20 Best Halloween Candies, Ranked

September 25, 2023

Best Halloween Candy

Discover the Very Best Halloween Candy and Avoid the Duds

Halloween is that spooky time of year with mom cooking homemade apple pies, Dad raking up the leaves in the yard, and we should also point out the incredible decorations. Watching a whole street transform into a set straight from a scary film: witches, vampires, ghosts, and zombies. Kids doing some terrific pumpkin carving was also a highlight!

Want to Make a Treat at Home? Here Are Some of Our Favorite Halloween Recipes

It really does seem like these sweeties have been around forever. These pleasant pillow-like treats are a Halloween classic. Open up a pack and enjoy the soft outer layer and sticky center. What's more, you can do so many things with them. You can even break out your cooking skills. Melt marshmallows into a bowl of caramel and butter, then mix with Rice Krispies to give you delicious Rice Krispie squares. Who could resist?

Another interesting trend is to take advantage of their white color and wobbly form and to add eyes to them, so grab a bag and make yourself a collection of mini ghosts. Plus, get cooking and make s'mores around a campfire. So you see, this versatile candy is perfect for the holiday season, whatever you do with it!

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A Wonderful, Yet Spooky Time of Year

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Weeks spent in advance deciding what you wanted to be: a police officer, mummy, skeleton, witch – the list was endless and seemed to change with each passing day, especially if there was a new superhero movie in the theaters. Trick-or-Treat was the highlight of the night, and working out your strategy to get the most Halloween candy in your bag was nothing short of a military operation. Snickers, Candy Corn, Smarties, Mars, and all the treats you could imagine are there for the taking! Making sure you have a big enough bucket, cauldron, hell – just go with a trash bag and let the good times roll!

Costumes and Sweet Pleasures

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The best costumes usually got the best candies, so you either made an effort and celebrated time well spent or went home empty-handed. If you played your cards right, you could gather enough candy to last you until Thanksgiving (but who are we kidding, it would be all gone within a few days!) Too bad it couldn't be real food! Sadly, you'll have to wait until next year to get your scare on!

So, whether it's Reese's peanut butter cups, Mars, or Sour Patch Kids, we’re going to be diving into the world of Halloween and ranking a bunch of Halloween candy. And if you haven't got your Halloween outfit sorted, check out our exclusive collection of Halloween clothing.

What Are the Top 5 Candies Purchased for Halloween?

Halloween Candy

Retail company Kroger put together the top-selling Halloween candy for 2022, and here are the results!

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Creamy peanut butter and smooth milk chocolate. This delicious balance is the perfect recipe for success. Once you put one in your mouth, you cannot stop yourself. If you're lucky to come across these sweeties while Trick-or-Treating, you're in for a fun night! These chewy treats are the cream of the crop when it comes to Halloween candy.

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Tootsie Rolls

These classics have been around Halloween parties, and for good reason! Chewy, chocolatey, and satisfying with every bite! This candy is the gold standard, and a Halloween without it is just different. Tootsie Rolls are the winning combination. The rich chocolate notes and satisfying chew make these candy bars a much-loved snack no matter what age you are.


A winning combination: peanuts, caramel, nougat, and milk chocolate. Who doesn't remember a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's and being handed Snickers candy bars as you left to play with your friends? The iconic wrapper and winning blend of ingredients give a slightly salty tone to an otherwise sugar-filled night. Snickers bars are loved worldwide, and it's not hard to see why. The perfect blend of sweet and savory instantly makes this candy bar a top choice and a favorite at Halloween.


Layers of chocolate and wafers intertwined and overlapping make KitKats an instant hit. Plus, you'll get a minimum of two sticks (if you're not lucky to find one of the supersize bars!) Whether you want to share or keep to yourself, this snack, packed with a satisfying crunch, is a staple of any Halloween party or Trick-or-Treat outing.

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Junior Mints

Looking for a break from all the Halloween candy? With so much chocolate, peanut butter, and caramel, Junior Mints introduces a welcome refresher break in a night full of candy. With their mint filling and chocolate coating, these small treats offer Trick-or-Treaters a very welcome change from the other Halloween sweets out there.


The perfect biscuit base layered with caramel on top and a covering of milk chocolate. Twix bars are great for any occasion. However, they are a staple of any Halloween celebration. Popular among youngsters and grown-ups, Twix bars are also a great snack to share!

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane


When it comes to hard candy that packs a punch, Jolly Ranchers will not disappoint. Once you put one of these classic sweets in your mouth and chew it down, you'll unleash a world of flavor that will truly delight you. This is a top candy to add to your list with various flavors, from cool watermelon to chewy cherry.

