorigin behind Friday the 13th, there’s no denying that people are absolutely terrified of it. Why are they so terrified, you ask? According to experts, the fear of the superstitious day is long ingrained in Western culture, and it’s been amply reinforced by the beloved slasher-flick franchise featuring everyone’s favoritehockey-masked killer (you know, the one who has a thing for killing sex-crazed campers).

That said, some people believe that the spooky day wouldn’t be as, well...spooky if the franchise was never created. But seeing as thehorror film revolutionized the genre by amping up the level of gore, essentially paving the way for other iconic gory thrillers that are undeniably awesome- we’re happy it was.

How To Celebrate Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th - woman posing in TGIF t-shirt

Sure, Friday the 13th may be known as a day of bad luck filled with superstition and spooky vibes, but it’s still a Friday, and if you ask us, that’s more than enough reason to celebrate.

Here are a few ways to commemorate the unluckiest day of the year:

Adopt a Black Kitty

Feeling witchy? Many shelters tend to run specials onblack cats around this time of year. That said, why waste your time waiting for fate to send one across your path when you can have a cute and snuggly one of your own?

Host a Sacrifice

When you really think about it, hosting a sacrifice is kinda romantic. Light a bunch of candles, paint a pentagram together,summon a demon… it’s a perfect date night! Besides, what else were you going to do? Take a haunted tour through a hotel? Pffft, wimp.

Horror Movie Marathon

Between the unstoppable, murderous behemoth hiding behind ahockey mask, the psychotic, demonicevil clown that chows down on kids, and the mutilated, gleefully sadistic dream-hauntingserial killer with gloves adorned with knives - there are quite a few horror franchises out there that you can binge on Friday the 13th.

Grab your pals, pop some corn, and press play.

Stock Up On Awesome Horror Apparel

Why not show your love for the spooky day by rocking a totally awesome horror-inspired tee like the ones from Famous In Real Life? Whether you’rehere for the boos, have aresting witch face, or believe Friday the 13th isjust a bunch of hocus pocus, Famous In Real Life has a perfect tee for you so you can celebrate in style.

Make Voodoo Dolls

Whip out your handy dandy sewing kit and call up your besties to make somespooky AF voodoo dolls. It’ll be great! You can catch up while performing voodoo rituals on your very own craft-made voodoo doll. SO vintage chic.

Test Your Luck

Outright defy the stigma surrounding Friday the 13th and test your luck. Play the lottery, head to the casino for a little gambling, or play a round of poker with some friends. For those feeling especially lucky, try facing all of your superstitions!

Do a conga line under a row of ladders, knock over *all* the salt, break mirrors, open umbrellas indoors, don’t knock on wood, book a hotel room on the 13th floor, and step on every single crack (sorry, mom).

If you’re still alive the next day (fingers crossed), celebrate your luck with a spooktacular t-shirt fromFamous In Real Life.

Get Wasted With the Devil

It’s Fri-YAY! After a long grueling week of work, why not pick up some whiskey and head to the local graveyard to summon thedevil? He’s the full package--he provides great company, enjoys mischief, and is superHOT. Just be careful; he’ll prob try to steal your soul.

Oh, Lucifer, you silly scoundrel.

Superstitions Are Super

Celebrate Friday the 13th in style this year and head on over toFamous In Real Life, where you’ll find an incredibly vast inventory of unique t-shirts featuring all of your favorite icons.

From the belovedtrio of witch sisters who enjoy sucking the life out of children to theax-swinging psychopath possessed by demons and everything in between, Famous In Real Life has what you need to show your spirit (or summon one).


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