Are Leprechauns Real and How Can I Find One?

July 09, 2021

Are Leprechauns Real and How Can I Find One?

OnSt. Patrick's Day, everyone and everything is Irish. Yep, it's true -- your bestie who was born and raised in Mehico?Irish. Your super loud Russian neighbors?Irish. Your cat?Irish. That lampshade over there? You guessed it:Irish. ☘️

Arguably the best holiday of the year, St. Paddy's Day is essentially like Valentine's Day, but for those who love whiskey and bad decisions. People don their best "Kiss me; I'm Irish" tees and sparkly four-leaf clover headbands.

Irish drinking songs ring through the bars like Christmas carols through the mall in December. And little green men - looking rather dapper, we might add - are up to no good, causing quite a bit of mischief.

Hold up -- little green men?

Yup, we didn'tstutter. On St. Paddy's Day, mischievous little leprechauns run amok, wreaking havoc wherever they go. From turning the water in your house green to leaving trails of messy green footprints up and down the stairs, these little guys are notorious pranksters.

Oh, you don't believe in leprechauns? Pffft, yeah, sure. The next thing you'll tell us is that you don't thinkunicorns are real either. You don't?! OK, maybe you need another shot ofwhisky (or perhaps a cat scan).

Interested in learning a thing or two? Read on as we tell you everything you need to know about these tiny green fellas and where to find one.

Leprechauns 101: Everything You Need To Know

There are a ton of old stories describing mythical creatures that hoard incredibletreasures beyond belief. And because of these famous legends, many brave souls have tried enduring grueling journeys to find their fortune under the belly of a snoring dragon or even in the furthest depths of a mermaid's spooky sunken shipyard.

And while these are both undeniably great ways to find yourself rolling in riches (if you make it out alive, of course), we're not really big fans of dark water or, you know,fire-breathing dragons. Thankfully, there's another fiery, less-scary, "wee" folk known for their massive stash- leprechauns.

With a bit of cunning and a whole lot of good luck, it's said that if you find and catch a leprechaun, they'll tell you where their beloved pot of gold is hidden. And sometimes, they'll even grant you three wishes.

But, dealing with the little guy can be a tricky proposition as the leprechaun is much smarter than the average tree nymph, and you may get bamboozled into looking for gold at the ever-elusive end of the rainbow.

Once Upon a Time…

In a land far, far away (ahem...Ireland), leprechauns used to roam freely. But as humans began to inhabit the earth, these itty-bitty fairies moved underground.


Yep! Despite not being unbelievably dreamy or having the ability to don magical wings, leprechauns are part of the fairy gang. While there are quite a few "supposed" origins surrounding leprechauns, most legends can be traced back to the 8th-century tales ofwater sprites which were known as 'luchorpán' meaning 'small body.'

It's said that these magical sprites merged with a sneaky household fairy, causing them to develop a taste for heavy drinking - so no wine cellar was safe!

What About That Glorious Pot of Gold?

The most well-known origin story behind the leprechaun's pot of gold involves a couple of poor farmers who found a leprechaun dangling from the roots of a carrot they had just pulled from the ground. Being captured, the conniving fairy promised one wish in exchange for his freedom.

The couple couldn't decide on a single wish, so they began to wish for everything. A new house, food, clothes, tools - you name it, they wished for it. Disappointed by their greediness, the leprechaun told them they could have all they wished for and more if they could simply find his pot of gold hidden at the end of the rainbow.

Giving the farmers a little wink, the leprechaun left the farmers to chase rainbows forever, looking for a fabricated fortune.

How To Track Down a Leprechaun

So, you want to find a leprechaun? We'll give you a few pointers, but when you finally find one, just be super careful because the moment you let the little green guy out of your sight, he'll disappear, taking all your hopes and dreams of good fortune along with him. And if you fall for the "It's at the end of the rainbow" bit, don't say we didn't warn ya!

  • Look near shiny things. If you have a ring dish with sparkly jewelry sitting out or a jar of pocket change, there's a pretty good chance you'll spot a tiny green fairy lurking close by.
  • Check the booze cabinet. Leprechauns love to get their booze on! Sneak into the kitchen and, very quietly, check your liquor cabinet. Just don't be surprised if all the whiskeys went.
  • Make a trap.Struggling to catch even a tiny glimpse of the sneaky little fella? Roll up your sleeves and make a leprechaun trap. Be sure to add lots of shiny gold (or chocolate) coins to lure them in.
  • Wear green.Leprechauns love green, so be sure to wear lots of it on St. Paddy's Day to catch their interest! Whether you decide to wear an awesometank or some coolsocks, just be sure that whatever you're rocking -- it'sgreen.


The End Of The Rainbow

And there you have it, ladies and gents, everything you need to know about leprechauns. While some people live in a gloomy world where these mischievous little creatures don't exist, we say life is way more fun as a believer. We also think life is way too short to wear boring clothes -- that's why we make top-quality shirts with character!

Here at Famous In Real Life, we have a massive inventory of unique apparel that is sure to put a smile on your face. Whether you're hoping to getlucky AF, searching for yourlittle friend, or on a mission to getfit shaced, you'll find everything you need to feelbad and boozy this St. Paddy's Day.

Chase your dreams, find leprechauns, and check us out today!


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