Stuff Only 90s’ Kids Will Understand

June 15, 2021

Stuff Only 90s’ Kids Will Understand

Calling all90s kids! Grab your favorite Lip Smacker flavor and poke that straw through the top of your Capri Sun -- this blast from the past is about to rock your world. Anyone lucky enough to live through the 1990s shares a fond nostalgia for all things associated with the glorious era of frosted tips andY2K hysteria.

You can still practically hear your mom shouting from over a mile away that it's time to come inside for dinner (yep, we actually played outside). You remember the thrill of trying to get Carson Daly to answer your call on the super popular show responsible for the boy-band boom (think: NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, etc.).

You still wonder from time to time if you could have actually made a significant fortune on those old Beanie Babies you were convinced to donate. If you long for the simpler days of dial-up internet,Furbies, and CD ROMS -- you're in the right place.

Read on as we explore stuff only 90s kids will understand.

The Pain of Seeing Your Beloved Tamagotchi Die

Getting a Tamagotchi seemed like a great idea. It was a digital pet, and if you kept it alive, it basically qualified you as a parent - keywords here being, "If you kept it alive."

Who remembers the crushing feeling of finding their beloved pet dead because they forgot to feed it between history class and math? Kids these days tend to experience their first heartbreak on the playground, but for us 90s kids?

Yeah, it was the death of our pocket pet.

Wondering Our Fav TV Couple Would Ever Get Back Together


Speaking of heartbreak…

While your own relationships may have had their ups and downs, nothing can compare to the constant will-they-won't-they dynamic between these twodramatic, but hilarious friends in New York. Yes, we totally get that they were on a break - and our hearts hurt because of it - but, like… for how long?

Singing Along to the AOL Dial-Up Noise

While having the world at our fingertips in a matter of seconds today is pretty cool, there was something kinda fun about the anticipation that came with logging into AOL and singing along to its chorus of screeches as you patiently waited for the homepage to pop up.

Unless, of course, your mom picked up the phone…. Ah, the good 'ol days.

The Spice Girl Struggle

Before people were dividing themselves into Carries, Samanthas, Charlottes, and Mirandas, they were trying to figure out which Spice Girl they were most similar to. This led to countless arguments over group Halloween costumes, of course.

But those hilarious gems that your dad caught on camera of you and your besties in sky-high platforms and Union Jack mini-dresses were totally well worth the drama.

The Joy of Getting the Very Last Copy of a Movie at Blockbuster


OK, hands up if you miss Blockbuster more than anything else in the world. We expect the entire 90s kid population to have their hands up right now.

In a time when we watched flicks on VHS rather than DVD, there was an unrivaled feeling of joy when you wanted to rent a movie and found that not only did Blockbuster have it in stock, but you got the last one. Just remember to rewind it afterward, please.

Waking Up Early on the Weekends

If you're not from the best decade ever, chances are you like to sleep in on the weekends. And we don't blame you -- who doesn't like sleeping in?90's kids. Yep, kids today will never know the amazing shows we used to wake up early for on Saturday mornings.

From our favoriteorange soda-lovin', GoodBurger makin', get-rich-quick schemin' besties living their best lives in Chicago to the mostunlucky wallaby on the planet, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon will never be the same.

Playing MASH

While theGen Z kids require smartphones and social media to keep busy these days, 90s kids were easy to please. Who remembers playing infinite games of MASH?

Simpler times: the future depended solely on how many swirls you could make before someone yelled STOP.

Perfecting the Superman “S”

Learning how to draw and master one of these bad boys by starting with only six straight lines was the ultimate mark of coolness. They were found just about everywhere, from under desks to inside bathroom stalls to the back of your homework.

If you perfected this design, you were basically anartist.

Reading the FBI Warnings on VHS Tapes

The off-putting yet iconic FBI warning on every single VHS tape is something all 90s kids remember.

It created a generation of nervous adults that know better than to make illegal copies of Disney movies. After all, “You wouldn’t download a car, would you?”

Getting Mad Over the Slap Bracelet Ban

Did theysometimes leave a red mark on your wrist? Sure. Were they essentially just sticker-wrapped tape measures? Deff. Did you still mourn the loss of your beloved slap bracelet when they were deemed "too dangerous" by your teacher? 100 percent.

And despite your teacher's insistence that they were practically lethal weapons -- you can still find slap bracelets in stores today. So HA!

Not Having Enough Backpack Space For Your Plastic Pencil Box

In retrospect, these things were extremely bulky and not the most convenient way to store school supplies -- hence why most of us were forced to carry them in our arms.

But at the same time, they were the perfect size for holding all your pencils, crayons, erasers, and glue sticks -- and for making homemade Elmer's glue bookmarks on the lid.

Forgetting Your Money on Scholastic Book Fair Day

Every 90s kid remembers the euphoria of the Scholastic book fair. Nothing was better than being able to leave class just so you could spend your parent's money on pencils, erasers, and basically anythingbut books.

That said, in retrospect, nothing wasworse than when you left your money at home, forcing you to just watch as everyone went on a shopping spree.

Hearing Tickle Me Elmo’s Laugh In Your Sleep

Fights broke out over it in malls. Kids cried when they didn't find it under the Christmas tree. And if you lived through the 90s, the sound of his high-pitched, mechanical laugh is still probably stuck in your head.

Long Live the 90’s

A decade where disposable cups featured ajazzy design, candy bars turned ourtongues green, and we all wondered what was insideMichael's secret stuff; the 90s might be over, but it will live inside our hearts forever.

Show your love for the best decade ever, and head on over toFamous In Real Life, where you'll find some of the coolest swag that'll take you on a journey to better days. Whether you weremade in the 90s or just a fan of undeniably awesome nostalgia, you'll find what you need to represent!


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