15 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her in 2023

January 16, 2023

Books Are My Valentine T-Shirt

Gents, nobody loves love like the ladies! They attach so much importance to love and anything that has a precedent for celebration around love - cue Valentine’s Day!

We’re sure the guys would secretly scrap the celebration if they could because what’s the fuss about?

Anyhoo, it is what it is, and your boo's got you searching for Valentines Day gift ideas for her. You didn’t tell her you’re searching, though, did you? If you did, cupid probably needs to slap some sense into your head, you fool! Don’t worry; we’ll turn it around somehow.

We have tons of shirts and other gift ideas for Valentines Day. Hey, you better not mess it up unless you want her talking to her friends ‘bout how you don’t “take these things seriously” and how you ”don’t care about the little things.”

Guys, between us, we know you’re silently thinking to yourself; who the hell said these things are important anyway? Why can’t we be in love and be with each other like every other day? Why da hell do y’all have to be nice to them on this day in particular?

Sorry, bruv, that’s just the way it is. Do you want a gift or not? …Good! Then quit complaining and get down to the list. The earlier you shut up and shop, the faster you can get this over with.

Ready? A’ight. Here’s a list of 10 Valentine’s Day gift shirts for her, plus bonus gift ideas to sweeten the pot for your baby.


love heart + sterling silver + valentine's day gift

Of course, you’d want to go for this! Get a little selfish or show her some love with this shirt and use it as a weapon to tease and trouble her lightly. She will wish you didn’t give her a gift. Lol. Bonus points if she's a taco lover.

So, get this for her. You can also get one for yourself, so she doesn’t cry foul. Grab some tacos and give them to her every time you tap that butt. We’re not to blame for the repercussions of this prank, though.

How about you pair this with a diamond necklace? She’ll probably let it slide every time you touch her butt for the entire Valentine’s Day. Thumbs up, idiot! Lol.


heart shape + box set  + eye mask

Yea, yea, you really dislike matching shirts, but your lady thinks they’re the cutest couple thing. Has she been trying to get you to wear a matching tee with her for eons? Well, this would be a thoughtful and meaningful gift to her. Remember, you’re giving her the shirt that says, “But I do.”

She’ll run around telling her friends, “He hates, no, loathes matching tees, but he totally wore them for ME! You guys, he is the sweetest thing since peanut butter!” And other stuff that girls say about their man when they’re happy. Come on! One matching shirt for one day won’t kill ya. And while you’re at it, grab her a limited edition pair of sneakers. Yup, those ones she’s been eyeballing on Instagram for a while. You the man!


wine glasses + jewelry box + day gifts

Even the toughest girl likes to hear that she’s beautiful when her man says it. So grab this one for her. You can even do two-for-one and grab the shirt in different colors. Tell her to wear them both for you because you think she’s the most beautiful girl alive and has many enthralling shades.

Give us our coins; we’re good at this!

You can present it in a heart-shaped box too. Lol, it’s cheesy, but she’ll probably love it. You would know, anyway. So, would she?


birthday gift + day card

Valentine’s Day isn’t for the yet-to-be-married couples alone. In fact, married couples should celebrate even more. Y’all have your soulmate with you forever.

Are you trying to knock her up? Then this is the shirt for her. Well, for you both. Just give it to her in a gift box. To make it a total package, add a bath bomb and body oil with a sensual fragrance. Just make sure she wears the shirt or tank before you make your moves.

Why? Just for fun. Congratulations in advance!


Not Today Cupid T-Shirt

Not every girl likes cheesy stuff. If you have a female friend or a partner who gets her lifeblood from sarcasm, they would love this tee. If you and your girlfriend are anti-valentine, give her this and a nice pajama set for a sleepover. No mushy stuff. Yay, hate team.


valentine's day gifts + valentine's day gifts + valentine's day gifts

That’s the message: Tell your bestie, sister, and colleague. Spread the message to that person who’s taking different shades of crap from an unruly partner. Perfect gift, we say. Perfect!

There’s no better time to do it than in the season of love. Uh-huh, serve them some of that heartache they’ve been dishing you all this time, especially the gaslighters, the narcs, the chronic cheaters. Spread the message, fam. Love is pain sometimes, and we mean it in THIS way.


Catch No Feelings T-Shirt

Another shirt that works for the celebration of sarcasm. If your relationship is fragile around the valentine's period, you might want to skip this one. Famous in real life do not have break-up shirts. (Or don’t we? Cue evil laughter).

If your female friend just got out of a relationship, they could wear this as a warning to anyone who might begin to fall for them. It’s a subtle “beware! I break hearts” Oooh… that should definitely be a shirt.


Soulmates Pineapple & Pizza T-Shirt

Back to fuzzy feelings and cute, cuddly couples. Think you found your better half, and it’s her? Then giving her some romantic gifts like this shirt and a silk pillowcase (ladies need silk for God knows what...they’ll always appreciate it) all wrapped up in a gift basket will make her fawn over you for the rest of the month.

Suppose you can slip in one of those love letters that use pizza and pineapple as an analogy for how she compliments you. If this doesn’t make her smile, we’re coming after you (‘cos you must have messed up real bad, bruv).


Books Are My Valentine T-Shirt

If you’re in love with a book lover, fear not. It doesn’t mean she’ll choose to read than hang out with you. Does she have an exam to prep for? Perhaps, it'll remove any events you may have planned for Valentine’s Day. Just support her and love her with this shirt. You can have this as a tank top or a plain tee.

Just don’t leave her hanging cos she can’t be out with you on D-Day. This shirt plus you equal a happy girlfriend.


Candy Hearts T-Shirt

We’ve said once that emotional shenanigans or expressions are not for everyone. This tee is awesome for your lady If you fall into this category and are so lucky to be dating or married to a goofball like you who isn’t a fan of sitting at home reminiscing about how y’all met each other. Y’all can be anti-valentine together. Get one for yourself too. Make it better and add a tote bag to her gift set.


Single Flamingle T-Shirt

This one serves many purposes, one of which is to prank single people on Valentine’s Day. Get this for your girl, and you both can pretend you’re not dating to see how many people hit on her. Lame? Nah. It’s an unconventional kind of fun. You’d get to appreciate having her as your lady at the end of the day.

Apart from these already amazing tees and tanks, try to add an extra item. You could get her a weighted blanket and a teddy bear if she loves cuddling a lot (No, it’s not to replace you). If her birthday is around this same time, throw in a gift card, maybe even a personalized wood with her name inscribed.

How about taking her for a little wine tasting and getting her a special wine glass afterward?

Other Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her to Consider

Try some of these other shirts like this Fine Like Wine shirt. That’s a sexy compliment.


Wine & Presents T-Shirt

Funny but cute and cool. If you’re getting this, you must pair it with a bottle of wine and an extra pressie. How about anything she likes in rose gold, like a phone pouch…


Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner T-Shirt

Lol. If you’re already married to the love of your life, and y’all have kids, grab this. Women always want to keep their babies in their line of sight. It could be annoying but really lovely too ‘cos you know you were the one that made the little pest…child, with her. It’ll make her laugh, especially if she always insists on holding the kid all the darn time.

All in all, whatever ideas you come up with for Valentine’s Day gifts for her, add something she can wear. And our tees, tanks, and hoodies are very wearable. Cheers, man.


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