7 Fabulous Outfit Ideas for Pride 2023

June 06, 2023

Pride T-Shirts

This year's pride theme is… Drumroll please, because we’respilling the tea… Peace, love, and Revolution - The three foundational pillars of a community that has struggled for acceptance, encouragement, and equality. If you're proud to identify as part of this community, you better believe that you’ll be causing a revolution with our 2023 peace, love, and revolution themed t shirts. Pride month is filled with a range of events, festivals, parades, parties, and concerts beckoning you to join. So let's ensure that there's no shortage of outfit ideas for you to choose from. It's time to bolster your wardrobe and let your outfit reflect who you truly are.

1. San Junipero Outfit

Vistin San Junipero T-Shirt

A beach town filled with sun, sand, and good times? Say less.San Junipero was a whole new world for the LGBTQA community. The episode featured an exclusive look into the lives of the interracial, lesbian community. It boldly stood up for the rights of the LGBTQA community and paid tribute to the lives of the characters in the show that were changed forever. All thanks to a little beach town that accepted them for who they were. Now it's your turn to embrace your inner queer andvisit San Junipero for yourself.

2. Drag is Not a Crime Outfit

Drag Is Not A Crime T-Shirt

The LGBTQA community is not new to demonstrating the importance of paving the way for a different culture and ideology. One that emphasizes that “drag is not a crime” and should rather be supported and praised. Just as Armstrong was celebrated when he entered into a new landscape, those who voice their identity in a modern landscape should also be celebrated. What better way to encompass this than with PrideMoonman as a fashion statement for Pride 2023?

3. Love Sees No Color Outfit

Love Sees No Color Tank Top

Who said that cocktails were only for chicks and beers only for dudes? Drinks are fluid for a reason, and as it is Pride month, you'll be doing a lot of celebrating, so expect to kick back a bunch ofbeers.We out here trying to have a good time after all. As you make your way down the street on a celebratory bar crawl, don't forget to remind people thatlove sees no color. Now go forth, cheer with the gang, and beproud AF of who you've become.

4. Yaaassss Outfit

Yaaassssss T-Shirt

If you’re on TikTok, chances are you’ve heard of gay Pride legend and advocate, Chris Olsen. Chris is Meghan Trainor's bestie, and her baby boy's “long lost queen”. Aside from promoting new hit singles, and walking through NYC in high-heeled Crocs bringing celebs coffee, you’ll often find the phrase ‘yaaaassss', rolling off the tip of Chris’ tongue.

Following Chris’ style for this year’s Pride is never a bad idea, especially if it's your first Pride march. Although Chris is timeless, so even if you've been to multiple pride parades, you can never go wrong with a robust 'yaaaassss' queen.

5. Adam and Steve Outfit

Adam and Steve T-Shirt

If you’re not familiar with LGBTQA etiquette, one of the first things that you should do is ask the person what theirpronouns are so that you can correctly identify them and appreciate their preference going forward. It’s worth knowing if the person is anAdam, Eve, or a Steve. Once you’ve got the name down, you can engage in the iconic activity of a gay brunch. From scandalous gossip to name-dropping tea to bottomless mimosas, it’ll certainly be a brunch to remember (or not, but at least you’ll have at shirt to try to jog your memory the next day).

6. Because Only Fragile Egos Fear Equality

Because Only Fragile Egos Fear Equality Tank

The history of Pride celebration began in 1969 at the famous Stonewall Inn, which was a gay bar located in Lower Manhattan in New York City, back whenfragile egos feared equality. These were the years when hate crimes against the lesbian, bisexual, queer, and gay community were celebrated. For years the community lived in the shadows, yet this year’s Pride Month celebrations are dedicated to those who emerged from the closet. This year’s theme of revolution draws on the first liberation riots that occurred all those years ago. So this outfit is an ode and tribute to them and you, for continuing the fight for equal rights, equal opportunities, and copious amounts of love in every shape and form.

7. Engayged Unisex Outfit

Engayged T-Shirt

Have you been with your special someone for a long time? Thinking of putting a ring on their finger? Well, what better place to celebrate your love than at the love-themed Pride march of 2023? Do you know what would be the cutest proposal ever? Wearing ourengayged t shirts after you’ve popped the question. In the words of Chandler Bing fromFriends, could you BE any more iconic?

Supporting the Movement

Some dudes marry dudes and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In support of this,Famous in Real Life donates 10% of our sales to aid in the support of equality within the community. Our foundations of choice areGLAD, It Gets Better, Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Gay For Good, Transgender Law Centre,and Stonewall Community Foundation. Wanna know something extra cool? We donate all year round, not just during the hype of Pride Month.

We choseGLAD(GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders) because they focus on fighting for a world whereby gender discrimination ceases to exist. Thus, sticking dutifully with this year's peace and love theme. We choseIt Gets Better due to the organization’s desire to empower the youth of today, effectively committing to the ‘revolutionary’ theme of Pride 2023. We chose theHuman Rights Campaign Foundation due to its worldwide influence of over 3 million supporters. We choseGay For Good as it pioneers the philosophy that gay and straight should not be separated by a straight (wink) line but rather by a circle that promotes community acceptance and interaction regardless of identification. We chose theTransgender Law Centre due to the organization’s legal background and expertise. By supporting the organization, they can in turn support the LGBTQA community in court. Finally, we chose theStonewall Community Foundation as our final charity as we believe that their fund allocation and donor partnerships best align with our values.

From beaches and islands to moon landings to booz cruises to TikTok stars to historical tributes to potential proposals serving as inspiration, there’s no shortage of outfit ideas for Pride 2023. So sift through some of our pride t shirts to find yourbest bi. Go on, try it on for size, we bet you’ll look fab, darling!

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