Father’s Day Gifts for 2023 He’ll Want

June 15, 2023

Lawn's Not Gonna Mow Itself T-Shirt

Father’s Day is coming up, and if you have no idea what to get him, don’t stress, we got you. These Father's Day gifts will have your dad rolling on the floor with laughter.

Whether your dad is a handy dad, active dad, 'dad bod' dad, a camping dad, a car dad, or a beach dad, there's bound to be a shirt for him that will tickle his fancy. Give him a great gift that he'll cherish forever... Even once it has holes in it. Father's Day gift ideas don't have to be fancy; they just have to be genuine.

Some say the perfect gift doesn't exist; we beg to differ. Get comfortable because this is one of the few gift guides that you'll read in your lifetime that will have your sides heaving.

Whiskey - Neat T-Shirt

Whiskey - Neat T-Shirt

It isn’t a typical Father’s Day without a BBQ, a sports game, and a glass of whiskey neat waiting for him at the end of the day. In his eyes, that sounds like one of the best Father's Day gifts of all time.

If you’ve forgotten about Father’s Day (don’t feel guilty, it happens to us all at some point), let this be your friendly reminder to send your pops one of our famous Father’s Day T-shirts. Some dads claim they want nothing for Father’s Day but secretly enjoy it when you spoil them a little bit on their special day. Another great way to put them in the best mood? Suggest a barbecue. 

Grill Sergeant T-Shirt

Grill Sergeant T-Shirt

Speaking of BBQs, even though it’s Father’s Day, you’ll most likely find your old man standing guard over the meat, daring it to burn - Call him the designatedgrill sergeant, if you will. Sorry, that was a typical dad joke. Guess that puts the counter back to00 days without a dad joke for us. 

Resting My Eyes Ugly SweaterResting My Eye’s Ugly Sweater

Forget ugly Christmas sweaters; this is an ugly sweater that Dad can wear all year round. Have you ever been forced to watch a boring history documentary or the news in the evenings with your dad and been told that you couldn’t change the channel? Only to look over and find him fast asleep within five minutes? Even though he told you, “I’m just resting my eyes,” a few seconds ago? Yep, sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Nap Champ T-Shirt

Nap Champ T-Shirt

If there were an award for being a “nap champ,” fathers would take the prize. Seriously, how are they the only ones that can literally nap in every space, no matter where they are? Even though we may grumble about our fathers who are set in their ways and have their own weird and wonderful traits, we know we wouldn’t change them in any way.

This one is bound to become a favorite while ranking against the best Father's Day gifts your dad has received over the years. If "the kid who gave the best gift" is a title you aspire to hold one day, the "nap champ" will get you there before your dad even opens an eye.

Don’t Touch the Thermostat Hoodie 

Don't Touch The Thermostat Hoodie

There’s a bit of juxtaposition in that title, and it’s cheesy to admit, but this is a hoodie for dads who thrive off hearing and creating dad jokes, naturally, making it one of the best Father's Day gifts in production.

Most of us need the perfect blanket, position, and temperature to nap like a babe. But according to dad, it’s imperative that you “Don’t touch the thermostat” or else… All hell will break loose. It’s funny how most of us can relate to the same mannerisms of our fathers over the years, isn’t it? Once again, fun gift ideas are always the best Father's Day gifts.

The Lawn’s Not Gonna Mow Itself T-Shirt

The Lawn's Not Gonna Mow Itself T-Shirt

Father’s Day is on a Sunday. Which means that it is also unofficially “self-care garden day.” And given that it’s Dad’s day, you may find yourself pulling weeds and enduring a few “The lawn’s not gonna mow itself” comments from the peanut gallery. The best Father's Day gifts are the unexpected ones, so when he wakes up to see you mowing and trimming away, it'll be a Father's Day to remember.

We Have Food at Home T-Shirt

We Have Food At Home T-Shirt

Gear yourself up for a family lunch at home because you already know that good 'ol dad will make it known that youhave food at home. And even if there isn’t anything at home, he’ll still tell you togo ask your mom what's for dinner.

Awesome, like my Daughter T-Shirt 

Awesome Like My Daughter T-Shirt

Everyone knows the saying, “Like father, like son,” but there’s a bond between father and daughter that cannot be explained. It’s quirky and beautiful at the same time. So it’s only fitting that you remind everyone with a subtle “awesome like my daughter” t shirt. 
When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with ano. 1 dad tank top, either.

Call Me Old Fashioned T-Shirt 

Call Me Old Fashioned T-Shirt

As your day progresses, reminisce over some of the highlights of your childhood with your father, even if he’s not sentimental.

Go around the table and talk about when he threw you high like a cannonball into a pool, helped you climb a tree that you thought was a monster, or helped you take your first few pedals on your bike with and without training wheels. Or perhaps you may remember your first driving lesson, which consisted of a lot of “Stop!”, “Break!", “Go!” and not much else.

You might also remember when he took you on your first roller coaster, or if you’re older when you had your first pint with him. There’s something so special about recognizing the small things that have impacted how we’ve grown into the person we are today, thanks to the help of Dad. And, of course, the evening wouldn’t be complete without Dad going back to his old ways and uttering whimsical phrases such as “Call me old fashioned but….”

Forget a solar power bank, a money clip, a gift set, a bottle opener, a power drill, tools, a man bag, and so-called "must-have" typical gift ideas this Father's Day. These affordable, cool summer T-shirts will have your pops standing out next to those other dads. Not to mention taking your original idea from an excellent gift to agreat gift.


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