25 Funny Thanksgiving Shirts and Ugly Sweaters

November 03, 2022

25 Funny Thanksgiving Shirts and Ugly Sweaters

It’s no surprise that Thanksgiving is many people's favorite holiday. The food, the family gathering, the smell of pumpkin pie in the air, and the feeling that another long year is finally ending. It's the perfect combo… However, there's one thing we haven't mentioned and can't be missing from the Thanksgiving table: funny thanksgiving shirts. Why? You may ask. Well, someone's gotta be the funny cousin, that person who just points at their shirt to make people laugh when there's some tension in the family conversation. And that person will be you this year. So, get ready; here's a list of 25 thanksgiving t-shirts and sweaters that will make you unforgettable this turkey day.

It's Leg Day T-shirt

It's Leg Day T-Shirt

Thanksgiving is, FOR SURE, not the time to skip leg day. Rest of the year? Meh, debatable. Find your Leg Day t-shirthere.

Leftovers Are for Quitters T-shirt

Leftovers Are For Quitters T-Shirt

And we'll stand by it. Our recommendation for this t-shirt is to buy a size up...you're going to need the extra space. Get the Leftovers Are for Quitters teehere.

Turkey, Football, Nap T-shirt

Turkey, Football, Nap T-Shirt

Nothing to add. This is why Thanksgiving is everyone's favorite - it's a concoction of all the good things. The Turkey, Football, Nap t-shirt is availablehere. Alternatively…

Wine, Turkey, Nap T-shirt

Wine, Turkey, Nap T-Shirt

For non-sports fans or just plain wine fans - this one's special for you. Find your Wine, Turkey, Nap t-shirthere.

Stop Staring at My Breasts T-shirt

Stop Staring at My Breasts T-Shirt

Sir! Stop it, please - Gobble, gobble. One of our favorites, it'll make the older family members the perfect amount of uncomfortable. Get your ownhere!

Thankful AF T-shirt

Thankful AF T-Shirt

Saying how thankful you are is so last year. In 2022, we're printing it on our shirts. The Thankful AF t-shirt is availablehere.

Monica Turkey Head T-shirt

Monica Turkey Head T-Shirt

Friends' Thanksgiving episodes were great, but the Turkey Head one was iconic.The Monica Turkey Head t-shirtis for all the die-hard Friends fans looking for a Thanksgiving shirt.

Let's Get Basted T-shirt

Let's Get Basted T-Shirt

More than a t-shirt - a Thanksgiving invitation. And a hard one to say no to. Get your own Let's Get Basted t-shirthere.

Feast Mode T-shirt

Feast Mode T-Shirt

A mode specifically intended for this holiday. Get your engines ready; there will be no leftovers left over. Get your feast mode t-shirthere.

Pumpkin Pi T-shirt

Pumpkin Pi T-Shirt

Nerdy pumpkin pie fans? We gotcha. Your Pumpkin Pi t-shirt is availablehere.

Sides Chick T-shirt

Sides Chick T-Shirt

Aren't we sides chicks all, though? Thanksgiving seems like a good time to come to terms with that fact. Come to terms with it while wearing your ownSides Chick tee.

All About That Baste T-shirt

All About That Baste T-Shirt

Lizzo said it first. There's probably gonna be a generational understanding gap for this one - but no worries, just tell your grandma you really are all about that baste. Get your ownhere.

I Went To Art School T-shirt

I Went To Art School T-Shirt

Is it time to heal the wounds of a family that judges your life decisions? You know the best way to do that is with humor, right? Prove your worth with this stunningI Went To Art School t-shirt.

Talk Turkey To Me T-shirt

Talk Turkey To Me T-Shirt

Gobble, gobble-gobble. Like that? No? Oh, sorry, my bad. Get your Talk Turkey To Me t-shirthere.

Piece Out T-shirt

Piece Out T-Shirt

Nothing like a punny Thanksgiving t-shirt to get out of an uncomfortable conversation. Just point at your chest and slowly leave the room. No one will think that's weird. Get yourshere.

Oh My Gourd Becky Look At Her Squash T-shirt

Oh My Gourd Becky Look At Her Squash T-Shirt

One of our personal faves...this one might get you some confused looks. But no worries, you know you've got class if you wear this one. Get your Oh My Gourd Becky Look At Her Squash t-shirthere.

A Breast And Thigh Kinda Guy T-shirt

Breast and Thigh Kinda Guy T-Shirt

We get it...we totally get it. Add some spice (not pumpkin) to the Thanksgiving table with this t-shirt. Get yourshere.

I Yam What I Yam T-shirt

I Yam What I Yam T-Shirt

Thanksgiving is also the best time of the year to get existential. Get your own I Yam What I Yam teehere.

Never Settle T-shirt

Never Settle T-Shirt

That's what they always say, don't they? Important life (and history) lesson for ya right there. Get yourshere.

Roast Me T-shirt

Roast Me T-Shirt

I mean, if you're gonna get roasted all day long, you might as well make a joke out of it. Find your own Roast Me t-shirthere.

Touchdowns and Turkeys T-shirt

Touchdowns And Turkeys T-Shirt

For a lot of us, it's pretty simple. Some good turkey, some good football, we're good to go. The Touchdowns and Turkeys t-shirt is availablehere.

Man vs Turkey Sweater

Man vs Turkey Sweater

Entering our Thanksgiving sweater section, our Man vs Turkey is a fan favorite. Our favorite things about baggy sweaters? They hide the Thanksgiving belly real nice. Find yourshere.

Here For a Gourd Time Hoodie

Here For a Gourd Time Hoodie

If you're just here for a gourd time and don't want any family drama or arguments - this cozy hoodie is gonna be your top pic. Get your Here For a Gourd Time hoodiehere.

Happy Catsgiving Hoodie

Happy Catsgiving T-Shirt

Cat people, we know you're there. You really need to stop with cats on everything; your mom is worried. But we'll make an exception for this Catsgiving, just because that kitty looks adorable AF. Get your Catsgiving Hoodiehere.

Feeling Pumpkin Spicy Hoodie

Feeling Pumpkin Spicy T-Shirt

TBH, we could wear this one all year long. This hoodie is for you if you're like us and think pumpkin spice should be a year-round thing. Get your Feeling Pumpkin Spicy hoodiehere.

Liven up your turkey dinner this year with a cute thanksgiving pun on your t-shirt. If you're feeling extra silly, you can get matching family thanksgiving tees or sweaters. But seriously, having a funny thanksgiving shirt or outfit is a lot of fun and can become a family tradition - you should be the one to start it! Check out the rest of our Thanksgiving collection for more funny Thanksgiving shirts and apparel.


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