Sour Patch Kids

A classic and much-loved Halloween candy, Sour Patch Kids is just the candy you need to kick the evening off. The contrast in flavor hits everyone differently - just wait for the squirming faces as you chew down on this timeless candy! Sweet or sour, they're an instant hit!

Milky Way Bars

Take a trip down memory lane with the wonders of delicious Milky Way bars! The creators gave us what we needed with this dreamy recipe of caramel and nougat covered in chocolate. No Halloween candy list would be complete without it. Just rip off the packaging and dig in!


Taste the rainbow and enjoy the burst of flavor from our favorites - Skittles! Brimming with color and flavor, just one taste will help you forget all your problems, and you're taken on a vibrant journey of pure zest. A bag of Skittles will have you craving more; just don't let your teeth fall out!

Haribo Gummies

We couldn't write about Halloween candy without mentioning one of the classic mini treats. All the different flavors and shapes are not only great fun, but they're perfect to share with the whole family! Soft and colorful, one pack will be enough to make your evening. So, keep a lookout for the house that's giving this Halloween candy away!

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Sweet, Sour, or Savory - There's Something for Everybody

Candy Corn

What Halloween would be complete without the iconic candy corn? With its colorful coating, these sweeties add a nostalgic element to our list. Eating just one sweet will transport you back in time. So, grab a bag, gather your friends and family, and relish the sweet taste of childhood.

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These are definitely a classic choice for Halloween. Who could forget their iconic design? Instantly recognizable, the bright colors and fun shape add an element of excitement to anyone's Trick-or-Treating. Biting off a chunk and letting the strawberry and cherry flavors fill your mouth is exactly the feeling of nostalgia we miss so much. Look out for the twist and get your hands on this Halloween treat.

Unleash Your Sweet Tooth This Halloween


Who remembers biting into this candy? Who remembers the wonderful commercials and tearing open a bag? Need we say more about this timeless candy? Every piece is wrapped in its own parcel of goodness, just waiting for that first bite. As soon as you put one in your mouth, Starburst packs a powerful hit. It may not be all that healthy, and the important point is that it may not be great for your teeth, but these mini treats of delight will not fail to put a smile on your face this Halloween.

Hershey's Bars

It's a Halloween tradition from back before anyone can remember. Hershey is a staple of any successful Halloween and part of anyone's collection, regardless of the time of year. The iconic silver packaging and label make it instantly recognizable. Perfect for all the family, Hershey bars come in all shapes and sizes, meaning you'll find one that suits you. With 96 flavors available, you're spoilt when picking your favorite!

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There's nothing better than a chewy bar covered in chocolate with a mouth-watering peanut butter center. Butter Fingers have been around for a long time (from 1923)! The unmistakable packaging and delicious flavor stand out compared to other sweets. A staple for any Trick-or-Treat collection, the winning combination makes Butter Fingers a must-have this Halloween.

Dove Bar

This literally melts in your mouth, Dove bars bring a touch of elegance to our list of sweeties. With its silk-smooth texture and luxurious flavor, this candy seems too good to eat on the go. Even the wrapper gives you a good understanding of the treat you're about to consume. Simple, dignified, and chic, even the pieces are delicately formed. It's clear that a Dove bar is not your usual Halloween candy but offers something a little different.

Who Remembers Baby Ruth? An Old-Time Classic Candy Bar

Another old-school classic, people have been eating this candy for a long time, and it has earned its place among the Halloween classics. There's a reason why Baby Ruth has done so well over the years. A perfect combination of crunchy peanuts, caramel, and nougat covered in a layer of milk chocolate is guaranteed to please even the most picky among us. This nostalgia-inducing candy is one of the staples of any successful Trick-or-Treat bag, and it wouldn't be the same without it!

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Swedish Fish

Add a little bit of childish humor to your Halloween celebrations with these much-loved fish-shaped sweeties. The vibrant assortment of colors and their unique shape make this treat instantly stand out against any Halloween candy collection. The chewy texture and fruity goodness will captivate the whole family. These sweets are perfect for handing out on a Trick-or-Treat run and are ideal for sharing while watching a scary movie. It's therefore easy to see that with a universal appeal, Swedish Fish are a memorable addition to Halloween celebrations.

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Enough About Candy Bars, Let's Wrap Things Up  Pumpkin Spice Everything

That's the end of our list, folks. 20 of the top Halloween sweeties you should try out this year. As we've dived into the choco-sphere, we've uncovered holiday favorites and old-school classics that are still going strong today. Halloween is the time of year when the cream of the crop of sweets makes its way to the main stage. There are many more incredible additions that didn't make the top 20, such as M&M's, Smarties, Mars bars, and many more! There are also a great many crunchy goodies filled with nuts and sprinkled with almonds that we still need to list; however, this is an opportunity to go out and prove us wrong, and who knows? Maybe they'll make the list next time!

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