25 Easy Halloween Costumes for Your Next Party

September 01, 2022

25 Easy Halloween Costumes for Your Next Party

It's that time of the year again... Christmas? Nope, not yet. We're talking about the pumpkin-infused, spider-web-decorated, having-to-find-a-different-costume-for-every-party time of the year. Oh yeah, it's almost Halloween. Lucky for you, we're here to get you out of a pickle and give you a list (and some very useful links) of easy, fun, Halloween costumes.

1 - Private Frost from Aliens

Peace Through Superior Firepower T-shirtRicco Ross gave us a performance of a lifetime in Aliens. You might need some props to help you out, but you can find his iconic Peace Through Superior Firepower t-shirt here.


2. I'm a mouse, duh

I'm A Mouse Duh T-Shirt

Speaking of iconic, there aren't too many movies that are more iconic than Mean Girls. And to honor one of the best scenes in it, what best to wear than ourI'm a mouse, duh t-shirt?


3. Dumb and dumber

 Harry and Lloyd Tuxedo T-Shirts

An all-time fan favorite and such an easy costume to make. OurHarryand Lloyd tuxedo t-shirts will save the day.

4. Bushwood Country Club Caddy

Bushwood Country Club Caddy T-ShirtCaddyshack fans - it's your time to shine (with little to no effort). Get your Bushwood Country Club Caddy shirt here!


5. Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve T-Shirt

If you're like us and want to be part of the Scuba Squad this Halloween, you can easily transform into Scuba Steve with our Scuba Steve t-shirt.


6. Average Joe's Team Costume

Average Joe's Team T-Shirt

Moving on to some group costumes, 2022 seems like a great year for you and your friends to dress up as the Average Joe's team. Get your team uniform here!


7. Globo Gym Purple Cobras Team Costume

Globo Gym Purple Cobras Uniform T-Shirt

 Yet another absolutely epic team. You and your Dodgeball-loving friends can't go wrong with this one. And we've got the perfect t-shirts for you.

8. John ‘Bluto’ Blutarsky from Animal House

College T-Shirt

 A character like Bluto needs to be honored AT LEAST once every year. Now is your chance. Find hisCollege t-shirt here.

9. Radio Raheem from Do the Right Thing

Bed-study Do or Die T-shirt

 You might need to find a boombox to make this the perfect costume, but we can help you out with the threads. You can't be Radio Raheem without aBed-study do or die t-shirt.

10. Zissou Society Junior Member

Zissou Society T-Shirt

Wes Anderson fans unite - we think we've got the perfect easy costume for you. And you can wear yourZissou Society t-shirt to show it.

11. Dean Youngblood

Hamilton Mustangs Hoodie

If you want to dress up as a hockey player but want to make it a little less boring, you can dress up as Dean Youngblood from Youngbloods. You've got your Hamilton Mustangs hoodie, what else do you need?

12. Shane Falco from The Replacements

Washington Sentinels T-Shirt

 Continuing with the sports movies, old-school Keanu fans will remember him as Shane Falco. You can find your Washington Sentinels t-shirt here.

13. Danny Torrance

Apollo 11 Ugly Sweater

 Danny might not be scary, but The Shining sure is! And nothing says Danny like ourApollo 11 ugly sweater.

14. The Dude

Kaoru Betto T-Shirt

 The Dude might be the epitome of all easy halloween costumes. Throw on our Kaoru Betto t-shirt, pair it with some boxers, a robe, and a carton of milk, and you've got yourself a killer costume.

15. Nigel Tufnel from This is Spinal Tap

Green Skeleton T-Shirt

IYKYK. Nigel Tufnel will forever be one of our favorite fictional characters. All you need to look like him is our Green Skeleton shirt, and maybe a mullet.

16. Camp Crystal Lake Counselor

Camp Crystal Lake Counselor T-Shirt

More than one of us has had nightmares after watching Friday the 13th. Is there a better costume than a Camp Crystal Lake Counselor? Get the t-shirt here!

17. A Scott’s Tot

Scott's Tots T-Shirt

You've gotta love an obscure reference. We're not even going to tell you where it's from, if you're a real fan, you'll know. Get your Scott's Tots t-shirt here.

18. Eddie Munson, Argyle, Dustin, and Eleven

Hellfire Club T-Shirt

There's nothing wrong with going the easy route. I mean, that is what this article's all about. Check out our tees perfect for dressing up as the Stranger Things squad: Eddie, Argyle, Dustin and El.

19. Skeeter from Doug

Skeeter T-Shirt

Skeeter Valentine might require getting some face paint, but that shouldn't be too much of a hassle. You can get your Skeeter t-shirt here!

20. Gerald from Hey Arnold

Gerald T-Shirt

One of our personal favorites... Gerald. Also, so easy to recreate. Our Gerald t-shirtis the only thing you need.

21. Chuckie Finster

Chuckie Finster T-Shirt

 An absolute classic. If you don't like the rugrats, get out of here. A Chuckie Finster costume doesn't exist without his iconic t-shirt.

22. Cooper and Remer from BASEketball

Milwaukee Beers T-Shirt

 Another memorable duo. Why go for couple's costumes if you can go as Cooper and Remer with your bud? Get your Milwaukee Beers t-shirt here!

23. Peter Parker

 Midtown School of Science and Technology T-Shirt

You might not be Tom Holland, but you can definitely fake it with our Midtown School of Science and Technology t-shirt.

24. AC Slater

Bayside Tigers T-Shirt

For old time's sake, we had to include a Saved by the Bell costume. Look just like AC Slater with his Bayside Tigers tank.

25. This is my Costume Shirt

This is My Costume T-Shirt

Last but not least, this is for our absolute haters. This is for when you've been dragged to a party and you want everyone to know you aren't down for dressing up. This t-shirt was made for you, you soulless monster.

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