Beginners Guide to Valentine’s Day for Singles

January 10, 2023

Beginners Guide to Valentine’s Day for Singles

Valentines Day is around the corner, and this can be a bummer for singles who haven't been feeling the love. It's OK to live the single life the other 364 days of the year, but Valentines Day for singles can be a little rough. Watching your friends get romantic with their honey on Valentines Day is fun and all, but where are the days for all of us singletons just trying to get through the winter?

But there's no sense drowning your sorrows when there's no reason to be sad – your life is good with or without someone to hold hands with. Expecting someone else to sweep you off your feet won't ever be satisfying; you're enough, all on your own! Check out ourBeginners Guide to Valentines Day for Singles for the best ways to spread the love – platonically or otherwise. Self-love is in, and single people deserve to be celebrated.

Beginners Guide to Valentines Day for Singles

Stay off Social Media

If you're living the single girl Valentine's Day life this year, and it DOES make you feel bummed out, avoid logging onto Instagram or rotting your brain with TikTok. There's a lot of performance online, and seeing everyone else's highlight reel isn't going to benefit you on a day that makes you feel a little extra sensitive. Try logging off for a while and doing something nice for yourself, like taking a bubble bath and reading a good book. Keep yourself busy with things that will make you happy and not with other people's lives.

Send Out Platonic Love Letters

Your single friends deserve to know you love them too! Nothing says love like sending sweet words to the people you care about. Love can be expressed in many ways, and your besties deserve a piece of your heart too. If you're feeling a little shy, send anonymous letters for that "secret admirer" vibe.

Attend Some Valentine's Events for Singles

There's no shame in embracing the single game, especially when not many Valentine's Day events are planned just for people like you. Scope out your local bars and keep your eyes and ears open for any fun events catered explicitly to singles like yourself. These mixers are super fun ways to meet new people and get out of your comfort zone. Who knows, a single event this year may mean a Valentine's Day date for next year!

Plan a Palentine's or Galentine's Day Party

Galentine’s day can be the most magical time of the year. Spend time and celebrate Valentine's Day with the people who really matter to you – your best gal pals. Have a little gossip sesh while enjoying a spa day or some retail therapy on a self-love mall trip. Enjoy the feeling of a different kind of love, and appreciate all your friendships give you. Romantic relationships can come and go, but there's nothing more real than true, lasting friendships – so don't let them go!

Distract Yourself With Music

If you're feeling blue, crank up the tunes! Put on some Lizzo and your well-wornCatch No Feelings tee, and dance like no one's watching. Spend some time building a fantastic playlist for you and your girlies to groove to, or make all your personalized friends playlists as a fun little Valentine's Day gift! Who wouldn't want a thoughtful little playlist just for them?

Set up Some Games for Singles on Valentine's Day

Everyone loves a game night! You and your single pals can play tons of fun games for Valentine's Day. They don't need to be complicated or even well-planned; make it easy on yourself and relive your childhood with simple and fun games that everyone knows how to play. Even something as simple as a quick game of hide & seek could bring out some childish glee. Or pull out Cards Against Humanity and giggle over how out of pocket you and your friends can be. Get silly and enjoy yourself; you guys deserve it!

Express Yourself in Some Valentine’s Day Merch

Still, feeling sad and wondering what to do on Valentine's Day? Honestly, there's nothing more healing than some retail therapy. And maybe you also feel like indulging in your singlehood with some anti-valentine's day quotes that are just so good. We've gathered some of our favoriteFamous In Real Life Valentine’s Day shirts that express how this holiday makes you feel - for better or worse.


Dump Him T-Shirt

Channel your inner Britney in our iconic take on theDump Him tee and announce to anyone watching they need to respect themselves and dump the dead weight holding them back.


My Cat Is My Valentine Ugly Sweater

Got a furry feline in your life? They deserve love too! Cozy up inMy Cat Is My Valentine crewneck; don't worry when it gets covered in cat fur; it just shows how much your kitty loves you!


Happy Consumer Driven Love Day

Feeling extra salty about the season of love? Want to show your hatred of consumerism and falsehoods? We have the shirt for you! OurHappy Consumer Driven Love Day tee lets your most cynical thoughts into the world in a highly fashionable and therapeutic way.


Not Today Cupid T-Shirt

Personally, a baby wearing a diaper threatening us with an arrow is a bit frightening, even if they're a little cute. Our Not Today Cupid shirt will keep that little arrow baby at bay and keep you looking cute.

We hope this guide was helpful, whether you're single and feeling lonesome or in a happy and healthy relationship and just felt like helping out a friend. Remember, there's nothing wrong with being single on Valentine’s Day; though the world may make it the biggest deal, it's really not. Take it from us: love will come when it comes, and until then, just enjoy yourself in whatever way feels best. Whether you're throwing your friends (or yourself) a singles party or eating ice cream in yourDump Him sweater, you take this day and make it for yourself; no one else!


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