Common Lies Every Golfer Has Told Their Wife

August 29, 2023

Common Lies Every Golfer Has Told Their Wife

What’s a Golfer’s Favorite Time of Day? Tee Time!

If you’ve ever swung a club, enjoyed cruising from hole to hole on a golf course in a cart, or felt the rush of running off to get a few holes in on a Saturday afternoon – or if you’re partial to a good golf joke or two, then make sure you stick around. Bragging rights, locker room talk, or finding a way to cover up a particularly poor round - we’re going to explore some of the most common situations we’ve all come across on the golf course! We know just how important it can be to have those few precious hours of quality time to play golf, and who knows, you’ve probably used some of these jokes, lies, and excuses yourselves! If you’re a married golfer, you could take some of these golfer lies and try them out the next time you’re playing golf, but don’t forget to let us know how it went (disclaimer: we take no responsibility for how bad it goes down)!

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Golf Balls: “They Must Be Somewhere Around Here!”

“I don’t know what happened; the golf balls must’ve gotten lost on the course!”How often have countless golfer wives heard this one? It almost seems like a rite of passage that every golfer has the case of missing golf balls. How many golfers complain about losing their golf balls in the sand, the trees, or the dreaded pond… No matter how good they are, golfers have a real knack for coming home with fewer balls than they left. Oh well, another trip to the store it is!

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“Honey, I got confused, the Lowest Score Wins?”

This is one of the worst golfing excuses ever to have graced a golf course. Naturally, when facing a terrible round, you could just pack up the golf cart and face your defeat with dignity; however, some players have other ideas. If you’ve already stooped to these depths to save face, you might as well go a step further and put your clownish antics out there for everyone to see with our hilarious tees.

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“So Sorry I Missed Your Folks, Honey. We Had to Wait Out a Lightning Storm - Right in the Middle of Our Game!”

It’s funny, isn’t it, how nothing could possibly come between a golfer and the golf course, but a few drops of rain will see them flee like vampires before garlic! If you’re doing particularly badly, a lightning storm can be your saving grace – giving you plenty of time to rethink, get your strategy together, and distract everyone from your poor performance. At the same time, it’s a perfect excuse to get more time on the course! But playing on a wet course - even the best golfers wouldn’t dare to take such a risk! Impossible! OK, you may miss seeing your parents-in-law at the weekend lunch, but rain is rain, after all! Be careful, even Mother Nature can’t always help cover up your poor score in this sport!

“You Know How It Is, the Winner Buys the Drinks!”

Picture the scene: you’ve just finished a round of golf, and you’re on top of the world - feeling like a true champion. With such an impressive game, you even managed to surprise yourself! Tiger Woods, who? You’re about to proclaim yourself the next Rory McIlroy, rightly so! You’ve played your best, so bask in the glory of your skill. The sacred 19th hole is alive with cheers, high-fives, and pats on the back until it dawns on you: Who’s responsible for getting the drinks? That’s right, the fanfare suddenly dies out, and your mood for celebration quickly turns to mud.

However, if you turn the tables, you could find yourself suffering a humiliating loss... and it just so happens that in this game, the loser gets the tab! All of your fellow golfers tearing apart all your hits and misses, plus a hefty bill to pick up... The golf course can be a cruel environment! It’s all in good fun, of course, but explaining the dent in your bank balance to your wife might take some doing! And no, you can’t blame it on replacing missing golf balls... again!

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What Did One Golf Ball Say to the Other? “See You Around the Green!”

It’s funny how often a golf cart can come across mechanical issues, just as the guys get together on the golf course. “Dear, the golf cart broke down on the 5th hole; until it’s repaired, we’re stuck!” Well, if you’ve been unfortunate enough to suffer a golf cart problem, the advantage would be extra hours on the golf course! With no need to rush through the holes and get back as soon as possible, you might as well take in the serene surroundings of the golf course. Don’t waste this golden opportunity!

As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining... especially when it comes to the golf course!

Locker Room Talk - Talk the Talk but Make Sure You Can Walk the Walk

“Literally, honey, Everyone agreed I was one of the best golfers on the golf course today!” Everyone loves the chance to show off, especially if they manage to really take some amazing shots. Any golfer wife will probably sigh, roll their eyes, and say, “Sure, dear. Whatever you say!” For anyone off the golf course, you can sell your triumphs any way you wish. Incredible backswings, pro-level control, and even a hole-in-one - let your bragging run wild. But when it comes to the locker room, be careful who you’re trying to fool unless it’s with one of our hilariousproducts!

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Golf and Marriage - A Delicate Balance

The green expanse of the golf course, spreading out as far as the eye can see, that pleasant fragrance of freshly cut grass, and just the guys talking for as long as it takes - paradise! A full day of playing golf, a “quick” round taking countless hours, and husbands making themselves as scarce as hole-in-one to get out of those weekend chores... We’ve taken a look into the hidden world of golfing lies and best golf jokes, and our hearts 100% go out to the long-suffering golfer wives!

However, to be fair, we should definitely give some credit where it’s due and congratulate the cracking lies that golf inspires. When all is said and done, you can’t help but smile when you look back at such creativity and quick wit! If you’ve enjoyed this article make sure you check out our exclusive range ofhilarious clothing - perfect for every occasion!


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