15 of the Most Hilarious 80s Movie Shirts to Reminisce Over

August 18, 2022

Flynn's Arcade T-Shirt

Everyone loves a good classic movie shirt. When you catch a stranger reading your shirt and smirking, then make brief eye contact with them that says, "Yep, we both know that reference,"—it's like being part of a secret club.
Ok, maybe not that secret. After all, "Get to the Choppa!" is probably up there with Shakespeare on the list of all-time best one-liners. But to my original point... movie shirts are the best. Especially 80s movie shirts.

Show Your Love for the 80s with These Movie Shirts 

Don't get me wrong; we love all decades. The '90s, '70s, '00s, and even the '60s. Ok, not so much the '40s. But when it comes to movies, the 1980s are king.
That's why we at Famous in Real Life decided to declare our love for those leg warmer-est, glam rock-est, Ronald Reagan-est of years by creating a line of movie t-shirts sure to make any cinephile chuckle.
So without further ado, here are 15 of the best nostalgia-inducing 80s unisex t-shirts to wear to your next party:

Jobu's Rum

Jobu's Rum T-Shirt

It's very bad to steal Jobu's rum. It's very bad.
If you're a fan of baseball, you're probably familiar with this classic from the 80s movie starring Charlie Sheen. A couple of swigs of Jobu's rum, and you definitely won't be able to hit a curveball.


Bushwood Country Club

Bushwood Country Club T-Shirt

Don't you wish you could play a round at Bushwood? Yeah, we do too. A vintage movie tee commemorating that great—if fictional—clubhouse is the next best thing, though.


Abe Froman Sausage King of Chicago

Abe Froman Sausage King of Chicago T-Shirt

This shirt referencing the unseen character inspired by Ferris Bueller's Day Off is great to wear just about anywhere. Although we don't necessarily recommend using it to impersonate Abe Froman and steal his restaurant reservation as Ferris does in the movie.


Randy Watson's Sexual Chocolate

Randy Watson's Sexual Chocolate T-Shirt

Name a more soulful 80s fictional band from a movie starring Eddie Murphy than Sexual Chocolate. That's right—it's impossible. Rep your love for this classic inspired by Coming to America with this great tee shirt.


Chester Copperpot

Chester Copperpot T-Shirt

The legendary treasure hunter who went looking for One-Eyed Willy's gold, and (spoiler alert!) died doing so, made us all want to go treasure hunting when we first saw The Goonies. Keep the legend alive with this reference to one of the best adventure 80s movies.


Bob's Country Bunker

Bob's Country Bunker T-Shirt

Bob's Country Bunker— where they want you to pay for the beer you drink! Again, we don't recommend running out on your bar tab like the titular characters of the movie while wearing this shirt.


Flynn's Arcade

Flynn's Arcade T-Shirt

If you were alive in the 80s, you'll remember wishing you could go play the machines at Flynn's, and maybe even sneak into the secret basement where the Tron system was held...


McFly Hoverboards

McFly Hoverboards T-Shirt

If you don't know the reference from this movie t-shirt, then you might need to have your pulse checked. Sadly, almost 40 years later, it seems we're still no closer to getting a real-life version of the hoverboards inspired by Back to the Future.


Outpost 31

Outpost 31 T-Shirt

U.S. Outpost 31, the Antarctic research station inspired by The Thing. Grab this classic t-shirt and tell a friend it was a souvenir from a recent visit. It's up to you whether you claim to have seen any extraterrestrials.


Duke & Duke Commodity Brokers

Duke & Duke Commodity Brokers T-Shirt

The Duke brothers were the famous bad guys inspired from the 80s movie classic Trading Places, but do you remember they made a cameo in Coming to America too? Of course you did, movie expert—that's why you're wearing the shirt.


Get to the Choppa!

Get to the Choppa T-Shirt

This one's a famous line from Arnold, but also just a fun thing to say any time you're getting in any kind of vehicle. Your family and friends might get tired of hearing it, but we sure won't.


Seymour's Plant Food

Seymour's Plant Food T-Shirt

The bloodthirsty sentient plant from Little Shop of Horrors has to be one of the most iconic points in 80s horror movie horticulture. If you can't get enough of Seymour and Audrey II, then this one's for you.


Nakatomi Christmas Party

Nakatomi Christmas Party T-Shirt

Welcome to the party, pal. Let everyone know you were attending the famous Christmas Party inspired by Die Hard with one of these Christmas t-shirts. It sure was a blast!


Venkman & Company

Venkman & Company T-Shirt

Who you gonna call?... I don't need to finish that quote, do I? If you're a true 80s movie fan, you should already own this shirt. If not, we won't judge—just don't tell anybody.


All Valley Karate Championship

All Valley Karate Championship T-Shirt

The tournament brought all the dojos in the San Fernando Valley together to compete for the ultimate prize. Grab this classic t-shirt if The Karate Kid had you in trouble for inspiring you to roundhouse kick your sibling back in the day!

So there you have it—our 15 best '80s movie t-shirts. Wear one and reminisce with your friends over these great flicks, or use it as inspiration for your next movie night. Even if you weren't alive in the 80s, there's no reason you can't appreciate a good piece of cinematic history. Come on in andbrowse our full collection of movie t-shirts.
At Famous in Real Life, all our graphic tees are printed in the U.S. on high-quality, cozy, and durable material. These unisex t-shirts are printed to last so that you can wear them more times than there are Karate Kid sequels. Trust me, that's a lot.


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