8 Grilling Shirts Every Grill Master Needs in Their Wardrobe

July 11, 2022

Grilling T-Shirts

Grilling may well be one of the best ways to cook meat. Meat is everyone's favorite food. It’s outdoorsy, one of those things where it looks like you’re doing something super complex but in reality, you’re just kinda eyeballing it, and it’s an activity that pairs perfectly with a couple of beers. Oh, and how could we forget? Grilling is just foreplay to the main event: eating some meat. What else do you want in life?

What should one wear when grilling?


Well, considering it’s probably hot by the barbecue, and you’re likely gonna get sweaty, greasy, and smelly, maybe stay away from fancy dress shirts. In our opinion, when you’re on grill duty is the best moment to let everyone know just how much you’re in love with your grill. Trust us, our grilling shirts will make a statement and leave everyone asking where you got your hot new threads.

Hot grill summer t-shirt

Hot Grill Summer Grilling T-Shirt
You know it - there’s nothing hotter than a man by a grill. This t-shirt should be worn as inspiration for a summer full of grilled meat and beers to wash it down.

Grills, grills, grills t-shirt

Grills Grills Grills T-Shirt

A grill and a juicy piece of meat are the only two things you need for a perfect afternoon. Oh, and your beverage of choice.

I turn grills on t-shirt

I Turn Grills On T-Shirt
Not much more to add here. Turning grills on is a skill many wish to have but very few possess. Let the world know about your talent.

Smoke meat, not meth t-shirt

Smoke Meat Not Meth T-Shirt
This shirt kills two birds with one stone - reinforcing your love of grilling while educating your community. Responsible griller ftw.

Grill Sergent t-shirt

State your place! This shirt will 100% prevent unwanted hands from interfering with your perfect grilling technique.

I like pig butts t-shirt

I Like Pig Butts T-Shirt

Ah… don’t we all?

Here come the meat sweats t-shirt

Here Come The Meat Sweats Shirt
Embrace the sweaty griller look - there’s nothing sexier than a man that smells like meat and smoke.

Sun’s out buns out t-shirt

Suns Out Buns Out T-Shirt
This one is open to interpretation - all buns are welcome during grilling season!

Check out our grilling t-shirts and more: 

Funny Food T-Shirts

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