How Back To Back Champions Celebrate

July 03, 2021

How Back To Back Champions Celebrate

What do the New York Yankees, the Green Bay Packers, and the Tampa Bay Lightning all have in common? If you said they are all sports teams, you would be correct. You would also be correct if you simply said, “Eye candy.” But the answer we were actually looking for is that they are allback-to-back champs.

What’s a back-to-back champ, you ask? Simply put, back-to-backwinsare victories that are gained one after another without any defeats between them. So a back-to-back champion is someone (or a team) who has won consecutively.

Considering it takes a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears to earn a single victory, it goes without saying that back-to-back champions are pretty beastly. Just think about the amount of non-stop training someone would have to endure to earn that title. Grueling 5 a.m. workouts, daily afternoon training sessions, super strict eating plans, non-stop travel –yeah, we’ll pass.

While the life of a back-to-back champion sounds pretty awful (Working out before the sun wakes up? No, thanks.), there’s no denying that these winners know how to celebrate. From extravagant parties to luxurious dinners, we’d even say that back-to-back champion celebrations are the epitome of an undeniably great time.

Wondering what these victors do after getting another W? We’ll tell you. Read on to learn how back-to-back champions celebrate.

But First, How Many Back-To-Back Champs Are There?

Perhaps not as elusive as aleprechaun’s pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but back-to-back champions are hard to come by! For example, in all of NFL history, a total ofseven franchises have won consecutive Super Bowls since 1967. In the NHL,17 franchises have won the Stanley Cup back-to-back since 1927. In the MLB,14 franchises have earned the title of back-to-back World Series champs. And in the NBA, 13 teams have won consecutive titles since 1947.

Winning back to back is a monstrous feat. Not only are these teams undoubtedly exhausted from their first victory, but they often carry a huge bullseye on their back with every opposing team and their mom trying to take them down.

To be a back-to-back champion, you have to be on your A-game at all times because the moment you let your guard down, another team will quickly swoop in to take the crown leaving you with an L.

How Back-To-Back Champs Party

What’s the best part of winning back-to-back, you ask? Celebrating, of course!

Here are a few of the best ways back-to-back champions have celebrated their consecutive win:

Ticker-Tape Parade - New York Yankees 2000

Thousands of cheering fans lined the Canyon of Heroes for the New York Yankees’third consecutive World Series win in 2000. Seeing as the relationship between the people of NYC and the New York Yankees is a love affair that goes back a very, very long time, it goes without saying that this was one unforgettable celebration.

Reams of shredded paper hurled from office windows creating a virtual blizzard as the victors paraded on floats to City Hall. Mayor Rudy Guiliani gave them the keys to the city, and rapper Jay-Z sang his hit “Empire State of Mind.” Now that’s how to celebrate a triple win!

Boat Parade - Tampa Bay Lightning 2021

Who doesn’t love a good boat parade? Boats,babes, and booze? Sign us up!

For the second time in less than ten months, theTampa Bay Lightning held a boat parade to celebrate winning the Stanley Cup. The Cup was passed from boat to boat as the players partied with thousands of happy fans in downtown Tampa.

As the boat parade ended, thunderstorms began to roll through the area causing many people to scatter, but that didn’t stop the victors from celebrating with fans who stuck around. One of the best celebrations of the year, the back-to-back champs partied so hard that they actually dented the covetedStanley Cup - oops.

Duck Boat Parade - New England Patriots 2004

On February 3, 2004, thousands of fans surged into the streets of Boston after the New England Patriots were victorious in winning the Super Bowl for the second year in a row.

The parade kicked off at 11 a.m. from the Hynes Convention Center, but fans were ready to go well before then, keeping warm with lots of booze and anticipation for their darling Patriots to make an appearance.

Bundled up in warmhoodies, long pants, and cardboard New England Patriots hats, the crowd went wild when quarterback Tom Brady held the Super Bowl trophy as he rode on the back of one of Bostons’ beloved duck boats.

By the end of the parade, things got so rowdy that Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman took to Twitter to acknowledge the city’s insanity. Needless to say, Boston knows how to party.

Par-Tay Hard Core

So, how do back-to-back champions celebrate, you ask?

With a killer parade surrounded by thousands of die-hard fans, duh!

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Check us out today and head on to your next party, you crazy kids.


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