15 Valentines Day Gifts for Him in 2023

January 09, 2023

World's Okayest Boyfriend T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love love? Valentines day is a special opportunity for couples to remember and celebrate the beauty of the relationship. There are many ways to show your partner what they mean to you-cards, flowers, personalized boxers, sets ofValentines day gifts for him, or even helping him strike something off their bucket list. So, as the new year peeks out at us from a corner and Valentine’s Day comes closer, it would be wise to make those naughty plans now.

Do you want to prank the absolute love of your life and put a Valentine gift for him on it? Or do you want to be cupid’s little soldier and spread the love? Whatever you’ve got in mind, we have tons of Valentines Day gift ideas for that man who has you hooked on love.

Have you thought of getting some funny shirts with the most uncommon inscriptions? Well, leave your darling for a minute and come in here. Don’t worry; you won’t fall in love with us… Or will you?

13 Valentine's Day gifts for your lover-boy and more… Read between the lines to find gift ideas that aren’t shirts. There are loads of them.



valentine's day gifts + birthday gifts + day card + gift set + tie bar

Men don’t get compliments as often as women. Giving him a shirt that compliments him actively can make his day. If he’s really into you, he’s gonna love this. You can even give him a hoodie instead of a regular tee. Now we all know how much guys like their hoodies. Extra tip? Make it gray. When he wears that with jeans or gray sweatpants? Whoosh!


Valentines Matching T-Shirts

Men are different. Some can deal with the mushy stuff you ladies are more likely to do. Some don’t even want a whiff of it. I can bet that you, yea…you, like the idea of matching shirts occasionally. Or at least, you don’t mind.

If your darling is such a hunk that he hates matching shirts, this is the perfect tee for him! Don’t forget to show up in your matching shirt that says, “But I do.” Sweet, right? Haha! Get him, you cutie.


funny gift + Christmas gift + white elephant + bluetooth speaker

Let’s play a little ‘Cupid Says…’ Shall we? So, we’re assuming you’re a cutie named Leah or Hailey, and you come up to us asking what you should get your boyfriend, who hasn’t been the sweetest guy lately. Cupid says… If y’all were fighting, or he has been a bit of a jerk, show off your sarcasm with this silly lovers’ day gift. Lol. He’ll laugh, and you’ll laugh. Then y’all will resolve your issues. Hopefully, he earns the title.


Touch My Butt and Buy Me Tacos T-Shirt

If y’all decide that you don’t want to do the regular candlelit dinners or staycation somewhere picturesque, get your bae to run around with you on Valentine’s Day in this funny shirt.

Buy countless tacos, and smack his butt whenever you pass. Lol. You know what to do next, right? No! Not that, naughty you. Hand him a taco every time you touch his butt. Guess what? You can do this throughout February! You’re welcome!


Pizza Slice Couple's Shirt T-Shirt

This is a Valentines Day gift for him if he loves pizza. You can also get yourself a matching pair. Or you can get them for your friend and tell her to gift them to her man. One shirt has a whole pizza with one slice missing, and the other has onepizza slice inscribed.

It’s a goofy but beautiful way to tell each other, “You complete me, babe. You’re my pizza slice”. Pair this with a leather strap watch or a cast iron pot if he loves to cook. He’ll smother you with kisses and food!


Let's Pollinate T-Shirt

Hey, married couples! Here’s one for y’all. Thinking about making babies soon? You should definitely get this for him. So, here’s an idea. Are there kids here? Clear? Alright.

So, get this shirt, wear your sexiest lingerie underneath, and don’t forget to smell great. Wear the shirt. Yes, put that thing on your bod. Tell him you got him a gift and make him promise to try it on. Walk up to him and take off the shirt. Now he gets a gift, and you get your wish! Stop iiit. We’re here for you, darling. You’re welcome!


Single and Ready To Flamingle T-Shirt

So, here’s the thing. If you’re a guy reading this, you can also give your boys Valentines Day gifts, especially if y’all are single. You could decide to get this Single And Ready To Flamingle tee for yourself and the guys. Cheers to hoping Cupid will have done his damn job by the next valentine. Annoying little matchmaker!


Beer Is My Valentine T-Shirt

Another one for the single pringles. One of your friends just got heartbroken? Ahh… Good ole breakfast! Well, get the guys to huddle together. There are tons of shirts for y’all to show your support for the man who’s down. Remember, leave no one behind.

So, on Valentines Day, hit the bar with this particular tee or tank top, or sweater, and add a whiskey decanter for the heartbroken bruv. Then the rest of y’all can wear matching shirts that declare one thing or another.

We have “Books Are My Valentine.” There’s also “My Cat Is My Valentine” (that’s sad AF. lol). Even a “My Dog Is My Valentine.”


Catch No Feelings Sweatshirt

Men or women can have this one. But it's a special sarcastic romantic gift. It can also show your true feelings if you just got out of a relationship and want to be single for a while.

If you have a sarcastic partner, and you’re getting a Valentine's Day gift for him to show that you looove his sarcasm, get this and get yourself a matching “Not Today Cupid” tee or tank top. Hit the movies together, or slip him a little love note saying how much you appreciate his quirks, including his sarcasm.


I Like It Raw T-Shirt

If you think it’s meat we're talking about, then you have no business here, darling. This is for the grown-ups.

Sooo… Want to get steamy in the bedroom? Perhaps it’s your anniversary, or y’all just got hitched. This is the perfect gift for him. It’s a laid-back way to reiterate what you’ve said before or show it if y’all are getting married around that time. We didn’t say anything. Just grab this tee and do a strip tease for your boo before the main event. Send us a ‘thank you note’ at the end of the month.


Alone T-Shirt

Yo, we’re all about spreading the love, whether you’re boo’d up or by yourself. And don’t feel bad. Being alone can be good too. Instead of being in a toxic relationship, go solo. Remember, YOLO! (We’re on fire with the bars, ain’t we? Lol).

So, yea, grab yourself a friend, a tee, or an ugly sweater, and do something for yourself. Be your own valentine.


Soulmates Pineapple and Pizza T-Shirt

Here’s another shirt for your pizza-loving boyfriend. If pizza is something you share, or maybe you have an inside joke, this tee will do just fine. You could deliver this with a pizza box, sit back to watch your favorite movies, or even schedule a drive-in pizza date. How about that?


bluetooth speaker + movie night + subscription box

Hiya, customer service rep or partner to them. Here’s a gift for y’all. No, thanks to consumerism, festive occasions like Valentine’s Day drive sales up like a lying man drives a kind woman crazy! Lol.

So grab this for that partner who’s in sales or marketing. Send it with a greeting card, a gift box (with edibles, of course), and any item you think your partner would appreciate.

We also have some fun gift ideas that are non-valentine but can serve the special special. Think of it as a complimentary gift guide. We care about y’all like that.

Get a pocket knife for the handyman guy alongside any of these tees/tank tops/sweaters. A star wars-inspired souvenir for the Star Wars fan. Some boxer briefs for your husband and a shirt that saysTrophy Husband. Lol. If you’re doing long distance with your partner, send them a fluffy pillow with your name embroidered.

If your partner is a football or sports enthusiast, this “I just hope both teams have fun” shirt is great.

Are they the funny one who makes you and the kids laugh? This will serve -00 days without a dad joke.

We’re rooting for all. Love is beautiful. Even if you’re not getting a candlelit dinner with anyone, love yourself, boo. Get some shirts, drink, and dance. Cupid is coming for you soon. We can smell it.


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